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I did not want to spend the money if I could not find meetings;. I want my money back and I want it NOW. I finally, joined and lost 7 pounds since May 6th to May 26th.. However, I love French fries and chocolates. I am having the same problem in trying to reach knowledgeable people who are responsible for decisions at weight watchers. You may not change your annual contribution amount unless you experience a qualifying event.


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I feel like in order to save as many points as I can for my proteins I have to rely on fat free or sugar free chemical-laden dairy to stay within range. I have been a life member for about 2 years. It did help me lose weight. You now have a spokesperson, has gotten politically involved and has made racist comments. I cannot be a part of WW political agenda.

Why has WW discontinued the smartpoints plan? Why did they not give people the choice to choose between smartpoints and freestyle. Freestyle is not working for me. I always feel hungry. I doubt I can continue on this plan. Please offer people either or and let us all choose which one we like better like you did with the core plan and flex plan.

Not wanting to agree to a blank document I am now unable to log into the site. I am concerned about my friend, Francine Augello, who lives next door. We joined WW last August together, Brandon, Florida location, and we have come far in our weight loss.

When our memberships expired in December, we thought we could do it on our own, but we both gained weight back pretty quickly. Today, after a lengthy phone call, my account was straightened out, and I was also awarded my two free months.

She was told the process takes 6 to 8 weeks, and she must be a current member at the time the promotion benefit was processed. Either way, Fran is cheated and WW benefits. This is clearly bad faith, written into the language of the promotional application. I can imagine that the thousands, maybe millions of WW members who trusted WW and worked hard to lose ten pounds in the allotted time will also end up in this predicament, benefitting WW into what could be millions of dollars.

About a month ago, I bought 2 of the Slow Roasted Turkey with classic pan gravy and garlic-herb mashed potatoes as I have purchased over many, many years. I thought that I had just gotten hold of a bad batch that had maybe been thawed and re-frozen. I am sitting here with another 2 boxes that I purchased the other day and kept frozen, and they are the same….. I cooked them for 8 mins trying to get them cooked to some recognizable consistancy.

This is enough to cause me to stop buying your product altogether. I have been a weight watcher member for three years. Somehow my phone number is on the local website for weight watchers international. I never gave authorization for this I want to be compensated and I want my damn number taken off your stupid page. I expect a prompt response.

I very disappointed in WW. Someone needs to contact me asap from corporate. I am emailing in response to the lack of support I received from your Weight Watchers number. I would appreciate a email or call back from someone in the corporate office who has the ability to resolve this issue.

Hi, this is my 6th year in W. I did wonderful the first few years, then it became a little more difficult. I would lose one week and gain more that my loss. This went on for about a year. I now see, weight gain every 3 out of 5 weeks. This is very depressing and discouraging. My husband is a lifetime member who did very well. This is a journey we do together. I have talked to the group leader, my doctor, a nutritionist, and used the on line help.

I journal daily, and yes I have had a day where I have used my extra points, but gotten right back on the wagon the next day. I do not think it is fair that I should be charged for the month of June when I have no intention of attending a meeting or using any of WW services. I have tried to reach someone via email, but have received on response. I have mailed back the pass for June. If I had had some advance notice that my credit card was going to be charged I would have canceled immediately, but I guess WW thinks my whole world revolves around their billing department.

How is it a good business practice to charge for services not received? In my opinion WW provides very little for the amount charged. I have to agree with a previous post. The same Sharon was also our leader in the Aberdeen NJ store and was pulled from that store as well with no warning. She was a fantastic, inspiring and strong leader. I have been going to Weight Watchers for over 20 years and have never come across such an fantastic leader. The same thing happened to me.

We had the best leader Michelle T. We are all very close and she is our rock. The new leader is so so and pushes the product. Michelle dug deep within all of us. Engaged all of us at meetings.

She increased membership to standing room only. Again big cooperations abusing the average american!!!!!! It is beyond unbelievable. I have the same experience! I will be filing a complaint too-anyway know if there is a class action lawsuit going?

