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You can also meet this requirement with nuts. Hi Fritz, Thank you so very much for sharing your success with us. The diet program has assisted millions of individuals in losing and controlling their weight; in addition, it has even improved their health and fitness too. This is my second time using Nutrisystem to lose weight. The company has earned so much of popularity and it is the market leader in weight loss programs. You want a solution that is packed with nutrients because the goal is to stay healthy while you are shedding fat.

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I am now able to add some exercise to my program so I am hoping to see better results in the coming weeks. As far as the food and serving size I am very satisfied.

I have learned many things from this program and continue to learn. My energy level has improved as well as my attitude.

I am glad I started this program and am thankful for the continued help you provide. Clide Cassity was invited to write this review by Nutrisystem.

I have been an on and off customer of nutrisystem for 30 years. It has been 20 years since I last used it. In those 30 years I went from pounds to a record weight of pounds. I had lap band surgery a few years ago. My weight went down to pounds. Now that I have reached the age of 76 years, I have a lot of difficulty getting up and down. I started back on Nutrisystem a month ago and have lost 20 pounds.

Bonatti was invited to write this review by Nutrisystem. Wanted to stop the merciless climbing numbers on the scale as I went into the holidays so I placed my first order the night before Thanksgiving.

I would still like to lose another 35 lbs. Sherry Sablan was invited to write this review by Nutrisystem. Doing good at first I am in need of some assistance!

My routine had not changed. Maybe that is it? But do have some health issues. Vanessa Van Horn was invited to write this review by Nutrisystem. I've done nutrisystem a few years ago and the results were fantastic!

It seems like now the program has changed a bit but I'm not getting the results I did the first or that Nutrisystems portrays that I should be having. I'm about 6 weeks in and am only down 3 pounds.

Granted that was through holiday time so I will put some blame on that but after a month and a half i feel like i should be down more than just 3 pounds. The food is great and the menu is constantly evolving. On again off again over the last 40 years.. Kathy Frazier was invited to write this review by Nutrisystem. Food isn't very good and you have to supply veggies and other things, The food that I do like is all I eat and so I don't feel very satisfied.

Far more chemicals in the food than food. Lynette was invited to write this review by Nutrisystem. I have done Nutrisystem before and achieved great results.

I am doing it again to drop some pounds that I gained after my first time. I like the food with one exception - would like to see fewer dinner choices with tomato base as I find it hard to digest.

Overall I would certainly recommend Nutrisystem. Dale Pitts was invited to write this review by Nutrisystem. If a person will adhere to the guidelines and eat the prescribed food and diet, rest assured you will lose weight and it's easy to do since the food is what I would probably be eating anyway.

Ralph Clifford was invited to write this review by Nutrisystem. It was great worked like you said. I'm going to order some more but waiting to collect more money. I really loved the food easy to follow. Got in a routine and lost weight. I have gained some back need to get back on it.

To our knowledge, this company collects reviews by asking its customers to share their experiences on Trustpilot. Read more This company has claimed its Trustpilot profile, but to our knowledge, doesn't actively invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot.

Read more This company hasn't claimed its Trustpilot profile and to our knowledge, doesn't actively invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot. Published Tuesday, January 17, Really healthy way to lose weight reasonable priced When I eat the right foods in the right portions, its actually cheaper in the long run at the store and I am losing weight.

Hi Joseph, We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying the program and the frozen foods. We appreciate your feedback! Best of luck going forward. Feel free to contact us at consumerexperience nutrisystem. Have a great day. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore.

Hi Maureen, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the program so far, we appreciate it! We are happy to hear that things are going well for you. Please keep us posted as you continue on to your goal: Have a great Tuesday. Not the best, not the worst Need to figure out a way to add more flavor to some of the foods. Hi NM, Thank you for providing your feedback on our meals. Sodium free seasonings are unlimited so you can certainly add some additional flavor to the entrees if you'd like.

