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It was founded in It is complete and balanced with nutrients, proper carbs, and protein but remains low calorie. Try Unicity International — already in 50 countries — products are all patented and guaranteed — something which most MLM nutrional companies cannot claim. San's Platinum Whey 5lbs ,75 Ser,Chocolte. So, should you whip out your credit card and order BodyKey supplements?

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Everyone wants to buy the best protein. No protein in and of itself is going to help you lose weight. You have to have a calorie deficit for that. Any brand that claims weight loss with their protein is being manipulative. It takes a lot of work and marketing to get your product on the shelves of physical stores.

The multi level marketing powders rely heavily on an army of people to push powders. After all, so many people need to get a cut of the profits to make the system work. Is is best to rest for a few days or should I keep training? And is there any multi-vitamin that you recommend I should be taking while training or are they necessary?

Your body needs the available energy to get better instead of using it to rebuild unnecessary exercise-induced muscle trauma. I think a walk outside can help some people feel better when sick, me included. Nothing wrong with multi-vitamins. However, always try to get the bulk of your nutrients from whole foods. Hi i was wondering what do you think of ProFemme protein drink.

I use it after a workout. I am trying to tone up and build muscle. Would you recommend something else or is this ok. You want to develop trust with the foods you put into your body. As used by leading models and figure athletes, as well as thousands of women like you!

Thanks for the great info. Have you heard of PhytoBerry Protein? If so, what are your thoughts. I stay away from soy…learned the hard way after drinking it everyday for a few months and ended up with a hormone imbalance. The question is how much of the nutrients and antioxidants are preserved and bio-available in the powder form?

We have found Shaklee to be a great product. My husband and I lost 10 and 15 lb respectively, in three months, and still got to eat our regular food. That was three years ago, and we still have a shake a day. Without it, we feel sluggish and are hungry within an hour. We do buy the soy protein and have found the soy has made tremendous positive effects on pre-menopausal symptoms. That was a huge added bonus.

I want to lose weight. If I did use it as a meal replacement would I still lose weight? Yes, you can still lose weight. Those are the ones that have protein, carbs, and fat already added to it. Add some spinach and frozen fruit to the powder to boost the nutrition content. I hope you will have time to reply to my question.

I work out with weights about times a week. First I have now decided to step down with the weights and do more cardio basically running.

So I have never taken any kind of powder. So I want to try something out. It is very important to me that it helps me lose fat!! So I guess it has to be low on carbs. Other than that I dont know where to start. Then, once you create a calorie deficit, the majority of your weigh loss will be fat loss — which in the big scheme of things should be your ultimate goal.

Is the powder going to help me create the deficit or is that solely achieved by more cardio and less carb intake? Finally, can you advise me to purchase a specific product? Alternating between strength training and cardio is good.

You need a calorie deficit for that. In fact, pick a powder that has protein as the sole ingredient. Do you happen to know of any good protein powder options that would be suitable for toning?

However, if you are lactose intolerant, there are plenty of other options — egg my first option , or one of several plant based proteins. Whey isolate is very low in lactose too if you can tolerate some. Im 30 and 3 weeks ago weighed lots of muscle, but a good gut and moobies the major distribution of fat seemed to be WITHIN the muscle wall of my abs, which concerned me and prompted me to take action. Doing this has lost me 20 lbs in 3 weeks.

However, I went out and bought EAS powder without really researching, but after reading this I plan on getting whey isolate. You suggest adding spinach and whatnot, but at work all I have available is my blender bottle.

If you want to make it healthier you can try adding some plain powder into some milk and peanut butter and possibly some cocoa powder.

Shake vigorously or use a blender bottle. Has artificial sweeteners and flavors. Also has genetically modified soy oil if you care about that. Look at the ingredients. Whey is just a type of protein. I am trying to loose weight. Since breast cancer, I was told I could not have any soy products. I wanted to use Body by Vi but it has soy in it I believe. I get confused with soy. I was told Soy can make my cancer return. Can you help me with specifics as much as possible. Just want to get healthy and skinny.

Ok, U know what I mean. There are some non-soy products out there though. There is no requirement to take powders. It seems to work for me. Hi Vicki I work with a medically monitored weight loss program that uses meal replacements. I have had many patients who have had estrogen based cancers and their oncologists do not want them doing my program because of our soy based proteins in the meal replacements.

Body by Vi is soy based and has artificial sweeteners in it. Isagenix shakes have absolutely no soy what-so-ever, no artificial ingredients, all organic, and gluten free. I have had temendous success with Isagenix. Read The China Study. It talks a lot about different cancers and the effects of food.

Based on 40 years of study, soy does not induce cancer. Also, organic soy is different than non-organic. I hope your breast cancer is still in remission. SFH protein is just whey protein and nothing else no soy at all http: Hi there,,,,i want to lose weight fat loss but in the same time want to build up my muscle…. Hey Ken, the best will be solid, whole foods. Just a clarification, do you mean whey or soy? Regardless of age, I would stick with whey protein unless you have a sensitivity to dairy or whey in particular.

I love your site! Thank you for all of the great information. I did have a couple questions about your choice of protein. Protein isolates are proteins stripped away from their nutritional co-factors. Most isolates are exposed to acid processing and in addition, our body cannot assimilate proteins in isolated form.

