Janet Jackson’s New “Nutrisystem” TV Commercial: Janet Gives Weight Loss Tips [Video]

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Janet Jackson Shows Off New Nutrisystem Body
Cher did those infomercials during a slump in her career, before the 'Believe' single made her relevant again. April 11, at 2: She was already filthy rich before this last tour and her boyfriend is extremely wealthy. R56, Mariah will never achieve the level of sales she had with her early records or even Emancipation, but her last album did okay. Trump blames Dems for PR death count.


Janet Jackson Flaunts Slimmer Body In New Nutrisystem Commercial

Even Paula Abdul has more potentially going for her than her former student, Janet Jackson does. Janet can't sell out a house, which is why she couldn't tour anything bigger than a movie theater this year.

She barely sold out the dates as it was. What do you mean if? Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson are among the most charitable stars. And that doesnt include the other charities she has given to. And why do threads about Janet bring out the crazy so much? She is a very pleasant and sweet person. The LGBT community has always been close to her heart. You have to be a really damaged person to hate on Janet Jackson out of all celebrities, even if you dont like her music.

Sweetie, you have to understand that these eldergay Madonna stans are sad people. They're masochistic and enjoy defending a mean old bitch who doesn't do shit for them except take their money. She has a nasty personality and these dumbass fans of hers STILL stuck by her even when she married homophobic Guy Ritchie and she washed her hands of gay people to please him, including her own brother.

Janet has always been nice and a strong supporter of the LGBT community, so I don't know where all the hate comes. But then again, with all the racist comments I read on this site, I shouldn't be too surprised. They'll always sell out a house by themselves". Sweetheart, Janet didn't sell out her tour. She had to tour mini-venues in front of 25 people, and later took her tour to Abu Dhabi! Madonna, of course, is in a different league entirely.

Her most recent tour made million plus. The anti Janet loons are cray. Yes she's in a career slump, as most entertainers over 40 are. Mariah Carey is doing Jenny Craig, and she is still making hit records, has a successful fashion line on HSN, and doesn't need the money. It's all about exposure and taking off your clothes to prove how hot you still are. Stop believing everything Rupert "I need attention" Everett says about people who stopped caring about him.

Madonna isn't out to "please" people, anyway. Barbra, Cher, Tina, and, yes, Madonna, are still popular and attracting big crowds. Barbra and Madonna also still have albums that debut on top of the charts. She has more than enough money. But, she is getting paid extremely well by Nutri System. Her boyfriend is a billionaire. She just likes to try to stay in the spotlight. She is also launching her own line of furs. I forgot to add this is a LAME as hell right here.

This wasn't funny at all. You need more people boo. If she had "more than enough money", she wouldn't get paid AT ALL, and what's more, she wouldn't be taking her sorry tour to Abu Dhabi! NutriSystem and Weight Watchers both get you to loose weight, but then you will get cancer from all the artificial sweeteners that they push.

What will we see next, Aretha Franklin doing Atkins? She had the higest ticket prices out of every touring artist for those years. Add to that a fanbase of rich, middle aged white queens and there you go. R37 The Madonna fans desperately want everyone to think that Madonna is as big as she was twenty five years ago. There's a lot of anger in their delusions, so to compensate, they take it out on other entertainers.

Janet looks like she is one and off prednisone. That round face is the first clue There's a rumor she has Lupus. Just going off the prednisone when she is feeling better would greatly help her lose the weight. But when she is on it - pretty impossible. No, it's in the Guiness World Book of Records, dumbass. She has the highest grossing tour for a solo performer on record.

That was with her last tour. Her previous two tours before that one also broke records. Each tour she breaks her previous record. This is why Live Nation signed her. That doesn't even make sense. She wants to be on top.

She works for it and earns it. She's not Mariah Carey who sells her singles for. Only in the US. Each album hits 1 in almost every country time after time, breaking the record. Doesn't matter who else she works with.

Most artists these days use rappers, and others to get on radio. It's still a Madonna song. I'm not even the person you're quoting. You're an idiot who needs to get her GED before posting.

I mean, are you attempting to be completely moronic? This is easy research. Sorry, while I side with Madonna as apposed to Janet career wise, Madonna did cut the gays out of her life thanks to Ritchie.

We know this from his own mouth, the homophobic POS, who pretends to be a street-wise chav who grew up on an estate with a gold spoon planted firmly in his big mouth.

Why do you think he was invited to the Royal wedding? His family is connected. It had nothing to do with his celebrity. She committed personality suicide to keep her marriage together. Those years with him were not Madonna. It was a phony reincarnation. The Lady of the Manor. Jonas Akerlund to my knowledge , and Stuart Price aren't gay, btw. Stuart is married and has a baby with Madonna's former assistant turned manager, Angela Becker.

Jamie King was her only gay, and that was because of the tours. He was not a person she regularly hung out with. Photographer, Steven Klein is her main gay now.

