Lactose Intolerant? What Can You Eat?

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Carleton Comment Vote up Report. NAC works well with Livatone Plus to hasten liver healing. I told my husband maybe I am eating too much fruit. I was wondering if there is anyone who had gastritis with back pain who was healed from gastritis and the back pain was gone as well. There are products that are sustained release so that most of the nutrient can reach the large intestine in which it is the most effective.

1. You’re Frequently Bloated

In your case, the bile and metabolites will be released directly into the digestive tract as it is produced and there will not be enough at any time to emulsify your dietary fats to enable them to be absorbed into your body, hence the need for ox-bile capsules.

How did you find this out? Did they take blood tests for your thyroid cholesterol and liver infection? Did you get any answers about the strange movements? I had my gall bladder removed 3 years ago. I had severe swelling, weiht gain, loss of appetite, chillblains prior to the surgery.

After the surgery, I have felt much better, less stress, less joint pain, but prone to severe constipation, cannot eat any oily foods. I have much more energy but immediately after the surgery, I went straight into menopause. I had regular periods right up until the surgery.

What is the connection between gall bladder removal and early menopause and hormones? Happy to feel well, but was not ready for menopause. I can tell that I changed immediately. Dr Cabot says there may be a correlation between surgery and menopause in that the anaesthetic may have affected your ovaries and eggs. We recommend you wait 3 months before having both an FSH and AMH test to determine if you have truly entered your menopausal phase.

As you will see from the attached pamphlet this supplement works well with Livatone Plus to get your liver better faster. Had gallbladder removed 3 years ago.

Feel pretty good and swelling is gone. My sexual urge has completely died. Early menopause occured immediately afterward! Any one experience this? I feel I am too tyoung. How old are you? I went through perimenopause after having mine removed and also lost sex drive. I was approx 45 — same age that my mum went through menopause, so have never really thought about the fact that it was after gall bladder surgery before.

JayX, thank you for your reply. I was a young I was not having any premenopausal symptoms and had regular periods and ovulated. I was told I am 50 by the doctor.

And I get that. I just know there is a connection between being healthy one week and having absolutely no sex drive later. I feel like I just entered a new phase immediately after the surgery. Lost spunk, vim, vigor, and worse, ambition. Not depressed because even that is gone. Still care, but without passion. All after gb surgery. Feel like the gb may be more important than we recognize. The Doctors should have explained the consequences of ripping out our gall bladders without our informed permission in most cases or try a diet alternative first in the hope of reversal and the fact we now need digestive enzymes to help us digest our food properly.

If I had not found an alternative practitioner who taught me about gut health and told me that i had to completely change my whole way of life particularly what to eat without your GB to stay healthy I would probably still be overweight, high blood pressure, sick most of the time with diarrhea and insomnia. Thanks to his care and teaching I am normal weight, no blood pressure, sleep well, eat a natural nourishing delicious healthy diet and have my energy back.

Shame on our medical doctors for not disclosing all the facts about taking this Majorly Important Organ out of our bodies. Could you please share the lifestyle changes that you made. Im experiencing all the negative effects that you mentioned. Wow this sight has helped me tremendously. My doctor acted as if it was all because of getting older. I take vitamin d-3 because of a deficiency. And have no sex drive. My husband has seen a huge change in me but we never ever associated it to having my gall bladder removed.

I went throu mine from the age of 45 and was told by my doctor that is not unusual to go throu at that age. I broke my back and was put into menopause overnight after waking up from general anesthetic for many many hours….

I immediately started having hot flashes night sweats changes in skin and hair forgetfulness and other extreme menopausal symptoms immediately after within a day of surgery. My sexual urge gas completely died. Early menopause occufred immediately afterward! Hi there, Had my gall bladder removed a week ago today. I often have a sore back either side of spine, and after eating. I feel bloated and gassy.

I still have my plasters covering my wounds but have bandaged my whole stomach as I feel I need to support it all the time. My surgeon told me the day after surgery to eat normally…I was quite surprised. You need to start taking Livatone Plus caps 2 twice daily and Ox Bile in middle of meals. You should also take NAC 2 caps twice daily well away from food.

These can all be purchased at http: You need to eliminate or reduce refined grains, sugar and processed foods from your diet. Focus on eating good protein sources, good fats and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. For more information you should read our book: Raw juicing is also excellent. Jessah — what would you recommend for a vegan to do after gall bladder removal please? I would recommend Livatone Plus 2 caps twice a day, and Ox Bile three times a day in middle of meals. You will need to eliminate or reduce sugar, dairy and processed foods.

The supplements I mentioned and the book are available at http: I had my gallbladder removed a year ago. I have been getting upper back pain bra line area also pain under my breast area.

Also just recently when I eat it feels like my food does not go down like I have something stuck in my throat. I have never had it before. Your swallowing concerns may be reflux and we recommend you remove all gluten from your diet for weeks and see if this symptom goes away. Hi Mary Salazar, i have exactly the same problem that you are feeling BUT i have not yet removed the gallbladder my doctor says it is the one which is giving me those problems.

To reduce the chances of any issues occurring, make sure to avoid or reduce refined foods, sugar, alcohol and processed foods. You will need to focus on a diet with plenty of protein, good fats and fresh fruits and vegetables. My gall bladder has been removed for over three years now. Intense pain under right rib, no control over stools, gain weight even after running so much to toilet, always tired but cant sleep, if i dare to laugh pain increase under right rib, pharmacist explain to me today that it could happen that my body cant digest all the bail currently in my body, cant run or walk far before loose stool end up in my running shorts, embaressing and interfere with life expectancy.

Was in good health for three years, winning 5 kilo marathons, now it seemed that gastro ruled my life, the weight gain terrifies me. Pharmacist put me on liver and gall bladder problems solution and salts of natura and had i have to switch to a high protein diet which i will start tomorrow, i do not like meat but if it is going to help to get rid of the weight gain, pain under right rib and continuous running to the demm toilet i will change my lifestyle.

So, tomorrow i will start my day with oats, two eggs, eat meat more or less near raw, with patats and white rice, no more cheese, milk, berries or nuts or joguurt. How boring, but what can one do? These supplements and book are available at http: I have put on heaps of weight. Im scared when I go out for tea because of everything goes through me. And slot of pain lower back and rightrib. I want my life back. Got a question for any one who has their gallbladder removed.

