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OUR BULLETIN BOARD ON THE KITCHEN WALL: Get Stoned on Medusa and Her Bad-Hair Days

Many of us begin to pay much attention to you and study you. You also have lots of things deserve us to learn from. I studied your history,culture, philosophy and wisdom,so great! I should catch up.

Huang Di asked" The Christmas is coming. You should stay in Office of Finland answering the letters. Why are you still travelling around here? But I don't need to stay in office.

With my iPhone I give them reply anytime and anywhere. I ask my stuff to scan the letter and send to my iphone. I send my reply to my stuff through iphone. My stuff copy on the letterhead with my signature. At last they send back respectively. It's easy for kids. But for adults it's not fun to just give them something that it's easy for them to get. However, I already got an idea.

Today it's not like the past. Many adult have problem on health. It must be helpful to give some health tips or recipes or formulas. So this year I'll give out these as gifts. I know you have lots of therapy and tips in nature way. That's the reason I visited you now. Take a sit please. Shen Nong poured a small cup of tea to him. Santa Claus said, "Then I start now. It's getting colder and colder now.

Some ladies are afraid of cold. Some of them have pain on waist area in cold day. What should they do to relieve the pain? Some young ladies may not get pregnant because of this. Don't eat too much cold nature food especially in summer such as water melon, bitter gourd,spinach,cucumber,etc. Don't eat too much raw food. Soak feet in warm water before going to sleep at night. Shen Nong said"Drink a small bowl of chicken soup before each meal especially at dinner each day.

It'll relieve waist pain at night. Eat chicken as chicken nature is warm. But chicken soup is better. Chicken is effective when treating cold caused by Qi deficiency.

Beef soup is effective when helping to recover energy and physical force. You can place several pieces of Chinese date and longan. They are warm nature and supplement Qi.

The cat is praying:. In last issue "Zen medication" spelled wrong. It should be "Zen meditation". You are so humorous. Yes, meditation is also a kind of "medication". It cures illness without any side effect. Here I appreciate all the friends for tolerancing my poor English to read my newsletter and website. Wish all of you have a healthy happy life.

Those who are interested in healthy lifestyle,wellness,healthy eating,Chinese diet and Chinese wellness, tea and eating culture. Health problem and related Healthy lifestyle,Chinese diet and other healthy diet, other alternative treatment discussion. Restaurants that has featured cuisine Such as typical Shanghai food,Beijing food,etc.

I know some of you are staying in Shanghai now. I intend to have pre-meeting with friends in Shanghai. If you would like to participate these meetings in Shanghai,please reply this email or message me at: Or contact me here.

Back to Back Issues Page. Seafood recipes and being afraid of cold therapy November 12, Dear, Fall in love with the food you don't like The relationship between people establishes in this way: Actually it is the same when thinking of food.

The more category food you eat,the more choice you have and the more nutrition you'll get. Anna's 9th Month Recipes a. The physiological functions of the kidney a. To govern growth and development b. To govern reproduction c. To govern water d. To govern reception of Qi e. To produce marrow to enrich the brain and transform blood If these substances in the kidney are deficient,it'll lead to -hypoevolutism, feeble mindedness, atrophy and flaccidity of tendons and bones,senilism.

The relationships between the kidney and the body, the sensory organs and the orifices The kidney governs the bones,opening into the ears, the external genitals and the anus.

If kidney essence is insufficient, it'll lead to -flaccidity of the skeleton, hypoevolutism in infants, brittleness of bones and susceptibility to fracture in the aged -the teeth will grow slowly in infants and tend to become loose or even lose in adults.

Anna's 10th Month Recipes With the close of the Fall,it's almost finished for the delicious seafood season. When the water in the steamer is boiling,place the plate on the tray of the steamer,cover. Steam for 5mins with high heat. Turn off heat,stay for 5mins before take out. Whole fish is tastier than fish blocks. More about fish recipes: Stir Fried Shrimp with Cashew Ingredients: Heat oil in a wok,add shrimp,seasoning B. Stir fry till shrimp becomes white color.

Pour on a plate. Curry Crab Meat with Tofu Ingredients: Steam crab till cooked. Take out,dig out meat. Cut tofu into small cubes. Add crab meat and seasoning B. Stir well,cover,bring to a boil and simmer 2mins. Turn off heat,arrange in a plate,serve. Serve as side dish at lunch or dinner. Pregnant women should avoid.

Another Tofu recipe here http: Ground turkey with Green Bean Ingredients: Cut the turkey into ground turkey. Cut the green bean into 1. Add ground turkey and green,stir fry. Cover,simmer for 5mins or till green bean cooked.

Serve as side dish at breakfast,lunch or dinner. Green bean is rich in vitamin K,vitamin C,M and plant protein.

The Dao of spirit cultivating - The capital of spirit cultivating is to maintain the energy - The base of spirit cultivating is to smooth Qi and the breath - The source of spirit cultivating is to cultivate the personality - The root of spirit cultivating is to rectitude the heart - The Dao of spirit cultivating is to control the 7 emotions joy, anger, anxiety, contemplation, grief, terror and fear - The way of spirit cultivating is to strengthen the body C.

Being afraid of Cold Personae: Guess who is coming? The person we want to meet is coming to us! Santa Claus laughed" Haha! I'm glad that you know me" Shen Nong said: Then we should communicate more and exchange more" Huang Di and Shen Nong nodded. Cook at least 6 hours over low heat; b. Skim the foam at the beginning of boiling and scoop out the oil on the surface after cool. Don't drink in hot day summer or when suffering fever. Thank you so much.