She is beyond excellent and has helped with our journey for 2 years. Today when we went to the meeting we were told she was gone. No warning, no good bye, just gone. Her replacement was weak. I would like to know where Sharon L is and why she was just pulled from our meeting, When I called I was put on hold for 11 minutes. It is a disgrace that WW would just pull such an outstanding leader from our meeting. We are not happy and we would like some answers. Lost my Lifetime number and for 2 months have been trying to talk to someone who understands how to spell my name and speak English!

So far all I get is someone tells me to call a number with a recording that no one returns a call.. I hope someday to straighten this out …………Hope no one ever looses their number. Call Lorie at their main number She is the head of the customer complaint department. I also had issues with the over seas call centers.

I am very disappointed in WW for not issuing a written update to your product points. I have relied on the points on your packaging and now I find out they are old packages. Chip cookies were 2 points and the last time is went shopping they had a row a cookies at 2 points and right next to it was row of cookies 4 points. Under the old package 2 cookies was 4 pts now its 8. Your small ice cream bar was 2 pint and now it is 3 points.

Your cheese stayed the same but you pep. Maybe you should consult Oprah. A printout passed out at meetings, on line, to member e-mails, that is not an unreasonable request. You deal in weight problems, therefore you should look at everything you do from that point of view.

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with the Philippines and no resolve. I went to the local WW in Toms River and they directed me to the chat line. After chatting with Lady Felipe Mae G for another 20 minutes, still no help whatsoever. Worse company I have ever dealt with. My issue is I paid for a 3 month program on January 2, for I have a confirmation email from WW for that same day! Good thing I retained it because no one at WW can see it!

My bank saw it when the funds were removed from my bank account. Then WW deducted an additional Trying to get this resolved has been tortuous. Philippines said there was no supervisor and Tech Support was busy.

The chat line referred me to the number. All I want answered is why I paid Shame on WW and Oprah for running such a poor business model and farming work out to the Philippines when so many Americans are out of work. WW is not a cheap plan and then they take money out of the account for whatever program they want. The program may or may not work but taking money out of an account and then not being able to find it on their end is sad. My suggestion is to keep every email and confirmations you have with them.

When I first joined WW in October we could not get the app to download on my iphone. The girls at my local meeting place got it loaded and working finally. I was on a 3 month program back then and the app worked just fine. Then last night when I went to track a snack around 8 p. I worked with it and worked with it last night, asked a fellow WW friend and never got in. I had to spell everything, and she still got it wrong.

I asked for someone who spoke and understood better English or her supervisor and she insisted that I deal with her. After 10 minutes of frustration, I practically pleaded with her to put someone else on the line. I would like some statistics on the success of members to achieve goal weight with the new Smartpoints program. I am a lifetime member. I have approximately 30 pounds to go to re-reach my goal. I have lost almost 70 pounds, almost 50 since September. I joined to lose weight knowing from past success, that Weight Watchers worked.

They can not answer the daily calories this new program is built around, the statistics of success among members, or a simple question like what bread is factored into the points for a sub at Subway.

I will wait in great anticipation for an answer to my questions: What is the average caloric intake for someone assigned 30 daily points? And finally, what bread is used to calculate the sub sandwich points at Subway in etools? I have never been so frustrated with a company and their customer service as I am with Weight Watchers. I have been a Weight Watchers for a number of years and technical issues of the last year are deplorable! Most recently I have been trying for the last year to get the weight recorded at the meeting to automatically update the weight watcher tools.

The Help Desk which is in the Philippines is useless they tell you to go to the meetings and get it fixed there, the you go to the meeting and they tell you to call the helpdesk. It is the worst run company I have interacted with. There are tons of apps out there and programs just as good is Weight Watchers I am seriously thinking about canceling my membership membership with I have had for years. I am so frustrated with Weight Watchers. I paid for 3 months. After 2 weeks, I had so much stress, I realized I could not continue.