A friend told me they used to eat onions all the time, but since losing their gallbladder eating them, even in a soup causes problems. Has anyone ever heard of this. It took almost a year after my gallbladder removal for multiple symptoms to arise. It has been 40 years since my GB surgery. From day one I had trouble digesting any food in cabbage family, including onions.

But in last few years I have had difficulty digesting even a very small amount of onion. In addition have many food intolerances in last 10 years. My symptoms are reflux during night affecting quality of sleep, some nausea, bouts of diarrhea. We recommend you follow the dietary guidelines in the above article. Super Digestive Enzymes 1 to 2 in the middle of meals to reduce digestive symptoms and improve nutrient absorption.

Livatone Plus 1 cap twice daily to improve liver function. You need to avoid sugar, processed foods and grains. Focus on eating foods high in protein, good fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Raw juicing is excellent also. I recommend you take Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily and Ox Bile capsules with meals.

I had my gallbladder removed and also border libe creatinine can i take the can i take the ox bile capsule and livatone? Becuase nausea and abdominal pain and now i had this very disturbing pain in my back. I had my gallbladder removed a year and a half ago. I am living with regret at not pursuing other options besides surgery.

Anyway, some days are better than others but most days I have diarrhea at some point, itchy skin, peeling on my fingertips and constant feeling of very low energy along with general, weird pains and discomfort throughout my abdomen. I currently take a daily liver rescue pill, a pro-biotic and a multi vitamin. Again some days are better than others but, it is quite demoralizing having this constant feeling of general malaise. Does anyone else have this problem?

You need to avoid sugar, grains and dairy products. You should take Livatone Plus 2 caps daily, and Ox Bile in middle of meals. You should also start Raw Juicing. When I was in my late twenties had my gallbladder removed had gallstones lots of them my weight went from lbs to 97 lbs it take me years to get back to lbs im older now and having a problem with the weight loss no skin problems is anyone else having problems with weight loss?

Dr Cabot has written the definitive book giving you instruction on gallbladder health and you will then understand what you are best advised to change to dissolve your present gallstone and keep your gallbladder in a stone free state for the rest of your life.

Hi Matt,We have had several conversations about the need to keep it positive when building a new business as many of us are doing here.

We are what we think we are. I love visiting here to read your uplifting wrlgsngs. You need to avoid sugar dairy, gluten and processed foods. Focusing on increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet, as well as getting adequate protein and fat. You should also take Ox Bile one or two in middle of meals.

You should also start raw juicing. There is plenty of useful information in our book: Let me know how you get on. I had my gall bladder removed a little over 2 yrs ago.

This weekend I had set back which mimicked the gall Stone attack, just not quite as intense or painful, but extremely uncomfortable none the less. I drank Smooth move tea with peppermint last night and today I am having some diarrhea and my whole right side and lower intestines is in so much pain! In tHoughton it was gas but it had me curled up on my bed almost sweating and feeling sick. Pain is definitely a 9 right now. You may be passing a liver stone, but we recommend you go to ER to make sure it is not something that requires medical attention.

Did they find a stone? I have been told that I have sludge in my gallbladder and also have a fatty liver. Surgery is rarely necessary for gallbladder sludge. It is probably not required unless the walls of your gallbladder are inflamed or infected, or sludge is blocking a bile duct. I have recently had my gallbladder removed… one of the symptoms I am finding is a loss of apatite and nausia , is this normal?

Yes, these are common occurrences. This includes giving up sugar, grains and dairy. For further information refer to our book: I have removed my Gallbladder five years ago I am getting Paine in my both shoulders specially night time. Pain in the shoulders responds well to: This article brought me so much hope. I had my Gallbladder removed in and have had every symptom mentioned reoccurring diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, low energy, and I am always sleepy.

After a visit to my Physician, I left feeling like I might be losing my mind as my doctor feels it can be 1 of 2 things, Anxiety or a vitamin deficiency. I have lab work schedule that will hopefully confirm this so I can begin treating the causes and be done with these symptoms.

Please let me know if you get an answer! I had my gallbladder removed September and currently experiencing symptoms very similar to yours. Finger numbness is very weird! Am struggling with a baby and young boy to look after and desperately trying to find a way to cope.

Have a simple blood test done by a functional med doctor to determine whether you have food sensitivities. Will omega 3 supplements no be absorbed at all if I take them? Without a gallbladder, absorption of essential fatty acids will be impaired. Digestion of fats can be improved by taking a good liver tonic such as Livatone Plus and supplementing with Ox Bile. High triglycerides are often associated with Syndrome X, elevated insulin and fatty liver. Following a low carbohydrate diet — avoiding sugar, flour products, processed and fried foods and increasing vegetables and fibre can help reduce triglycerides.

What is the treatment if you still have stomach pain nearly 10 months after gallbladder removal? He mentioned a sachet of something, any ideas? What are the essential supplements that are needed once the gallbladder is removed. Is it ox-bile, livatone, liver detox,glutathione, digestive enzymes. The list goes on and on. Which one would you recommend? Your email address will not be published. Simply click on the button below to download your free ebook The Vital Principles of Liver Cleansing.

