Nutrisystem TV Commercial, 'Amy Lost Weight'

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Is Tom Hagan still president of Nutrisystem?
Who is the girl in the Prius commercial? Please also note there are 2 Amy's that lost weight on NS. It takes so much of time and dedication, because you have to prepare a menu, shop for groceries, prepare the food, and then finally stick to it. After losing 40lbs and three dress sizes, Melissa Joan Hart is more than happy to slip into a bikini these days and show off the results of all her hard work. I do not think so.

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Melissa Joan Hart strips down to a bikini for Nutrisystem ad

Her skin has the look and consistency of burnt leather, and Death has more meat on his bones than she does. Reader, suppose you were an idiot.

And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. I do think this woman is the same Size Two Amy who was pregnant before. I think some of what makes her look odd is her long neck, which obviously isn't any basis for me to criticize her. Kudos to anyone who has the self-discipline to stick to that diet and exercise program. I don't think I would. I could swear that "Amy" on the Nutrisystem commercial was the same person who was on a reality show..

I don't remember which one She has the exact same voice.. I don't think her name was Amy.. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Valool, that sounds familiar.

I think they plucked her from some reality show. Now they should put her back, so I can choose not to watch her. I see alot of "dieters" who say they lost weight on these things and its like they went from healthy to wafer thin. I absolutely agree with what everyone is saying. That's why I registered on this website just to post a reply. I hope that Amy lady actually see's what people really think of her. Man, she is butt-ugly. I was also thinking myself that she actually looked better with a little more weight on her.

And her face, man, she looks like a horse. If Nutrisystem wants people to buy their product, they should be a much better looking model. Maybe she'll stumble upon this website and realize she needs to put on some more weight. Alright, i've seen this commercial a few times now and this last time i couldn't help but to get on my computer to see how many other people think it's just completely insane.

I stumbled on this website and just registered so I could express how messed up the human race would have to be in order to be convinced to buy anything based on the two women that are featured in this commercial.

It's out of control how bizarre it is. I think many people use it but it has been clarified. What is a nutrisystem diet for? Nutrisystem is one of the most popular ways to lose weight. It is a program where the company will deliver a variety of pre-packaged meals to your home.

What is nutrisystem food? Who is the brunette girl in the Lexus commercial? The brunette girl in the Lexus commercial is Lori Streeter. She isan American model and actress from Dallas, Texas. Who is the girl snowboarding in the corona commercial? Who is the girl in the anarchy axe commercial? I don't know but she is hot as hell.. Im pretty sure that it is Alexis Love. Who is the girl in the gazelle com commercials?

This woman has a few names, to some she is known as Lydia Banters, and to others she is known as Andreana Veith. This is the same woman, although older than her appearance on the commonly viewed education connection. She has appeared as uncredited actors on various movies, including the Austin Powers series. Who is the girl in the Prius commercial? Her name is Emily and she is 12 years old and the oldest of 6 siblings.

Who is the girl in the corn sugar commercial? I dont think she wants to be known, you know in case she wants a real career after the corn syrup scam. Just like when an actress tries to hide their college sex videos. Who is the girl in the Dunkin Donuts commercial? Since there are many Dunkin Donut commercials, with many actors,this is difficult to answer.

Lauren Reeder did have a part in onepopular commercial. Where did Marie osmond get the striped black and gray dress she has on in the Nutrisystem commercial? Kristy from Kennesaw, GA: Who is the girl on Humira commercial? Humira has not released a casting list for the commercials. Presently who she is remains unknown until she mentions it publiclyor information is leaked. Who is the girl in the sun Chevrolet commercials? The girl in the sun Chevrolet commercials is Sheilah Griggs.

Sheilah Griggs is becoming the "go to" girl for many advertisingventures because of her outgoing personality. She also works as anemcee, producer, public speaker, and media consultant. Who is the Melissa girl in the quest commercial? She is very clearly a 13 or 14 year old girl who does somemodelling when not in class - pervert. Who is the new Xerox commercial girl? Catherine Kresge is the new Xerox commercial girl. The girl hasbeen an instant hit because of her beauty. Who is the girl in the nightline chat commercial?

The girl who makes an appearance in the Nightline chat commercialis Charisma Carpenter. This is not her only commercial because shehas been in numerous other ones.

Who is the girl in the flexible hose commercial? Elle Joslyn is the girl who appears in the flexible hosecommercial. She is an actress from London who has been in many adsand commercials. Who is the native girl in the axe commercial? There are many girls in the various Axe body spray commercial. I would squeal like a stuck pig if I got to a size Normak has deleted this message. Dont get me started. In my younger days I did Nutri System and went from a size 16 to a size 8.

It just goes to show you, you have to change your life not just what your eating for a few months. I did Nutrisystem and lost 60lbs. However, the minute you sway from the program you are done for and that is why I chose the Band. I can eat anything in smaller quantity. I think that we are the Winners.. I applaud anyone who loses any weight and gets their health back, no matter which way they chose to do it. I did Nutrisystems once years back and I did lose about 50 pounds. As soon as I stopped buying their food, and trying to do it myself, I gained it all back and it brought friends.

NOT like it looks in the commercials! Been there, done that I'll pass this time, thanks This is Amy C. I saw a post that was insulting to me. Please also note there are 2 Amy's that lost weight on NS.

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