I asked if I could talk to someone from the United States, they said they could not transfer me, I would have to keep calling back to see if someone would pick up from the United States, however, I keep getting the Phillipines. When I did not get the refund after weeks, I checked the confirmation email and it was gone!! GONE from my server! I then called twice, was on hold for an hour or more. They also could not find my account, apparently they found an old account.

Finally I gave them the number and they found me. While I was waiting on the phone for the girl to give me a refund after I had to get very aggressive , I cancelled my subscription online. This was after one and a half hours. I used to have no problem with them, now its horrible and I am going to go on FB and let others know.

With the prolific child obesity in America, this service could prove to be invaluable to children and their families. Weight Watchers could partner with Michelle Obama and her Move initiative as well as partner with schools across the nation for programming and healthy food options.

Would not this be a totally new market for WTW — a financial incentive? But, above and beyond this, imagine the good a company like WTW could do for this population that would pay dividends on a national scale.

Mr Taylor great minds must think alike! My husband and I have been going over this idea for months now. I think its a great idea. I love the fact you included all the obesity facts with children but one step further…prevention! I attended my first WW meeting was I was 10 with my mother. I have always struggled with my weight. I just had to use the adult program and here the adult solutions and problems. I was always embarrassed about being on the program.

I had no where to belong and embrace what i was learning or even how to apply to it to my 10 year old life. None of my childhood issues were addressed. I say prevention because my husband and I a couple of years ago had really great success with WW.

My husband who has never had an issue with weight or ever had to diet was blown away with the health of WW. We have a 14 year old daughter who my husband has always stressed good eating and exercise with. She is a competitive gymnast who competed for 9 years and recently retired to try new things. My husband and I would never want my daughter to struggle and feel less than because of her weight, like I did.

He and my daughter would see my pain with my weight and it kept me from living life. My daughter does not have a weight issue but lacks a solid foundation of food and the science behind it. I mean I cook and provide a well balanced meal for her but she eats junk at school with no real knowledge of the cost of those chips etc. Sometimes she will come home and say I ate nothing today but a soda and bag of chips not realizing the calories or amount of sugar she consumed.

My husband and I are going back to WW and want to take our 14 yr old daughter but have to approach it with caution. The last thing we want is that people would think we want our slender 14 yr old daughter to lose weight. What we want is for her to learn nutrition! What we want is for her to see how her food choices affect her health. We are going early to the first meeting and talk to the leader and she what she thinks?

They may not even allow her to be part of the program. We are going to try and get our family on a healthy start this New Year including our daughter. Someone told me you are not allowed ever to call someone back. Now your website will NOT permit me to call. Now you have taken my November money and sent me a card.

Call me so I can find out what to do now. I have been trying to get you to stop sending me your spam for six months. I have the dates, the times, the representatives and supervisors I spoke to, and various emails to individuals within the company which I will also report as evidence of your total and deliberate neglect of my efforts. I have spent hours on the phone with people that I could barely understand, being put on hold while the rep. I was asked if a supervisor could call me back but no one did.

Last person apologized profusely was supposedly a supervisor , promised that she had taken care of my problem — two weeks later and I have more spams.

Terrible company — letters to the editor are also forthcoming. I have spent over an hour today trying to talk to someone who speaks English to find out why the list of Restaurants and their menus have been deleted from the website for my PC. I was finally transferred to Iris in Louisiana who heard my complaint, verified that it was true and submitted my request to reinstate that information.

Why on earth would that information be deleted when we are repeatedly told we need to plan ahead when going out so that we stay on plan. I am seriously considering leaving Weight Watchers if this situation is not rectified. That is one of the reasons I joined. Also, the fact that the first 3 people I spoke with today were non-English speaking was very frustrating and unhelpful. How does it help to have someone who does not speak English trying or not to help an English speaking person.

What a waste of my time and hers. After promising that I would not be disconnected again she finally received permission to transfer me to a supervisor in the U.

I canceled WW within 6 days after joining. I was instructed to complete a form and mail it to the corporate office, which I did. I honestly fail to see why this could not be handled online. When I first joined, I provided my WW leader with 3 checks. The first check was cashed approximately one week after I canceled my membership.

