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They offer a number of different products in their range, including a detox tea similar to Fit Tea , slimming drinks a little like Plexus Slim and supplements. I am very interested in trying ! Which is exactly why Shakes have earned our 1 spot on this site and our highest recommendation. Likewise, they may be better than many of the other brands on the market. The company provides targeted, well-researched health and weight loss products, as well as fitness tools for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to that, fiber can also have other healthy benefits such as weight loss.

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I love the Shake! It has the most natural protein sources and best value. It curbs my hunger during the day. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. Healthy weight loss is approx. Check with your physician before beginning a supplement program.

Sponsored by Nutrition. Home Reviews Ingredient Glossary Blog. Ingredients Mouse over ingredients to read details Click to view X. The plant-based shakes also have no gluten or dairy, and none of the shakes contain soy. Here are some real user reviews from the Nutrition website about the taste of Shakes… Love these Shakes!! Calories The first thing to notice is the calorie amount, which is extremely low at 90 calories per shake serving… Wow!

Superior Protein As discussed earlier, Shake contains a special Tri-Plex blend of proven proteins in both their plant-based and whey-based shakes. Top rated Brand Comparison. Is this for women only, or is it for men as well?

Did you find this review helpful? What is the sweetener in this product? I can not do any sugar, artificial, or otherwise. Thank you Did you find this review helpful? I am Celiac does this shake contain gluten? Do the shakes have caffeine in thm?

I've been on it for 60 days now just replacing my lunch. The only thing I ever wonder is Will i start seeing my lose weight results with in 7 days Ratings. Will i start seeing my lose weight results with in 7 days. Can I drink these shakes and eat nothing else. Maybe just a healthy snack in between shakes. I've been using Isagenix for 1 year now and have lost approx. I'm looking for a high quality less exp. If I go with , won't the major decrease in protein I know I'm also getting a major decrease in calories per shake as well which is good hurt me weight wise?

Hi Kimberly, I know Shakes goal is to keep calories down because it's known as a top "mixing" shake. We think you'll be happy with I am thinking of buying shake. I noticed that it has pea protein. Is this GMO free? Yes the pea is GMO free. In theory, it's a good idea to clear everything out a bit before starting a new diet. If you aim to lose a pound a week, you'll need to have a caloric deficit of calories a day.

Does this have an energy booster component? If so, what is it? You would have to ask the manufacture regarding energy specific components.

I just received my shake chocolate I don't like bananas but like almond milk etc. Hi Candace, Shake has a page for shake recipes - https: What's the best way to mix it up? I did it with milk and it's so chalky I can't stand to drink it, but the test didn't seem to be bad. Check out Shake's recipe page for ideas - https: I mix mine with unsweetened almond milk and it taste great, no chalky taste at all.

I was just wondering if you can have snacks in between the shakes and if so what are the best snacks to have Did you find this review helpful? Here's an article about what sort of snacks to make https: I have tried so many proteins and am afraid it will be too chalky Did you find this review helpful?

I have also used Shakeology I prefer the Shake. If you mix it up in a blender or a nutrabullet you will never have the chalky taste Did you find this review helpful?

If you mix it up in a blender or a nutrabullet you will never have the chalky taste. Every protein shake or meal replacement shake that I've tried has made me sick with an upset stomach. The only shake I've been able to tolerate is a lactose-free whey protein powder from a natural food store but it tastes horrible. Does anyone know what causes this They have a "Try it before you buy it" www.

I'm using a soy protein product that claimed to be the best and now I'm reading that soy is not the best health option. Would you share your recipe for the kale smoothie- I've been looking for one that's pleasant? It's become controversial for its potential health side effects. As for a great kale smoothie recipe, we think that Nutrition's "Kale Me Crazy" is great. Is this shake safe for me? It's great that you checked with various specialists to ensure that Shake was healthy and safe for you and your baby.

Because we aren't qualified health professionals, we recommend that anyone looking into using meal replacement shakes check with their doctor before buying or consuming the shakes. Question - not a review. Just wondering if the weight loss is due to increased BM "output"?? I'm full after the shakes and have the energy to work out and go about my day. Is this sustainable, not certain but it is working now and I'm feeling better as a whole. Is this product gluten free? It's great that you're so dedicated to this journey and that you've been successful.

I am looking for something similar to it that isn't as pricey. I've used both shakeology and , and so far, I love shakes so much more! They have Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate… Did you find this review helpful? They have Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate I got the sample, tried it out one morning and haven't looked back! I've been on it for going on month 2 and I've lost about 10 lbs so far. I'm saving money and getting sexy! I'd like to know if this product is safe to use for people with Type II Diabetes?