She has absolutely no music talent, other than being an okay dancer, her voice is non-existent and it's not like she needed the money she made back in the day. I'm glad karma has bit her in her flabby fat ass!

R56, Mariah will never achieve the level of sales she had with her early records or even Emancipation, but her last album did okay. And she has a very successful line of crap on HSN. NONE of these women will ever get to the levels of stardom at their peak, but I think when you reach a certain age, you have to do whatever you can to maintain some semblance of a career.

It's not like they can go back to college and take up a new career. Cher did horrible late night infomercials in the 90s, and that is worse than being an official spokesperson for a weight loss company.

But she made money and got through it. Again, I don't know why Janet is being torn down the way she is, she is not the enemy and being a spokesperson for Nutrisystem isn't the end of the world. Fucking Madonna fans are loons. People paid money for the tickets, and that allowed her to have the biggest solo tour in history - twice.

Hung Up went to 7, retired at TRL, and was one of the most downloaded songs of the s. If you think that that is a "flop", let's see if Janet can generate a "flop" of that order. She cannot chart a single to save her life these days. Do you realize 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' was one big gay extravaganza, aimed squarely at her gay core audience?

She even performed the album at London's G. She also had gay dancers touching each other during 'Forbidden Love' on the Confessions tour. Not to mention her kissing Britney and Christina, hardly a watershed moment in the history of heterosexuality. I don't doubt that Ritchie's a spoiled, judgmental upper class brat. But even he had a gay character in his film 'RocknRolla' - he clearly doesn't belong to the Westboro Church, does he now?

Plus he knew he was marrying the biggest gay icon on earth. This silly rumor started because Rupert Everett couldn't handle the end of his friendship with Madonna, but he's an ass, so there are other reasons for her ending it.

As benine as Janet Jackson is, you have to wonder why there is so much hate and shade thrown her way albeit, it's mostly from the Madonna freaks. What's hilarious is that these Madonna loons' oddly insane fascination with all things Janet Jackson goes back for decades, actually.

They hated when Janet matched and then outshone Madonna's star wattage in the late '80s-'90s hell, even Madge herself was a bit snippy at Janet back then--just watch "Truth or Dare" for Madonna's telling "Bite your tongue" remark about Janet. All this, and for a woman who is supposedly SO washed up. If that were the case which it clearly is not , then situations such as the following video would not have been even remotely possible. Janet's legendary status and influence in the industry is cemented.

Whenever you see an extravagant stage show, or dance-heavy, Broadway-esque videos, etc, Janet's been there and done that. She was the first female performer to achieve so many records that you can't even count them on both hands.

Madonna has never apologized for endorsing and promoting an anti-gay religion. She has never even talked about the Kaballah's viewpoint on homosexuality. It's ice that she made an album for us, so we can buy it and make her richer, and that she treats homosexuality as a shock tactic in her performances, but at this point, she should be a little more evolved. You'll have to come a little better than that shit. And with all of the charitable works she's done for the LGBT community over the years, you should be strung up for that completely asinine comment.

She doesn't use it as shock tactic. The 'Forbidden Love' dance was about intimacy, and as non-shocking as you can be. Why hasn't she addressed the Kaballah's stance on gay people? She's given tons of money towards that religion, yet has never spoken out against their views on homosexuality.

Janet Jackson is one of my favorite people, ever. She's been criticized so harshly all her life for being too innocent, then too sexy, too fat, too thin, etc. She seems to be the sanest member of her sanity-challenged family and the ultimate peacemaker, even when she's being cheeky. She can be adorably cute and subversive at the same time. I adore her and her lovely eyes and apple cheeks and indefatigable positivity.

Absolutely feminine and powerful and always humble. She has always been the best kind of glamorous. I don't crush on celebrities that often, and it's not a sexual thing, it's a personality thing. I wish I had one-third of her grit. She's doing NutriSystem for a considerable paycheck and because weight loss is something she has struggled with herself. Nothing more or less.

I give Cher a pass on this. This was the very early days of infomercials, in fact it is the first infomercial I ever remember seeing on TV.

Nothing at all like what we have today. I can understand Janet doing infomercials now, being a has-been and all, but Mariah Carey is the real shocker!

She is destroying her legacy. I mean Janet's "legacy" is essentially ripping-off others' songs and adding new lyrics but Mariah was always fairly original.

Steven Klein was not in her social circle during that time, and what difference does it make if Confessions was a "gay" album? Madonna also has had no gay dancers on her last two tours.

She had ONE on her tour. Madonna did not have any gay friends for the majority of the s. Even with Confessions, she was phoning it in. She did not embody that persona. That's Madonna's life right now.

She's playing hallow characters with each album. It's just a random job. She chooses a look and a hair color for the album and first single, and then it's over with. Nope, I know people in Guy Ritchie's innercircle. He's a big homophobe, but views it as typical macho laddish teasing. The ultimate disaster album?