I called WW today and was informed that they could not assist me because the corporate office in New York handles all cancelations. The WW customer rep I spoke to could not provide me with any updates on my refund, but did warn me that the 2nd check will most likely be cashed next week.

I was told the only way to contact the corporate office is to write a letter. Can you believe this???? I find that I struggle with planning and staying away from foods that I crave.

Yesterday I wanted a McDonalds burger and fries. I was allowed 17 points at 5 p. I had a lot of zero or 1 point snacks throughout the day and so I ate 20 points for dinner and had my McDonalds. I also have been a past member of Weight Watchers.. The first time I joined there was a great group and leader.. I reached my goal and kept it off for quite awhile but eventually it all came back plus…So I joined again, the group was very large and there was one member that talked the whole time and talked with leader after words also..

The seconds meeting I wanted to talk to the leader. The leader should not have allowed that either.. Need less to say I need to lose some weight but do not want to,pay to listen to one person take over the whole class…Thinking about online.. Congrats on your accomplishments! I just had a quick question. I just signed up for WW online yesterday so today is my 2nd day.

Thanks for your help, any tips would be appreciated! Congrats on your achievements! I just joined WW online yesterday so today is my second day.

However, I love French fries and chocolates. This is it the old WW like the Duchess of York.. I was eating donuts, ice cream and chips as it was in my point range. Before I knew it I ate my way up to 20 more pounds on weight watchers. Hurt my back, had surgery and steroids and gained another 5. However, started as my niece lost 40 pounds since January I finally, joined and lost 7 pounds since May 6th to May 26th..

The points are 26 and that is a lot. Happy meal 17 for lunch ad my baked skinless chicken breast with vegetables and salad 8 and jolly time pop corn for a snack or weightwatcher skinny cow. Now without a 23 point limit and learning about healthy and clean eating in my space of life it works hands down. After this last month I am really happy that I can lose 25 pounds without gaining by October my 61st birthday.

The program is so great I need that space, spot or seat in that room to be part of an all new breakthrough in weight loss. The men and women.. Presentations and preparations is so important as weight watchers ceo.. It is whatever suits you and sometimes, we can go it alone, or need some encouragement, hear from different perpectives, walking groups form, and most of all the dynamics of the facilitator.

Each day is a struggle even more so now when you go to the mall for a summer outfit and everyone under pounds gets to slip into the newest trend. Sorry, I am happy I am almost 61, however, I feel bad for this generation of teens, young parents and working people who are never going to get into a 0 or an 8.

New Insurance programs in our country will change and relationships with our physicians will be dissolved. You and me have to be our own advocates and help our aging parents or a life changing event like a bad doctor report.

I, am actually using the new weight watchers as a guide to stay healthy and fit as I age. Do not drop out or give up.. Along the lines of taking a snack when you go out, one thing that has helped me tremendously is to make a snack bag to take to work.

I make homemade protein-granola bars, and take one of those with either an apple or banana, sometimes some grapes, and baby carrots, celery sticks or bell pepper slices with me in a baggie, and I just graze whenever I get 30 seconds. It saves me thousands of calories a week, and since we only get a discount, not free food, it saves money too!!

I lost 44 pounds on WW and needed a boost to help with the last 20 or so. The holidays set me back by 10 pounds and I did my research and decided to try the Lady Soma Detox. I am pleased to say that after taking 3 per day for 4 days I have already lost 7 pounds. Lady Soma def makes the lbs come off.

No jitters and no side effects that I can tell as of yet. I just started WW and I am a week in. I havent seen any weight loss and I am getting worried that I am missing something.

I have stayed within my daily points plus every day so far. I have been doing workouts 3 times a week, what am I missing? I record everything I eat and drink. I use fruit or veg with every meal and I dring 8 — 10 glasses of water everyday. That is the idea, yes. But every person has a unique formula that they have to achieve that you will discover over adjusting to the program.

Points Plus — Weight Watchers And here's a good description of the program: I log my food, my exercise, […]. The blog is a girl named Beth, not me. Although she's a huge success story, so maybe I […].