Please keep us posted on how the program is going and have a great day! Not working as promised Nutrisystem comes out with a lot of promises re weight loss. Hi Elle, We are sorry to hear that you have not seen the weight loss you expected to so far. We would like to review a sample day of what you have to eat on the program from breakfast to evening snack and including what items you are adding in for your PowerFuel and SmartCarb servings to help give you advice going forward.

You can either email the sample day to consumerexperience nutrisystem. Have a great day! Published Saturday, January 14, I am trying this again The first time I tried this 2 yrs ago, I lost 25 of my 50lbs in three months. Published Sunday, January 15, Hi Kathy, Welcome back to the plan!

We are confident that what you have learned on the plan before and with the help of the plan that you can reach your goals. Please utilize the Counselors at www. The Nutrisystem Consumer Experience Team. Nutrisystem Review So far I have lost 34 pounds in 6 months. Hi Fritz, Thank you so very much for sharing your success with us.

So wonderful to see success beyond the scale! We are also so happy to hear that you love the shakes, they really help keep you full and satisfied. Please keep checking in with us and have a great day! Published Tuesday, January 10, This program is amazing! Published Wednesday, January 11, Thank you for stopping by to give your positive experience! These are all the great things we love to hear about are plan and are happy to see you are getting results you expect! Please keep us posted and have a wonderful New Year!

Nutrisystem is so easy to follow! Thank you for sharing your success with us. This is fantastic to hear that you find the plan easy and enjoyable!

If you ever need anything, please let us know. You can reach us at consumerexperience nutrisystem. The Consumer Experience Team. The System Really Works: Hi Christine, Thank you for providing your feedback today regarding your experience on the program! We are excited to hear that your plan has been going well! The Nutrisystem Social Care Team. My Journey Although I have not lost the weight I hope for as my schedule makes it difficult.

Hi Chana, Thank you for taking the time today to provide us with your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you have not been seeing the results that you were expecting on the plan, but we are glad to hear that you are enjoying the meals and have more energy. That is a big positive! I never received product because I had moved. Very poor customer service! They try and snag you in and force you to keep buying, even if you don't like the product and even if you are allergic to it!

I have told a lot of people about this horrifying experience and they are all appalled and said there are much better programs out there! We are sorry to hear that you are unable to eat our food and we apologize for the poor service you've received.

We will be looking into this and reaching out soon. I have spoken with Chanta in her role as counselor. I was impressed with the interest and patience she posses.

I am now able to form a more comprehensive plan moving forward with my required personal participation with the Nutrisystem to reach my weight loss goal.

I am enthusiastically encouraged with my decision to take on this venture for my future. We are so happy to hear that Chanta was able to help you gain a better understanding of the program! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. My NuMi bottle issue was already taken care of. He therefore missed the window to order the bottle in time for the 2nd month shipment.

We would like to have it delivered with the order that is coming up for the 3rd month - we get auto delivery, so it is already set up. We are happy to hear that your water bottle issue has been handled but are sad to hear that your husband is still having issues. We will be assigning this to a member of the Consumer Experience Team who will be reaching out soon. I am very disappointed with the food. Most of it tastes the same to me and actually upsets my stomach.

I did not realize I only had two weeks to cancel and much of that was mostly drinks. Then you keep trying different food thinking something will be edible.

I know there is plenty of fine print in contracts that should be read. I do not recall being verbally told about these conditions. This was a lesson that left a very bad taste in my mouth. We are sorry that the foods upset your stomach and that you were unaware of the auto-delivery nature of the program. Not clear when I ordered that it would be on automatic order. Food is not good, not good instructions, dinners were bland. Too many entrees with spicy tomato sauce and cheese, dinners are bland.

Shakes made me sick. Emails were only to sell more. Thank you for writing this review. We are sad to hear the foods were not to your liking and that the deliveries would be automatic. We will be looking into your account and reaching out soon. This is a follow-up to the review I posted on September 5. Soon after I posted my first review, a rep from Nutrisystem contacted me via email.