WTF are you smoking?! She couldn't shift ten copies of that dud. She dropped it after a month. Not a contractdiction to say she has plenty of money. Yet she is still get paid well.

Do any of you jellus bottomed out bitches have a filthy rich boyfriend? You are sitting here hatin on someone who is just making money for being famous and worrying about what she has in her bank account. Worry about your own over drawn bank accounts.

It's not about Madonna versus Janet,Mariah or Cher. Sometime some of you go overboard with the hate. She isn't broke far from being a broke bitch like you so stop worrying about why she's doing Nutri system. She's doing it and getting paid. Plus has a fine as man who happens to be very wealthy.

On the contrary, she has promoted homosexuality like no other megastar before her. She may not embody her personae as she did in the 80s and 90s, but she's in a different phase in her life, and I don't blame her. What she does, she does extremely well, and I take her "phoned in" stuff over any Britney or Gaga shit album any day. I mean, Lady Gaga Madonna is projecting a gay image on her tours, and that's all I need to know. Rthe idiotic Janet-hating troll who is bringing the sunshine to this thread with an abundance of trolld-dar yellow There's also her book deal, which likely saw an increase when her book "True You" topped the NY Times Bestsellers' List earlier this year, and there's her Lionsgate film production deal, her films example: She probably lives mostly off of interest.

For the poster above asking for a link about her net worth R81 , here ya go this was what Forbes estimated about four years ago, so this was before the various things I mentioned above--this estimate is likely way too low nowadays Poor old hag Madonna has to PAY guys who are nothing but street trash to be her boyfriends while Janet has herself a hot guy who is not only younger, but a billionaire.

Old fossil Madonna will NEVER have a boyfriend where she doesn't have to foot the bill for everything because nobody can stand to be around her unless she gets her checkbook out.

Janet is over, Rhythm Nation has long been forgotten, Janet doesn't have one classic song under her belt Madonna has about 25 of those , and nobody gives a shit about her. Madonna, meanwhile, will take the world by storm again -- how come Live Nation didn't sign Janet for million? Do you all know them personally? I pretty much know them from the industry, and Madonna had an Israeli dancer on tour? Who would that be? JJ is over, sweetheart, and no-one cares about her "musical legacy", which is just barely there anyway.

All those singles from "Rhythm Nation" are long forgotten, as is the "janet. Her one significant entry into pop history is "Nasty", which still gets played on radio now and again. But if you think the 80s, you think "Like a Virgin", "Beat it" or "Girls just want to have fun". Not "Nasty" or "Control". It's not even that iconic a song. JJ always played second fiddle. She was damn lucky people handed her a career.

Unlike her fans she knows her place, which is why she's in infomercial land now. You're pathetic, but you sure can pad a resume for a has-been.

Tell us, what future successes will Janet be having? She'd have to get signed to a record label first surely. Will she ever be able to sell out stadiums or ventues holding more than a thousand people, or will she get a headache again and have to cancel over it?

Get used to it. Janet freak forum, janet-xone, has started a discussion on our thread. Now you know where all the nuts are coming from. They're starting threads on other music sites begging people to come here and support Tranet against us. On the other hand, it's pretty much beyond debate that Jermaine Dupri is, uh, not Guy Ritchie in the looks department. In any case, I'm surprised you know about the sexuality of like 50 dancers or more. And I find it hard to believe that none of them are gay.

And even more unbelievable that Madonna would seek out straight dancers, on purpose. Not buying that, sorry. Well I for one do not frequent those fan sites mentioned in r, I am a regular visitor to DL. And I still think the anti Janet trolls here need help.

To the Janet fans - why do you keep wasting your time arguing with this stupid ass Vadge troll? Quit giving this sad person the attention he thrives for and just let this stupid ass thread die. To the Janbots - why do you keep wasting your time insisting that Rhythm Nation is still white hot when Janet has become the very definition of a has-been?

Quit giving this sad rip-off artist the attention she doesn't deserve and let her stupid ass "legacy" die. She can't sell a record or get a deal to save her life. She's been shit since that titty stunt at the Super Bowl. I'm not providing your silly ass with a link to something that is obvious. It may not be the '90s anymore, but having two of the biggest recording contracts of the decade and being deemed the highest paid artist in history is no small feat.

Nothing was "padded" in anything I said in my previous post. Your obvious hatred is just blinding you from the truth. She joins the ranks of celebrities endorsing weight loss programs— Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, and Charles Barkley have all lost weight via food services, and participated in advertisements to showcase their transformation.

I haven't reached where I want to be. I'm a work in progress. I haven't reached my success. I know I will get there with Nutrisystem.

I am happy with who I am and the person I am," said Jackson. What's the One Unpardonable Sin in the Bible? Have You Committed It? How to Land Your Dream Job: Looking for a Meaningful Career? Need a Job Upgrade?

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