And after I eat it doesn't climb more than 30 pts that's really good for someone who has diabetes. Don't freak out of the cost. That's the only thing I don't like. I think that's a good price otherwise I would be paying a month. Keep an eye out for Nutrition's new Vegan shake. Is shake available in dairy free? Not quite, but the brand does have a vegan shake in the works!

I'm 5'4" and weigh around I'm a nurse and 12 hr shifts is hard to do exercise and eat right. Is it safe if you are breastfeeding? I have got to lose this baby weight!! That's how we recommend drinking Shake: Delicious taste and I feel much more confident with my slimmer body! Is the 28 servings a one month one shake a day supply? Yes it is Ben. Don your research on Carrageenan a definite RED flag!!

Carrageenan is a gelatin alternative that's used to thicken and stablize certain foods. It's extracted from seaweed. Some of the links in the post above are "associate sales links.

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But is this a safe way to lose pounds and sustain that weight loss? Here is a summary of our findings. Made by Nutrition, Shakes are a popular meal replacement drink. They launched in and pursued an active social media campaign using the community factor to create a buzz that propelled them into popularity. The more popular blends include:. The suggested serving is one scoop, once or twice daily. Supposedly, it helps you lose weight by suppressing appetite.

The Better Business Bureau awards them a A- rating with a 75 percent negative customer rating based on 43 complaints filed by consumers.

These complaints seem to center around their sample offering. It seems at least 43 people signed up for that sample without noticing that they were authorizing a charge of over a hundred dollars for two weeks later.

It seems that at the very least, needs to make that section a little more prominent. Other Shake reviews cite the Shake taste as a reason for complaint. While some Shake flavors seem to satisfy more than others, the Shake taste seems a major area of focus. This is how much it costs to start on the respective program.

We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment. So, what makes these replacement shakes superior to the hundreds of other meal replacement products out there?

The Shake ingredients include amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, plant-based proteins, minerals, and superfood greens.

The calories in Shakes make them a great replacement for meals like lunch. The average lunch has on average calories while there are only 90 calories in shakes. That just makes sense. However, the question then arises about whether that calorie meal replacement shake is filling enough to replace a meal that was SO much higher in caloric value. One reason Nutrition Shake has been so triumphant is its concentrated, aggressive social marketing strategy. Advertising on Facebook, the hashtag Shake on Twitter heavily pushed on customers , and paid celebrity endorsements ensured the Meal Replacement Shake was a well-known name.

The Nutrition Community is an unequaled group where you can communicate with others who are also on journeys to improved health. The study does not report on or list Shakes — or any other meal replacement shake or PMR — by name. For the study, participants consumed a low-calorie diet consisting of calories or less and replaced one or two meals with commercially accessible, vitamin- and mineral- fortified, energy reduced drinks or shakes.

While there is no study of the Shake weight loss supplement directly, there have been several studies of high-protein shakes in general. Portion restraint is a major problem for many overweight and obese people. Using a PMR plan that is high in protein — such as Shake — can help with weight management. Protein shakes can help with the rebuilding of muscle tissues torn during exercise. The liquid form also helps to get the protein quickly distributed to where it needs to be through the bloodstream.

Also, liquid protein consumption enters the bloodstream quicker and is therefore delivered to the areas where it is needed faster.

Nowhere does Nutrition make any assertion of an explicit number of pounds a user may lose. There are several Shake diet reviews on Amazon that claim Shake curbed their appetite and this is known to lead to weight loss so there is one tie between Shake and weight loss. There are some complaints that it does not mix well and that it has a gritty texture, but others disagree.

The Nutrition website goes further to suggest that you use Shake as a meal replacement for one to two meals per day. In addition, it recommends that the user should eat sensibly while using the shakes to perfect their results.

There are no specific Shake product warnings listed on their website or in their Amazon listing. Around since , these shakes have massive amounts of protein. As we already said, elevated levels of protein can aid in weight management but can also lead to kidney problems. Another meal replacement shake, 18 shake uses a whey protein. Like Shake, they have a strong social media following and presence.

Beachbody makes this meal replacement shake. It also has an aggressive social media marketing presence like Shake and 18 Shake. This meal replacement shake has a potato protein extract that controls appetite and cravings for a few hours named Sledesta. Unlike Shakes, the Ideal Shape offering has sugar and sucralose.

There are likely hundreds of others on the market right now. Some are horrible and should be avoided at all costs.

310 Shake Review