Simply click on the button below to download your free ebook the Liver Diet Guide. Simply click on the button below to download your free ebook Hepatitis and Aids. Jennifer June 26, at 7: Jessah June 26, at 5: Val February 23, at 2: Jessah February 26, at 4: Z Rojas March 3, at 9: Jessah March 4, at 4: Ailine February 10, at 4: Jessah February 11, at 3: Amanda Nadeau January 26, at 9: Jessah January 28, at 3: Connie January 11, at 6: Penny January 28, at 8: Jessah January 14, at 3: Tracy February 4, at 3: Sara Campbell January 9, at 9: Jessah January 9, at 3: Jessah December 4, at 3: Sarah DuBoise December 5, at 3: Jessah December 5, at 3: Teresa Sweetwood December 23, at Kyra November 18, at 9: Jessah November 19, at 4: Jessah January 21, at 5: Cheryl January 22, at Rebekah Rangel-betancourt March 2, at 3: Lou May 31, at 3: Jessah October 9, at 3: Whisper October 15, at 6: Heather Collins October 26, at 7: Dave M November 6, at 9: Rachel December 14, at Jessah December 18, at 6: Wendy December 28, at Mike February 10, at 1: Janet February 24, at 2: Maria September 23, at 3: Jessah September 24, at 5: Ann December 4, at 3: Jennifer Banaszak September 20, at 7: Jessah September 20, at 9: Karla December 7, at 2: Hosanna Croker September 14, at 9: Jessah September 17, at 5: Teresa April 16, at Helena September 11, at Jessah September 11, at 4: Char October 9, at Jillian August 3, at 5: Jessah August 6, at 4: Gladys Richardson January 9, at 9: Barry August 18, at 1: Michelle September 2, at 6: Sally July 19, at Jessah July 19, at 5: Kenny August 4, at 5: Kathy September 19, at 2: Stephanie July 19, at 8: Jessah July 19, at 4: Sarah July 15, at 1: Jessah July 16, at 6: Simone July 18, at 1: Jessah July 18, at 4: Carol July 10, at 9: Jessah July 10, at 4: Robin August 2, at 8: Sherry December 30, at 5: Janet February 24, at 3: Jane July 10, at 7: Kay July 1, at 1: Jessah July 2, at 8: Lorie June 29, at Jessah July 2, at 5: Stephanie June 22, at 8: Jessah June 25, at 4: Cynthia June 15, at 1: Jessah June 18, at Haley June 7, at 1: Jessah June 7, at 4: Edie May 31, at Chasity June 5, at 2: Penny Daum May 25, at 1: Jessah May 28, at 5: Scarlet May 18, at 3: Jessah May 21, at 4: Fee May 31, at 3: Jessah May 31, at 4: Crystal May 1, at Jessah May 1, at 4: Crystal May 11, at Jessah May 14, at 4: Crystal May 16, at 7: Anna April 18, at 1: Jessah April 18, at 4: Jessah April 17, at 8: Ray April 13, at 6: Jessah April 17, at 7: Ankit Jaiswal April 13, at 3: Leo March 30, at 9: Jessah April 2, at 5: Mike March 12, at 4: Jessah March 12, at 6: Me Me March 11, at 8: Astrid March 9, at 7: Jessah March 12, at 5: Kathryn March 7, at 7: Jessah March 7, at Kelly March 8, at 4: Kinga March 2, at 4: Jessah March 5, at 6: David Tichelaar March 6, at 1: Jessah March 6, at 3: Yolanda March 1, at 9: Jessah March 1, at 3: Steph February 26, at Steph February 26, at 5: Jessah February 26, at 6: Cassie February 21, at 7: Jessah February 21, at 8: Jessah February 13, at Ben January 22, at 7: Jessah January 22, at 8: Gina January 17, at 9: Jessah January 31, at 5: Goyo February 4, at Boris January 10, at 1: Jessah January 10, at 4: Boris January 12, at 1: Jessah January 29, at 8: Cindi January 17, at Jessah January 17, at Rosanna Gonzales February 15, at 7: Jessah February 15, at 3: Rico January 7, at Jessah January 9, at 5: Faris January 17, at 9: Jessah January 17, at 3: Topher February 26, at 6: Edwin Cunanan January 7, at 5: Jessah January 17, at 7: Jessah February 19, at 4: Mary January 6, at Mary Salazar February 25, at Doreen January 6, at 8: Jessah January 8, at Tina Douglas January 4, at 4: Terri January 3, at 8: Jessah January 15, at 3: Jessah December 5, at 7: JES December 6, at 6: Mike December 31, at Jason January 3, at Sandra January 4, at Tracey January 8, at 4: Doreen November 30, at 1: Ben November 22, at 2: Dawn November 23, at Emmy December 2, at 8: Michelle December 28, at Jessah January 8, at 8: Natasha November 15, at Jessah November 15, at 4: Julie December 2, at 5: Mandy Viljoen January 3, at Siox November 4, at 1: Jessah November 7, at 4: Kristina November 3, at 9: Jessah November 7, at 6: Ginger November 1, at 8: Tonight I had a severe allergic reaction to a natural facial lotion which has Avocado in it.

I have a known allergy to bananas and adhesives latex and I suspect walnuts, too. Google also brought me to this site. I am shocked that I am this allergic! I entered this lotion in the Safe Cosmetics data base and it came up with the best lowest toxicity rating. I am writing down other similar allergies others have noted, just in case.

I thought I was crazy! Now I make it once or twice a year. A few months ago I made a flax-avocado shake from an inflammation book… My stomach was slightly queasy after that, but I let it go.

And the common denominator is avocado. Will be on alert re the other fruits listed above… Thanks for all the helpful comments. I find this interesting. For as long as I can remember I have had issues when I eat avocados or bananas. I feel like my throat starts closing up but I can breathe fine its just a weird pressurized feeling and when I eat bananas I feel it more in my back. Everyone has always laughed at me when I tell them about it but this would make sense.

The avocado allergy for me started as occasional vomiting before 12 years old, after 12 I ate it sporadically without any vomiting. After 40 consistently eating it daily causes feelings of vomiting and flushed skin after the third day. I have experienced the same reaction to eating some ripe bananas. I eat kiwis a lot and have not gotten that reaction except for the ones that may be grown with some type of pesticides, Kiwis from NZ, New Zealand or Italy do not cause any reaction.

When organic, Kiwis, bananas or avocados have been eaten none of the symptoms I am feeling today, occur. Put avocado oil on my face to soothe dry skin due to low humidity. Went for a short walk outdoors without sunblock or hat because I was out of my routine and I had some slight redness on my nose and forehead. That went away in days, but what happened 48 hrs later and is still lasting about 1 month later was sheer hell.

My skin felt hot and I had a constant weird feeling in my skin tightness. Dermatologist says my condition is interesting: I can eat avocados without any problems and love avocado shakes 1 liter of milk: So if being allergic to avacados is a myth perpetrated by the ignorant, then why does goucomole or anything containing Avacado destroy my stomach. I eat all foods and nothing bothers me but anything with avacado renders me helpless, Laying in fetal position with really bad abdominal pains.

I love avocados but they destroy me any input? I have been lactose intolerant all my life. Now I need to add avacados to the growing number of foods I cannot eat which also includes honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and eggs.

Allergic to shellfish, tree nuts, and mustard by skin test, sensitive to latex—my reaction to avocado is the same as my reaction to cashews. Indigestion, no pain, with increased, irregular heartbeat from vagus nerve response. Cashew reaction is much more intense, but very ripe avocado produces similar feeling for hours after ingestion. I thought I was a freak for ages.. I certainly would never have dreamt in a million years that avocodos would be an allergen trigger…until last night! About 45 minutes after eating a bunch of it…all hell broke loose!!!