Happy minute Here is a picture with a lovely fat cat. Download to your computer used as wallpaper or icon The cat is praying: Please God, if you cannot make me thin, make my friends fat. Correction and Announcement Correction: Hi All I'm planning to setup regular meetings in Shanghai. Below is the details: Food and Healthy Diet Participants: Get to know new friends Learn popular illness and related Chinese diet,prevention and alternative treatment Learn some healthy lifestyle,wellness,healthy diet Opportunity to win lucky draw free food,restaurant coupon,etc.

One topic for each meeting. Here is 10 topics: This walk starts and ends in the main village which has remained almost unchanged since the s. Come experience Ubin's culture before its all gone. This beautiful nature reserve is an important resting and feeding spot for migratory birds from the north. November and December are the best months to see thousands of them checking into the reserve.

It is also home to a fantastic diversity of native fauna and flora, from rare otters to monitor lizards, woodpeckers and mudskippers!

This is The place to spot an Archerfish. In the past, the area had several kampongs villages with the locals tending to vegetable and fruit tree plots. Many of these fruit trees and traditional herbs still survive and may be encountered along the trails. The villagers had also constructed fish and prawn ponds in the mangroves which are now used by wetland wildlife such as a family of rare Smooth Otters and two Saltwater Crocodiles.

We will also go onto the lovely, long and winding mangrove arboretum boardwalk. The current reserve area may soon be closed to the public, once the connecting new Kranji adventure park is ready. So come see it all before you can't anymore! Trees around us are of great importance to nature and to our environment. They contribute countless benefits to our daily lives by shading us from the hot sun, shielding us from rain, providing us with clean air.

Trees are also homes to many living creatures. Through play and dramatization in this drama series, children get to take on various participating roles in the story, to learn about the beauty of trees.

Through each story, children learn to emulate and incorporate good, moral value in their lives. Through participating in dramatization and play, children will find out about the wonders of plants and see their importance in our daily lives.

Suitable for children in K1 - P6 levels Time: The ponds in the garden are alive with a diversity of freshwater-dependent critters. Here, kids can easily find, observe and study colourful dragonflies, pond-skaters and other aquatic bugs, and learn about their magical life cycles. Living among the water plants here are the Waterhen, Whistling Ducks, kingfishers, and reptiles such as the Water Monitor Lizard and Red-eared Terrapins.

Topics covered include adaptations of aquatic fauna and flora, life cycles, food chain, habitat, water, pollution and conservation issues. Participants must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. As dusk falls, we use a bat detector to locate bats. We explore deep into the mangrove forest via the extensive boardwalks to look for other nite critters such as the Dog-faced Watersnake and Black-crowned Night-heron.

Tree-climbing crabs can be seen perched high above on branches, as if they're birds. Several species of owls have been encountered here, plus the Large-tailed Nightjar, another nocturnal bird with a loud "chonk-chonk-chonk" call. Fireflies live in this forest. Though only seasonally numerous, we should meet some. This easy walk is on level pathways and wooden boardwalks.

There will be a rest stop at the shelter over the scenic Tampines River. Highlights of the week ahead. Check out the highlights of exciting nature activities specially for kids lined up for the December school holidays! A Trail Of Colours - guided tour for kids. Join us for this guided tour that will encourage children to examine selected flowering plants closely to understand the forms and functions of flower parts.

Let the mysterious role of flowers in pollination unfold right before the eyes of your children! In , plans to destroy CJ were shelved and now it is a nature reserve.

CJ is one of Singapore's most treasured and loved nature spots, with a diverse combination of scenic habitats and wildlife. Here exists rare coastal forest, rocky seashore, sea grass meadows, ancient coral reef rubble, mud-flats, mangrove and Attap Chee groves. The shallow sea here supports incredible marine biodiversity, and is home to the rare and globally-endangered Dugong or Sea Cow. We go onto the extensive boardwalk to access the various habitats and to spot a diversity of unique wildlife such as mudskippers, fiddler and tree-climbing crabs, the Great-billed Heron and many others.

At CJ, the lush coastal forest grows right down to meet the Rocky Seashore where, if lucky, we may glimpse a flock of Red Jungle Fowl or a family of Wild Pigs beachcombing for seafood. Open to the public but children below 12 are not allowed for safety reasons. From the meeting point, a hired bus will ferry us to our destination. We begin with a pleasant stroll along a countryside road to the Kranji Marshes where we will continue our walk along the PUB Bund. Register on the NSS website by 14 Nov.

A registration form will then be sent to you. Paint along with Pui San at Sungei Buloh. Free art-and-nature appreciation at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Tham Pui San, a volunteer of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, is an avid artist who expresses his passion for nature through his art work. Pui San welcomes artists of all ages or anyone who wants to learn. His objective is to encourage creativity while enjoying nature at the same time. Bring along your favourite drawing or painting supplies and enjoy learning different drawing techniques at Sungei Buloh.

More in the art in the wetlands blog. While the art session is free, usual admission charges to Reserve apply. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve at info sbwr. Free Ecolife Tour for Families.

Want to spend time with your family and learn more about Bishan—Ang Mo Kio Park and biodiversity in and around the river? Ecolife introduces the park and the biodiversity found in the area through the use of interactive explorational themes and activities. It is to encourage family bonding between parents and child through the process of learning together. This tour is conducted by volunteers.

This one day camp encompasses a series of fun-filled and educational indoor and outdoor learning of the wetlands and nature conservation issues through worksheets, nature walks and hands-on activities. Children will earn a stamp for every completed activity, and a full collection of stamps will earn them a series of cloth badges.

Limited to 40 children between the age of 6 to 11 years old. Each participant needs to purchase a young naturalist passport from the Visitor Services Counter at 50 cents.

The fee will be donated to the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve education fund if the child fails to turn up for the camp upon registration and confirmation.