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5 Reasons Athletes Should Always Drink a Breakfast Smoothie
However, the claim of losing weight without being mindful of the sizes of the portions you eat is not accurate. Considering the date on the bottles is , they may be out of date. The milk amount is also adjustable. If you see an Amazon affiliate link on one of our review pages, it takes you only to the product that is actually being reviewed on that particular page. Drink plenty of water, and get in 30 minutes of daily exercise instead. So, are you heading out to buy a case of SlimFast Advanced Shakes? Now I have to remove the cap, remove the aluminum foil and figure out a place to put them while I drink my shake.

Mango Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

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It helps maintain blood sugar levels, revs up your metabolism, and produces adequate energy for athletic performance. You don't even need to prep your shake the night before like I do. Really, all it takes is grabbing some frozen fruit, vegetables, protein source generally protein powder , and a liquid and boom! A shake allows you to add 1 or 2 servings of vegetables without altering the taste.

Generally, I have athletes keep frozen kale and spinach on hand at all times and put it into their breakfast smoothies. Then add their favorite fruits and nut butters to mask the taste. If you know you need to get your vegetables, but the thought of suffering through a salad every day makes you cringe, try starting with a hidden serving in your smoothie every morning. Since most of us don't have time to cook a healthy breakfast, the choices are slim to none.

This is where a smoothie comes into play. Grabbing a piece of fruit when you're heading out the door is great, don't get me wrong; but it's not enough to sustain athletes who need serious game-time fuel.

One of the biggest issues I hear about from athletes and general nutrition clients is mid-morning hunger and lack of energy.

A breakfast smoothie will fix both of those problems. One of the beauties of making a shake is that you can take it with you anywhere.

You don't have to force it down, and you can extend the time you're drinking it. Longer consumption time equals no mid-morning hunger and stable blood sugar and energy levels. Also, when you make the smoothie right, it's packed with a ton of protein and fiber, which helps keep you full and allows for proper digestion. Adding protein powder obviously increases your protein intake, while berries and leafy vegetables provide the proper amount of fiber.

Put in a serving of each. I usually top my bowls with granola for crunch, but between the slightly crunchy coconut flakes and chia seeds I sprinkled on top, my texture loving heart was satisfied — though some macadamia nuts would have definitely been welcome. This mango pineapple version sounds so fresh and delicious, Rachel! Definitely my kind of summer breakfast! I really need to get on the smoothie bowl train — this sounds fantastic! This smoothie bowl is simply gorgeous!

Love the mango pineapple combination. I wish I had one right now! You make the prettiest smoothie bowls, Rachel! I love how thick and creamy this one looks and the tropical flavors sound delicious!

Mango and pineapple are so refreshing together, and all of the toppings you have take it over the edge. This looks so yummy and thick! Thick smoothie bowls are always the way to go. These tropical flavors are great! I really dig the coconut milk and kiwi in here! Smoothie bowls are so perfect to beat this summer heat! I love anything to do with mango, so this is a must-try in my book!

This smoothie bowl looks delicious. Do you think it would work to add a scoop of protein powder while blending with the fruit? Without some sort of protein in the morning, I feel like I get hungry again too fast.

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