First I got the normal tingling in the mouth, but then I broke out in severe…. Palms, bottom of feet, armpit, growing, face…. My faces swelled, and I felt SO itchy that I started going mad!

My wife gave me some antihistamines and hydrocortozone. I was sure I was hospital bound. I do suffer from some of this stuff because I just sure guacamole and at first my lipids started to itch but now I have severe stomach pain its awful.

Kudos to all of you for paying attention to your allergies. Just had o advocado in my salad. Went for Mexican food and enjoyed the guac…at first, but then my throat began to itch, my tongue got tingly, and the inside of my upper lip began to swell.

This happens to me with cantaloupe sometimes, but this tonight with guac was a first. I understand that avocados and cantaloupe come from the same allergy family and also include kiwi, bananas, cucumbers, mangoes, and peaches. Prefer calling it an amine intolerance.

Not really a fruit eater. Thought they were gross growing up. Had one last year, severe abdominal cramps for days. Now I eat a couple every day, so I thought I was fine. Anyway, last night I could feel myself getting beyond my daily threshhold of 2.

But I still had some vegetables and tofu left, and what good would they have been without it? Studying orgo, or even easy music, was out the question. It boils down to the chemicals in our foods vs. Lack of certain enzymes in our bodies cause intolerance to foods containing different sorts of amines. You may lack the enzyme that breaks down tyrosine well, I may lack the one that breaks down tyramine well, and she may lack them both.

Then it shows up at 10 in me, 20 in him, 30 in her, 40 in you. There are other factors as well that play into the whole chemical process. Hope this helps someone! I am so happy that I found this site. For years when I would say that I was allergic to avocados, people would act like I was either crazy or lying.

If I eat anything with avocado in it, my lips tingle, I see flashing lights, and experience severe cramping and vomiting. The problem is that I love the taste of avocados!

They are not worth it, though. On another topic, I have a reaction to coffee. Whenever I drink coffee, regular or decaffinated I get a blindingly painful headache.

Sometimes to the extent that I need to lay down in a quiet, darkened, room and to all purposes, pass out. I get the same reaction eating bananas as I do avocados: Nothing too serious, but my throat just…itches, and I can feel it swelling just the tiiiiiiiiniest bit.

I love them so much, though! I left half of avacado in a bag in my fridge for at least a week or so when I actually got back to it. Water just made my throat feel weird. So I took a motrin to maybe stop what felt like swelling and it does help when it kicks in.

Regular avocado guacamole makes my tongue and lips numb. Although the spicy guacamole variety does not. Only other food that causes similar reaction is shrimp but I have to eat large quantities before symptoms begin. Omg ate an avacado with salt. Within mins started to feel stomach pain and running to washroom. Vomit several times but hours later and still in pain. Loved avacado but never had this reaction till tonight. I just turned 55yrs and had hysterectomy. So this allergy could be due to hormone changes.

I will never have another avacado cause of this severe pain. Kiwi and pineapple too. Glad to read all the comments. Was about to call ambulance for this pain. Took Tylenol for allergies and it gave some relief. These avocados were imported from Mexico and 5 small ones in bag. Earlier in day I had a slice of avocado from a larger avocado that was imported from the Caribbean.

Curious if this is some pesticide allergy. Be very careful when claiming allergic reactions to Guacamole and accusing Avocado. Guacamole is not Avocado? Guacamole is a Mixture. Katsup is also a mixture. You could accuse the tomato of rash reaction, but the mixture may be the cause , ie vinegar and other parts of the mixture So , the next time you you accuse the Avocado of producing your symptom , make sure that it is guilty and not Guacmole:.

I vomit after eating Avocado. I love to eat it, love the flavor of it, but every single time I eat it, I experience explosive vomiting. I am allergic to Avocado. Think I just reacted to my new bodywash. I just grabbed one not thinking twice about it. Used it twice and reacted the second time….

All Hell Breaks Loose. Actually anyone can be allergic to anything. It all depend on how your body reacts to certain foods or materials.

I actually get a reaction to kiwi and avocado. My tongue starts to feel like a slight burn and can sometimes get itchy a few minutes after eatting it. I get a feeling almost when you eat to much salt and you get a dry swollen feel and rough. I have the itchy lips symptoms. I had him test again as that was the only food I had any reaction to.

His tests have ruined my eating life. Beware of allergy tests, I feel his serums are faulty. It has been over a year and I have about 8 foods that i am comfortable eating, I try to add one at a time but I feel so afraid so I need to eat it like 3 times before I am not afraid. I finally brought in my own avocado so he could make a test from it and it showed allergy.

But then again so did everything else. When i eat avocados, i become sick, bloated, and have great abdominal pain. No other fruit does this, and my taste buds changed from enjoying avocados to having a putrid taste and odor possibly to thwart me. I cant eat avocados, they might kill me. I have been unable to eat avocado for 30 years I am My reactions when ingesting it by mistake in sushi and salad dressing included stomach pain and vomiting and extreme lethargy afterwards.

Very recently I was again caught out in one quarter sandwich which had avocado in the mayonnaise and my reactions changed and worsened. They included tongue and face swelling and constriction of the throat. I now carry antihistamine and an Epi pen which was prescribed after seeing an allergy specialist.

On this occasion there were no stomach symptoms. So I am just writing to encourage people to take their symptoms seriously and get the support that you require. Avoidance is the best option — but mistakes happen.

I have experienced reactions to avocados a few times in the last couple of years. I had never had a problem eating the before. I have itching in my throat and ears and a panic feeling, but no trouble breathing.

Tonight I felt the GI symptoms for the first time. I guess I have both types of allergies. I ate kiwi, mango, raw cashews,avocado had been a while since I last ate the 1st 3 and banana at breakfast. I noticed itching and redness hrs later. I have history of latex sensitivity after working alot with powdered latex gloves. I was under extreme stress in living situation that time also.

My body spoke loudly to me that it could take no more. So this is just my experience, maybe someone else has too? I am pleased to see some fellow sufferers not really. I had no allergies at all to age 40 when I ate my favorite starter, avocado vinaigrette, at a nice restaurant.

I became intimately acquainted with the plumbing for the next couple of hours. Two more incidents convinced me — just severe vomiting and nothing else. Other than that, I have no allergies, no latex, kiwi, anything. Allergies seem to be the curse of the Western world. So glad to commiserate with all of you. I discovered my avocado allergy around 14 years old.