Beth January 23, at Sara January 23, at 9: Lisa April 29, at 5: Amy January 23, at Melinda January 23, at Beth January 23, at 1: Gina January 23, at LC January 23, at Arlene Adventures in Weight Loss January 23, at 3: Glenneth January 27, at 8: Lauren Oatmeal after Spinning January 24, at Melanie January 24, at Katie Runs for Cookies January 26, at 7: KoyoAndi January 26, at 9: Debbie January 30, at 7: Karen February 2, at 8: Marsha Jones February 4, at Darlene Scott February 7, at 8: Beth February 7, at 9: LC February 11, at Janet April 21, at 8: Suzanne May 29, at Patty Ashworth June 15, at 1: Nancy February 11, at So, if you work out Dear friend, my doctor told me to do weights and eat protein and on a low dose of Abilify i gained 80lbs!

I am getting off of Abilify. If you can, check out Dr Peter Breggins book on psychiatric med withdrawal. I did and never looked back i am on Weight Watchers and have lbs ib total to lose! And its been almost 80 days no abilify and i am fine i just hope i can lose the weight now and that its not permanent!

First of all almost all anti depressants cause weight gain but abilify and lamotrigine have been the worst for me; have gained 30 lbs in six months. My appetite is uncontrolable whereas previously I had a very small appetite. Apparently the weight gain is related to water retention. I was on Lamictal for several years but never gained weight. I took Seroquel for a little over a month and gained 15 lbs. I'm not about to start gaining again after going through all of that!

Well, it's been almost a year and I'm wondering if you'd like to provide an update on your experience? I've been on Abilify twice in the last two years: Both times I had to stop due to weight gain. Abilify helps me to feel good, hopeful, positive - very content really - but I cannot stop eating.

Once any food enters my month during the day, I'm 'hungry' until I manage to get to bed. The 'hunger' is more like a craving - yes, similar to the 'pregnant-mom-cravings' except Abilify cravings are not for a very specific food.

Abilify cravings for me are for any sugar I can find. I even had to stop having a supply of brown sugar in my cupboard because I'd eat it straight from the container by spoon! This time I added Abilify with great reluctance and much arguing with the psychiatrist.

Eventually I gave in but decided I'd only stay on it until I felt consistently good for a few weeks I gained over five pounds! I still feel really good, except for the depression that gaining weight caused me, and think I can keep that good feeling by taking extra diligence to keep my 'inner negative voices' at rest. I realize it's been awhile since you posted this but hopefully my response will help others too. I was on 40mg of Prozac and then my doc added Abilify very recently since I've seemed to develop a tolerance to the Prozac.

I've been going through a very "black" period and so bad that my body actually ached all over. Well, within a couple of days of starting the Abilify, I felt soooo much better - the dark cloud was lifting. However, as I write this today about a week later , I have a ravenous appetite! It's so intense that I almost feel nauseous because nothing seems to stop the craving; no matter how much food.

So, I told my doc about it and he put me on a low dose of Topamax to offset the incredible hunger. I appreciate him trying to help me out so that I can continue on the Abilify and feeling much better.

I am not a model, but I am 5' 3" and went from lbs to lbs in a matter of days! I am also a recovering Bulimic and I didn't need anything that was going to start my bulimic activity again. Ravenous hunger would do it for sure! I noticed that you and I eat almost the same type of diet and I know how the weight gain can play tricks in our minds.

Please stay positive and know that you are among many friends on this forum that have experienced the same - out-of-this-world hunger pains. You are feeding your body great healing foods and just know that there is another med that just might help you through this; it was a god-send for me! To answer your question about what is Topomax. It is a med used for people with migraine headaches.

My doctor prescribed it to me as and "off label" use because one of the side effects of Topomax is lack of hunger. So in a smaller dose, this helps people deal with the horrible hunger pains because of the Abilify. I hope that answers your question!? I highly advise against Topamax.