Because they are over-processed, isolates are deficient in key amino acids and nutritional co-factors. Thank you so much. Those are good questions, and you make a good point — protein powder in general is lacking complete nutrition. This is why it is a supplement and not a meal replacement. You will always be better off getting all your nutrition from whole foods. Yes, protein powder is processed.

The jury is still out on whether there are health concerns with that. Always strive for whole foods though. I have not seen anything before that says you cannot assimilate protein in isolated form, but I do know that the way they are processed can affect their bioavailability. Yes, as any protein powder will be. Only solid food will have all that good stuff.

Hi coach can you please answer me these questions: What about soy protein isolate? Is there a big difference between whey protein and soy protein? There is a difference is amino acid makeup and bio-availability.

I prefer whey for that reason, but if you have a dairy intolerance, soy may be another option. Yes, some studies show a correlation between soy and increased estrogen. Do you recommend using casein protein and if so, when. I currently am using it mostly at bedtime. I mix it with peanut butter and frozen berries.

As long as it fits into your calorie budget it can be a good idea. Just like I read,, my kind of protein gluten free, lactose free, no trans fat, no artificiels flavor or color…4 ingredients: Give it a try and see how it works for you. What does it say in the ingredients section, how much does it cost, how much protein is there per serving, and how many servings are there per container?

This the info you need to make an informed decision. If you provide it, I can help you make one. I like organic plant based protein powders. I use Sun Warrior brand.

Easy on the system, high in protein, no sugar and very low carbs. It actually taste good too! Hope you can help me I have been trying to lose weight since an accident and was unable to work out. I still cannot do much in the way of exercise but want to lose a lot of weight which I believe can help. I have tried eating healthy no processed foods lots of veggies and fruit and good protein but still the weight will not come off.

I would like to mix it up and have a protein shake every once in a while especially when I am rushed for breakfast. Will this help the weight to come off. Only a calorie deficit will do that. Calculate your calorie needs and create a slight deficit. I weigh lbs and I want to lose to lbs. Muscle and fat are 2 different things.

A quick look at their website makes the product look very gimmicky. As for does it work? The calorie number is just a guide though as I know nothing about your history or specific goals.

Need a refresher …. Hi Charlie, refocus and take it one meal at a time. You need to get some momentum going. Plan to leave some food on your plate. I have gotten my protein powder at bulk barn as it is far less expensive. It is not a name brand and I have no idea what the ingredients are except it is a whey powder. Hi Beth, the ingredients should be listed somewhere, and if not, email the company and ask them the information you want to find out. Hi I would to know the best why protein as I am doing hard workout with good diet but my fats is not burning, I am with kg weight and want to know what are the best protein for me to loss weight and lean muscles.

Keep it Simple Many of the branded protein powders contain all kinds of ingredients. Cheaper Actually Tends to Be Better Because of the added ingredients and flavors for many protein powders, they tend to be more expensive than their simple counterparts. My favorite post-workout shake is: Concentrate vs Isolate — isolate is a more pure powder. It is filtered to remove extra fat, cholesterol, and lactose from the protein.

Because of this it is more expensive. However, concentrate is still low in fat and carbs — typically only having a couple of grams per serving and costs a lot less. Foods coming from organic, grass-fed, and pasture-raised sources tend to be more nutritious, and the animals are treated more humanely.

Protein powder from grass-fed cows have more omega-3 fatty acids and CLA, although powder tends to be low in fat anyways. Every powder on the list below is void of any artificial or natural sweeteners. However, some powders add lecithin, either from soy or from other sources, as an emulsifier to help mix better. Growth hormones are given to many cows to help them grow faster and make them meatier.

Sometimes these hormones can be found in small quantities in the products that come from them — milk, cheese, protein powder, etc. Meal replacement continued to show a healthy performance in Meal replacement registered healthier growth due to the rising trend of healthy The growth was spurred by the proactive stance of consumers in maintaining their health, to which companies responded by introducing The serious obesity problem resulted in consumers eagerly seeking Increased exposure to international trends via the Internet and overseas travel boosted the sophistication level of consumers in recent years.

This has increased their willingness to try various products, such as convalescence, which can aid them in This was due to the considerable demand for weight control and convalescence for the elderly Diet and reduction of weight continued to be a concern for the New Zealand population. Towards the end of the review period, meal replacement slimming products became more popular in the country. Consumers could find these products in big supermarkets and hypermarkets and in milk specialty independent shops.

However, due to expensive Losing weight was a popular trend in Ukraine as at the end of the review period, as was visible in the media. Sales of meal replacement remained negligible in Georgia at the end of the review period.

These products see little interest among Georgian consumers, with a widespread lack of consumer awareness and few products available. As consumers continued to become more aware of daily nutritional needs, they moved away from dieting to meal replacement slimming options.

These products are perceived as providing complete nutrition while providing weight loss benefits as well. Meal replacement products are available in all shapes and sizes and positioned as helping to lead a healthier and more balanced life. However slimming products in particular have many critics, and manufacturers work continuously on formula Growth in convalescence sales is being primarily Meal replacement is expected to continue to decrease in both volume and current value sales in as Czech consumers will remain restrained with their expenditure, especially in terms of purchases of more expensive and non-essential products.

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