It came on quite suddenly for me and I also thought it was food poisoning at first until narrowing down all the common denominators. Suddenly I realized my face felt weirdly pressured, like the after effect of a punch, or internal compression. My stomach started twinging, I became nauseated, had trouble breathing, etc.

It goes away after a few hours but you feel really depleted. My identical twin is allergic to mangoes but not avocados. We both are fine with latex, kiwis, melon. Neither of us love bananas. I am also allergic to rubber adhesive the sticky side of a bandaid.

Looks like William has not replied back from the first entry. You can be allergic to any food at any time in your life. Can come up suddenly and leave you searching for the cause and then in disbelief when you discover it. I just discovered I am allergic to avocados About an hour after eating a raw one I started itching and broke out in hives as big as your hand.

I have not eaten them in years. Was total misery for me. My best advice is follow your gut feelings on a food. Your life will depend on it!!! Whoever wants to doubt food allergy onset is free to do so, but today suddenly I had an allergic reaction to avocado not once, but twice. Until now I have not been aware of my having any food sensitivity or allergy, but here it is. This morning I had avocado on my bagel for breakfast — next thing I know, the side of my mouth that I favor for chewing is inflamed, swollen, painful… lip swollen and eye watering.

I really did not expect that it would have been caused by a food I eat quite regularly! About 20 minutes ago I had avocado again and immediately after finishing my snack, the symptoms were back, more pronounced than before. I get severe stomach cramps within 10 minutes of eating guacamole and bananas, it lasts for several hours. This blog has been extremely helpful, as I never gave a thought that it could be food allergies. I used to love avocados until about 2 years ago…when eating them made me feel really sick inside with my mouth watering and a sick, pukey feeling.

Cannot eat them anymore now…even sushi with avocado makes me ill. I am so happy i found thos website and all these comments. I thought i was alone. I just got out of the emergency two nights ago because of this stomach pain. They could not figure out what was wrong. Yesterday as the day was going on I kept trying to think back as to when exactly it started.

This pain is excruciating and I wish I could cut my own stomach out. Was there anything that any of you took to help alleviate the pain?????? I will never touch or even buy another avacoda again!!!

There were some really stupid people writing about this allergy problem when it was first written. Anyone develop an allergy to nearly anything out there. I just looked this up now because I was eating an avocado at my desk, nothing else, and found suddenly my toungue was starting to feel numb and the roof of my mouth and throat became itchy.

This came out of no-where, so I had to assume it was the avocado. I rarely eat them, but decided it may be a worthwhile snacking item… I am no hypochondriac, I am a farmer who does, and will eat anything! I ate literally hundreds of bananas as a child, I became aware of my allergy when I was in my late teens severe stomach ache. I also shortly after discovered my allergy to avocado same severe stomach ache. Also get severe stomach ache with precooked prawns. I can buy raw prawns and cook and eat them no problem.

But those precooked Orange prawns from the seafood shop kill me!! As a child, hives from too many strawberries. My reaction is stomach pain and lots of burping with erratic heartbeat that makes me feel weak and dizzy. Often have severe cramping which may be from avocado. I tried taking 2 Benadryl the last time I ate guacamole to no avail.

About years ago, I developed a food allergy to avocados and to almonds. With avocados it feels like the food is stuck in my chest and then I get stomach cramping and possibly vomiting after. It took me literally 20 years to realize I was allergic to bananas, avocado and kiwi. My mother would make Banana Cream pie every year for Thanksgiving and every year if I ate it I would have sever stomach pains and throwing up for hours and hours.

I would think it was that I just overate. As a teenager when I would order fajitas at Applebees I would put the guacamole on my tacos and later have the same occurence thinking I was just sick. I had finally realized when I made a grapefruit avacodo salad when I was pregnant and being use to morning sickness realized it was not and something was wrong. I had to be allergic. I also would have to go to the doctor after sex when I would use a condom thinking since a kid I was prone to yeast infections that it must be that or bacteria infections.

I said how do you know that? She told me they were all in the same family. One time I ate a piece of sushi that had a sliver of avocado in it and instantly I became severely sick with horrible stomach pains leaving me crying and in the fetal position for hours.

Happened three times now where I emphatically said no guac and it was on what i ordered when I looked through. Why would we all want to have severe reactions especially when we love the food? Through out the last 20 years I have eaten two avocados a week on average. Last week, I was using latex gloves to clean the rims of my car. I have a box full of latex gloves and have never had a reaction to latex.

I washed my hands very well and ate the second half of the avocado and my throat began to swell. It really scared me, and I took a pediatrician Benadryl right away.

The next couple of days my throat felt really strange. I have eaten almonds bananas sense, but no avocados. I wondered if using latex gloves, then eating that half of the avocado was a problem. I had a turkey burger with cheese and avacado and within 5 min of eating it my stomach started cramping and my hands felt like they were burning.

I then developed hives all over my body and even after 75mg of Benadryl my throat started to close up. I has to be transported by ambulance and was given an epi injection. Only then did it calm down. Now after reading this it has really helped me to find out what I should have the allergist look for.

Because this is the only thing that I ate that would cause the stomach issues along with the anaphylaxis. I bought organic avocados today. I had a half of one and my tongue started to burn. I think it is what is in the avocados themselves.

This is so true any time I have avocado my throat becomes itchy and my lips swell along with my tongue. Is there any other was I can eat them organic maybe?? William, your a dumbass troll- not welcome here.

Just to troll the internet and annoy people cause you have nothing better to do. And yes, every time I eat avocado my eyes swell above the tear ducts, my throat and lips itch, and I start wheezing. Checking into the avocado oil thing….. I discovered avocados a couple of years ago and fell in love. A week ago I ate one and within 30 minutes I started having cramps, terrible nausea, diarrhea, pain in my lower back, but I thought I was reacting to a new medicine I had just taken.

Hope to feel better soon. So many food allergies now at age My skin is always prickly and inside of mouth puffy and sore, throat irritated too. But thank goodness allergies are not as severe, before Zyrtec once a day, anaphylaxis occurred after so many foods, I can live with a little irritation and swelling. I get the itchy mouth, lip swelling that most say. But last night my eyes started to itch and swell. Anyone else have this with avacados? Started noticing that I reacted to bananas in my late teens, this after eating them and loving them all my life.

Fortunately for me, it is not a life and death issue, as it is is with eggs sad , but like some of your experiences, when I consumed a fresh banana or avocado, I would get the tingling in the mouth, throat, and stomach cramps. For a while now, I have been blending the fruits either together or separate to make a smoothie. I buy organic, and since converting several years ago, the symptoms have also reduced, so a pontential synthetic fertilizer, pesticides etc.