Do research on this med! It is actually an anti seizure medication. It slowed my brain down so much I was a danger to myself. Spacing out while driving, cooking, etc. Lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks. I'm sorry but I'd rather be fat than dead. Next time l see my doc, l will ask him about Topamax. I am on phenobarbital for seizures 30 yrs and,actually my dr suggested topomax over the pheno.

I have been on antidepressants , ect, for over 20 years. When your emotions become so extreme that it's hard to function normally. It is because those electrical impulses are out of control. Psychotropic meds tone those electrical impulses down, unfortunately, they tone down ALL electrical impulses in the brain. This is where all the side effects come in; memory loss, unable to focus, weight gain, headaches, dizziness Lol hope this helped!

Your insight was greatly appreciated! The worst is when l ask to watch some movie and he says "we watched that already. Like you, l too wish for a"smart drug. I've been on and off anti depressants for the past 20 years, but consistent the past 4 years. I take XR of Wellbutrin, 20 mg of Lexapro, Klonopin 1mg tab 3 times a day and was recently added 10 mg of ability. This is the most psych meds I have ever been on and frankly am tired of taking all these meds because each one has its own side effect.

I have gained 25lbs in the last 7 months and my PTSD nightmares have become more intense and violent. Weight gain is an obvious side effect of the ability. Ability has made a difference in stabilizing my depression, anxiety, etc, but my self estemmviscincthe toilet with the weight gain, lack of sleep, short patience and tolerance and a battle of bottled up anger. I pray to be mentally stable again with very minimal meds. Good luck to all that go through our challenges. As my title implies, I've been on Abilify for a record of years.

I'm not so sure how long, but at least 13 years and I'm 47 now. In that time, I was also mostly on Wellbutrin mg - mg. I always remained daytime tired despite taking the damn meds. I never understood why my psychiatrist insisted on not changing the formula.

I've developed high blood glucose, high blood pressure, plus I'm afraid incipient stage of Tardive Dyskinisia - ie in my case a rather infrequent involuntary muscle twitch in my hand and arm. Weight gain is no doubt due to Abilify - 10 pounds in last 2 years.

Plus another doc dropped the Wellbutrin for what he thought was a brilliant anti-depressant he said recently. Turns out to be Seroquil - Another atypical antipsychotic!! Tachycardia was the main culprit for stopping Seroquil.

None of these drugs are useful for someone that just has more than normal generalized anxiety. Please be careful of the hype and doctor ignorance. I'm on 10 mg Abilify now and tapering it will take me probably 10 months. I wish I never started on any of these. They are not designed for common variety anxiety. It's very hard to do upper body exercise, plus my knees have arthritis and losing weight would help that also. I do like to walk but it doesn't help a whole lot with the weight gain.

I'm having trouble with the discipline needed to go to a high protein diet due to immense cravings for carbs. Just my experience to share. I really don't know what to do but being a model and having to stay very toned would be so hard on these meds, I admire you. My psychiatrist started me on apiprazole a year ago and they did me long term lasting damage.

I ballooned from 13 stone to 18 stone 2lbs and became like a zombie and sounded drunk all the time and completely useless. I suffer with bi-polar 2 disorder. I stopped taking them as they were terrible and lost all faith in my psychiatrist.

My weight has now gone down to l4 stone, so I am nearly back to my proper weight and I do not recommend these terrible drugs to anybody. I am now on only diazapam and am a million times better. Also waiting to be signed up to a new psychiatrist. I'm willing to try. I have found that a cup of hot tea curbs my appetite. I love pasta but the cravings are for plain pasta with butter and parmeson I also have trouble with cold cereal, could go through a box a day. I've just recently started to stop eating a big bowl of cereal before bed, as I think that wasn't helping with the weight gain.

I don't have any answers. I see abilify being advertised so heavily in magazines and online and think Providers have bought into it, but once you've started taking it it can be hard to get off it.

I was prescribed this medication today. I don't think I am going to take it tonight. I am going to call doctor tomorrow. I can afford to gain weight. I woke up in rthe middle of the night,several times,but,still was able to get up at six a. Still looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Sign In or Register. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the Drugs. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.

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