Since blending the fruits, I no longer get the tingling in the mouth few years testing , but I get stomach pain every now and then. It also had no brown strings, which is said to be caused from picking avo from a younger tree.

It also had several brown strings so not attractive looking, and disappointing since the store is a high-end organic and natural food place. I have a reason to believe that seasons, depending on when the fruit is picked, time, and place, where the farm is and how careful and responsible their farming practices are. The amount of beneficial nutrients like omega 3s and potassium that are in these fruits make it that much harder for me to give up.

I need my fatty acids! As i was saying, these factors: My baby sister just ate an avocado and is now dead. The avocado caused her throat to swell up so much that is exploded?!?!? There is blood and my dog keeps licking it up. Is he going to get sick????? Or worse am i going to get avocado allergies as well?!?!? What should i do? Am i going to die? I knew that I have had an allergy to avocado for a while and am always careful.

Yesterday, am guessing someone snuck some in on a breakfast burrito. Halfway through I started feeling ill, and within 15 minutes vomiting so violently that burst blood vessels in my face and eyes. Finally after a Benadryl and completely emptying my system and better less some numbness and tingling in my face.

Can never be too careful. I ate guacamole today and my mouth turned raw and red inside the opening of my mouth mainly inside my upper lip and my throat felt raw. My mouth looked like blood blistering was occurring. Someone gave me Benadryl which helped significantly. Up until now I have loved avocados, but about a month ago I sat down and ate a whole one. Within hours I had extreme diarrhea that lasted a couple of days. My stomach cramped and I had difficulty for a couple of hours.

I went searching for a possible avocado allergy and found this forum. After eating Avocado I get really tired and have difficulty swallowing. Taking two Benadryl definitely helps with the swallowing but a nap is compulsory. Since I grew up loving and eating Avocados I am wondering if this new allergy thing is related to the fact that many of our Avocados come from places other than here and we are getting a different varieties. I used to love avocados but now they make me very ill, ditto cooked onions.

I have had to stop eating both foods. I had no problems with eating avocados until recently. The first time my ears and throat became itchy and swollen and I panicked because it felt like my throat was closing every time I swallowed so I did seek medical attention but was told it was not severe. This time my whole left ear was itchy and every time I swallowed it hurt bad the pain traveled to my throat again and it felt like the top of my mouth and tonsils was swollen witch caused me to panick again also my nose became stuffy and runny and I begin to sneeze.

I was up until 4: This allergy is real and strange because I used to be able to eat them but I will definitely exclude from my diet now. It is now I have been eating a really clean diet for about a month. Then all of a sudden severe pain hit. I thought I was getting a virus. Felt better the next day. By the way william at the top is a dumbass. I avoided it for years. So on a recent vacation to Mexico, I tried it again and did not get sick at all.

I just had some this evening, a small amount and am very sick again. Trying a benedryl as one person mentioned. Hoping it helps this lousy stomach ache.

I wonder if the avocado we have in the U. Here I sit, in between vomiting and abdominal pain,…. I had eaten a large avocado and the only thing I put on it was a little black pepper and no lemon juice this time. Hopefully some of that Benadry had gotten into my system before I vomited. I considered it a part of my DNA, an entitlement, a part of my heritage to be able to eat it. After coming to this website, I was thankful to review the blogs of so many who had experienced similar symptoms.

I started eating sushi 10 years ago and grew to love the rich creamy taste of avocados. Over the years I kept getting these hives on my forehead, under-arms, and thighs. Recently I noticed that Band-Aids have started to irritate my skin, after a few hours they leave the area red-pink for a few days. Recently after eating a lot of sushi I broke out in hives. I was almost positive it was the aspartame in the pickled ginger or some other crazy ingredient. So I stayed away from the sushi and started a food journal to keep track.

Now weeks later I broke out in another case of hives. I wanted to blame the lotions, shampoos, soaps, detergents, perfumes and everything else I bought recently. Then the light bulbs switched on, I bought 10 avocados on sale and made guacamole. I will miss Avocados, we had a good thing for years. My daughter is almost 2 and is just getting over an allergic reaction to avocado. She has hives, swollen lips and tongue, wheezing and vomitting, never mind the tons of mucus production.

It is not a myth or a lie. Why would I make up something like that for my daughter? We gave her benyadryl right away and have added it to her allergy list…as well as banana, mango and corn. My nutrition teacher told me I want allergic either. I too am a sad survivor of avocado anaphylaxis. While I was chewing it, the inside of my mouth started to itch and burn like I had never experienced before. I took a couple of Benadryl tablets, and a couple of minutes later — watched my tongue swell out of my mouth.

I had no idea that the tongue could grow like a tennis ball. I was able to breathe maybe because of the Benadryl? So we did a fresh avocado skin test — it was positive even my lower lip tingled and swelled slightly. I carry an epi-pen just in case, but I still miss avocado dearly!! I wish I was allergic to chocolate instead!!

William,Yes you do just become allergic to Avocado. I ate guacamole for years, avocado as well. Then all the sudden 30 min after eating I was in the most horrific pain ever. It would not subside for 4 hours. Finally blood test proved I was allergic to avocado in med to high range. My 12 year old daughter had an reaction to avacados. She ate three slices of avacados with her burger and within 30 minutes her lips were swelling, hives, flushed, sweating and stuffy nose.

I thought I was the only person in the world to have an avocado allergy. I used to eat avocadoes fresh with a little salt and pepper when I was a kid. When I was 27 every time I would eat Mexican food I would get sick. I thought I was getting tainted meat.

I kept switching what I would order, but with the same result. A few drinks the night before, and then nothing but sitting doing paperwork. If you decide that you want to risk alcohol induced diarrhea or constipation, there are a few things you can try.

Find out if you have a food intolerance. If you do, you may be able to find a form of alcohol that you can still drink. My life has been a lot better without it. Good luck and be safe! Want to learn more? Quinn Kellie 22 June, , I cut out fast food, fried food, processed food… and darn it- I had to Google- it must be the whiskey. I had a revelation. Maybe, if I drink a pop every day, it will balance out.

SOAB, it is working. And continue doing the thing your body is trying to tell you to NOT do. However, for me, It is what it is. Best wishes for all who suffer. Ryan Gunn 22 March, , 7: I tryed groups aa..

Lol where a lot of people drink.. Emilyn 22 August, , Have you looked into a therapist who may be able to provide additional support and accountability? I know for me, I need that extra support to quit bad habits and things. Electra 28 August, , Finley 11 October, , 7: There are online and in person meetings. Butterboy 30 December, , 1: Scott 6 February, , 8: As a fellow Irish descendent will follow your footsteps and stop drinking.

Julie Kitney 2 November, , 6: Thank you Shawn, for a very informative and honest post. I am trawling the internet never good I know for some idea of my constant stomach upsets. I have in the past had the odd upset stomach. But the past week has been almost intolerable. So as you can gather, my entire lifestyle is changing, along with my rushing around to carry out courses and generally trying to get a settled job in civvy street.

But will keep a food and drink diary prior so I can at least provide answers if asked. My main reason for this long drawn out post lol, is to ask for your take on my situation. You and those that have commented here have obviously had your own dealings with this problem. So I would really appreciate your input!! Many thanks in advance. Sandy 9 July, , 7: Thanks for the many informative remarks. I was wondering if anyone else has the problem I do.

Maudine 10 April, , Interesting to hear of others bowel problems, some much worse than mine. After doing a food elimination diet I have decided it is wine, especially red that has been causing my diarrhea. Pretty easy to skip the wine. Several people have mentioned that they take imodium every day for their IBS. I still had unexpected bouts of diarrhea several times a week.

It ruined my life for years and years because I had to plan outings near bathrooms. I finally read about and asked my doctor to prescribe me Welchol. It gave me my life back. Many gastro doctors know about it so talk to your doctor.

I do still get diarrhea when I drink beer or some wines though. Lynn 30 July, , Shawn 30 July, , Andrews potter 14 July, , I went out last week and did 5 days worth of drinking bad idea I know but did not get any pains until Sunday night after I had a pizza bbq chicken what I have had on many occasions with out any consequences but this time I eat the pizza and then I started to feel sick and get diarrhoea and have had it for 3 days now.

I am wanting to know how I do this and what sort of foods I should eat. I would be much appreciated if someone could explain this to me I am 21 if that helps. Shawn 14 July, , If you can drink for 5 days with no bowel problems, but then get problems after eating pizza, I think it could be the cheese dairy, lactose. Could you be Lactose Intolerant? And here is one on finding food intolerance: Could you have a Food Intolerance? I hope it helps.

Sarah 8 May, , 1: I never was a big drinker, but would occasionally drink just two or three over an evening and have a slight buzz. That never caused any problems. Shortly after I was completely done nursing my first I developed cysts. Once I returned to occasionally drinking enough to feel a buzz I noticed getting diarrhea after wine. The problem got much worse after my second pregnancy and nursing period was over.

I finally decided that it had to be alcohol in general so I quit drinking completely. I was surprised that I kept having problems although not as dramatic.

I decided that I would eliminate wheat next. I stopped having problems for maybe a month. I thought that Cheerios were made of only oats and had one bowl. It turns out that they have wheat in them and I ended up in the emergency room. That time it was so bad that I got tingly hands and light headed due to hyperventilating. Benedryl seemed to help when I was there. I couple of months went by with no problems as long as I eliminated alcohol and wheat.

I decided to try vodka because I thought that it was made from potatoes however I started with the same symptoms and again took benedryl and that seemed to help. After reading more info I now know that many brands of vodka can include wheat. Last night I ate three or four twislers and a few hours later started with the same sypmtoms which included almost feeling like a panic attack hyperventilating, tingly hands and the digestive symptoms.

Again benedryl seemed to help. I read the twisler package this morning and found out that they have wheat. So with all of that being said and realizing that you are not a doctor…I would like to know your opinion. Also, can people develop IBS after pregnancies when they did not appear to have the symptoms prior to the pregnancies?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully thanks for your opinion. Flora2 17 November, , 7: As a post gastric bypass patient I had problems with constipation for the first time in my life. Every morning without fail I would have a nice bowel movement. Lorna 9 November, , 6: Hi Shawn, great blog, sorry meant to say that at the beginning of my post but I got carried away in my enthusiasm about my miracle.

I am one of them. He agreed to let me trial a medication called Questran Cholestyramine and it has been a miracle for me. I take one sachet every morning and have literally not had a blast of the watery stuff since. Good luck everybody, read up about it and if the symptoms fit your blasts get yourself down to your GP as quickly as you can. Cindy 8 November, , 1: I have just cleaned my bathroom.

Walls and all, twice. Now I have on one of my 87 yr old moms depends. I room a whole bottle of lomotol, lortabs, plus a couple of benzos. I had about 4 glasses of wine at lunch. I am ready to end it. I cannot go on like this. I jump from the bed, run as fast as I can to the toilet, and before I can get there poop is everywhere. All over the walls, floor, behind toilet.

Clean all that up. Put clothes and towels in wash. Then 20 minutes later it all happens again. I feel like in pretty much done.

Shawn 9 November, , 2: Cindy 9 November, , 2: This is completely abnormal to not know if you will make it to the toilet or not. This morning I went 3 times back to back. What if I had been away from home. Praveen Dahiya 4 October, , 6: Though i served for only 6 years in the Army and have been running my investigations firm since then, alcohol drinking has been the norm.. For the last few months, i have started having this problem of diarrhoea post drinking.

I had almost started attributing it to my liver till i read your views n the numerous comments. Thanks for the article and keep up the good work! Lynn 27 July, , Shawn, Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this blog.

Then it hit me: One suggested that I might be gluten-sensitive, or that I must be eating too much dairy I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance in my teens, but was always able to control the side effects with lactaid. As a result, I went on a very restrictive diet, but still consumed alcohol in the evening and coffee in the morning. I just felt worse and worse, and became more and more depressed.

When I read your blog, article and reader responses, it was like someone hit me over the head. I immediately stopped both the alcohol and caffeine, kept up the restrictive diet regimen, and within a week started feeling great. I started adding back my favorite foods fruits, veggies, and eventually foods with gluten , and kept feeling better and better. My mood improved so quickly, and I realized just what I had been doing to myself.

One weekend morning, I added back a cup of coffee, no issues, except the realization that I had been really enjoying tea up to that point. Still, knowing that I can enjoy an occasional cup of Joe without consequences was a real high point for me.

Did I experiment with adding back alcohol? YES, and it confirmed what I had denied for years. I know that is not possible for everyone and have a lot of respect for AA, which has helped so many people for a very long time. I have lost weight and inches around my waist, my blood pressure is back to its previous low levels, and I wake up happy and am enjoying life in general.

I NEVER drank and drove a car before, but now I happily volunteer to be the designated driver to and from social events. Thanks, again, Shawn, and best wishes for all your readers who are struggling with this complex issue!

Janie Dearing 9 July, , Panda 5 May, , 8: Dave 16 July, , 7: Serotonin connection is correct. My doctor told me that alcohol ethanol dissolves serotonin. Serotonin in the brain then turned to melatonin which is why if you have sleep problems and alcohol this may be the cause.

This all came from a very prominent brain doctor in my area. My advice is to find another vice.. I used to be able to handle the booze without any problems.. Shawn's fan 23 May, , 6: Any advice on how to get off alcohol? I am not an alcoholic, but I end up consuming about a pint of hard liquor a week. If I try to stay away from it one night, it is difficult, I crave it too much. Maybe I AM alcoholic. How did you quit? Shawn 25 May, , 1: Quitting was kind of hard, not because of the craving, but because I enjoyed wine with dinner or having some beer with friends.

I ended up using the drinking time in other ways. School classes, photography, a nature based spirituality group… Of course you would have to find something that interests YOU. That helped a lot. I went to the ACOA meetings and met some really nice people. It also made some things easier. Kelly 2 November, , 9: Hi, Great website and I am so glad to learn what I always suspected, Wine in excess causes the runs. I am a recovering alcoholic and have not had any wine in 11 years.

Turns out it was the alcohol causing them and they went away when I put the plug in the jug. My cholesterol also went down after quitting which made my doctor happy. I never knew that alcohol raises cholesterol.

The only benefits seem to be for the small glass of wine drinkers. I was quite the opposite and at the end I drank two 2. I looked 7 months pregnant and thank God I stopped or my liver surely would have! The thing no one mentioned was urine that smelled like wine and giving off a fruity smell. I was in having surgery and the surgeon told me he tested me for Diabetes because I smelled like a fruit salad! My health improved so much since giving it up but I do miss having a glass at times.

Well for me a glass was a 20 oz. I also did not know about the seratonin connection but it makes sense. Good info and thanks for posting this! Jo 20 October, , This is the best website on IBS!! The results of these being diarrhea and not being able to stand up straight due to the gas pains. Only just starting to eliminate these things and take IBS seriously.

The alcohol trigger is one I never thought of. Thanks for all the great info! Hi Shawn ,first i would like to thank you for useful article!! I am 29 year old guy having drink only beer often since last 5 year,…. Can you pls advise me how to avoid such reaction. Is something wrong with my liver!! Shawn 18 August, , 7: Diarrhea for 2 weeks should definitely be checked out by your doctor, because it can mess up your blood chemistry electrolytes.

Also, it could be something your consuming WITH the beer. Shashi 19 August, , But as I forgot to mention clearly that diarrhea and stomach pain takes place exactly next morning after my night drinking and stays with me for that full day only!!

But its happening with me from last one month. Dutchy 17 August, , I thought it was just me who had issues with alcohol and diarrhea. At first it happened after a few too many pints of pear cider….

But then it was happening with just a glass of wine! Spirits seem to be fine — or cocktails. Sarah 17 August, , 2: Thank you so much for posting this. I still feel like a freak when it comes to my IBS, and reading this made me feel so much better. Bob 4 August, , 9: Have enjoyed wine for many years, up to a bottle a night.

A couple of years ago noticed that white wine gave me heartburn so took a prilosec every day and everything ok. I stopped drinking wine about two months ago just to make sure I could and no problem. I was at 2 functions last week that both served wine and I drank a few glasses at each.

Both times I had cramps and diahrrea 8 hours later. Several eliminations, right down to water with yellow mucous. The following day everything would be back to complete normal. Drank twice in two months, diahrrea twice in two months.

It looks like my body has adapted to no wine, thus it will stay that way. Scheduled colonoscopy as a backup. Shawn 20 July, , 7: Derek 17 July, , 8: Shawn 17 July, , 9: If you are ill you need to talk to a medical professional.

If you get better, by the time you read this, it would probably still be a good idea to check with you doctor. Jared 14 July, , Just some friendly advice, im 28 years old and have similar issues as discussed in this blog. Diet modification is important, however I have found a few herbal remedies that have really helped reverse many of my symptoms.

I highly recommend licorice root and slippery elm. Sorry but you will have to go to an actual health food store to buy these supplements no sale at walmart.

These supplements are about 30 to 40 dollars a bottle.. But it works for me and would rather spend a little extra money to avoid misery. Probiotics like acidophillus are important too. I hope this information helps. Because it had certainly ended much of my ibs misery. Shawn 14 July, , 3: Then again, too much of anything is usually a bad idea.

Slippery elm has helped me in the past. Quitting alcohol is hard for many people. If you are struggling to quit, I think the best thing you can do is go to AA. It costs nothing but time, and of course the effort of resisting. I know people that quit. I wish you the best. I am in the same boat. I want to quit beer so bad. But i have heard terrible things about quitting cold turkey….. I dont want anyone to know.

Shawn 11 September, , Hi Shawn, useful discussion here. I am sure many people will benefit from. I myself have been having problems with upset stomach lately, and have been trying to pinpoint the cause.

But my main reason for writing is your statement regarding that quitting alcohol cold turkey, even if you drink a lot, is safe. I am a nurse anesthetist, so I have some knowledge about this matter.

Look up DTs — short for delirium tremors. Acute withdrawal from alcohol consumption when you are a heavy chronic drinker could result in death. I have taken care of many patients in ICU who were there just so they can be safely weaned off. Patients can suffer from extremely high heart rates, blood pressure fluctuations, and just a myriad of life threatening symptoms. Long story short, I am not giving advice as to what Is the best way to quit chronic alcoholism, but if you drink 3 or more alcoholic beverages every nite, quitting cold turkey, albeit a wonderful choice, should be a well thought out decision and should be researched.

Hope this is helpful to someone. BK 6 July, , 7: After all that i read here,I have a news for extreme alcohol lovers. I am a IBS patient since 4years and sadly just 23yrs old: I will tell you few tips.

And it lasts for hours sometimes 12hours,later i get no normal. In this time i wudnt like to eat,drink anything,cannot move out from my room at least. Best i can say that too only fewer brands,no big problems next day.