The email was courteous, professional, and apologetic for the experience I had. The rep went on to offer replacement of the damaged food items I had received and encouraged me to give their company another try. In light of this swift response and their sincere desire to ensure that I was happy with their product and service, I am revising my review.

I accepted a ready-made menu that containing some items that I did not enjoy. In the future, I will make a point to select food items that I now know to be more to my liking than others.

I am very pleased and heartened by Nutrisystem's timely reply and concern for my purchase. They deserve a second chance. I ordered my month's supply of diet food from Nutrisystem with high hopes. When the food shipment arrived, most of the frozen breakfast items were broken into small bits; when I opened the packages, the bits fell out. Then I tried the frozen lunches. Since I take these to work, the only heating option is microwave. Anything with bread or chicken comes out chewy, gooey, and icy cold in the center.

It actually made me gag and lose my appetite, which wasn't the diet plan I expected. I am very careful when reading agreements, and for this item to be overlooked was no easy feat. Fineprint at the end will do that to you. To add insult to injury, the obnoxious customer service person on the phone refused to accept my cancellation until she badgered me with questions and hard sell tactics in a desperate attempt to keep me buying their awful food.

Overall, this was a horrible experience. I will never use or recommend Nutrisystem again. We are so sorry to hear about your poor experience with the delivery of your foods, the food itself, and the representative you dealt with.

We will be taking a peek at your account and reaching out soon. Was not satisfied with the taste of most of the foods, had to throw it away and buy something else, and most of the desserts had an ok flavor, And a lot of meals with cheese. I was not happy with that. My first order included items I didn't order and one that I'm allergic to its ingredients.

I was told by one person the items were probably substitutions and when ready they would be replaced. When I called the customer service lady was very rude, basically stated I was lying and wouldn't allow me to speak to a supervisor. I'm very disappointed with the service I receive so I will take my business to a place that has better customer service.

Went thru a few months of products. Following it closely and exercised Sent email to customer support and I was told to think of it as not wasted but I received nutritional food with fiber Now I know why it only got one star. Weight loss system worksstale product and no one to answer to except counselors with no control.

I emailed three correspondences to FIVE different departments only to receive a notice that they don't reply to emails because they were too busy. I also included to them pictures of the moldy carrot cake, along with the packaging that states the date is still okay. The oatmeal is so stale it sticks to the side of the package and had to pour hot water in the bag to get the product out. Chocolate covered pretzels are stale.

We did call and the rep was very nice and stated that she couldn't do anything except replace our stale food. How many packages were bad? I honestly didn't count how many items I threw awayat their prices ANY wasted product is too many!

Doesn't anyone there want to see a photo of the stale food? Does anyone there care? VERY poor about keeping the customer happy, however, are not timid about selling you the program.

Shame on you, Nutrisystem. We are sorry to hear about the spoiled and stale items you received. We will be reviewing your account and reaching out soon. I am not sure why in today's time of electronics that it takes so long to get the information. We are sorry to hear that it took you so long to receive the information you needed for the program.

We will be reaching out shortly. Pleased with the conversation with my counselor. I feel I have a better handle on what I should be doing.

I am looking forward to losing the weight I have set my goal for. Thank you very much for your help. We are happy to hear that you feel like you understand the program better after speaking with one of our counselors. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help! I wrote in with a few complaints about some of the food I received; some broken food, bags not sealed and crushed muffins. Allison was very helpful and courteous and was able to change my mood.

Thank you Allison for being pleasant and helpful. Thank you for the kind words! We will be sure to pass this compliment onto Allison. Keep up the excellent work on the program, Chris! I didn't know this when I originally call to cancel my account. Not that I like it, I understand that it was to be paid now. I was on hold for several minutes and when he finally came back he proceeded to tell me that his supervisor was at lunch and would called me back when she returned, "Oh and by the way here's your confirmation for your cancellation".

At that time I received an email from my PayPal account, advising me that I just made a payment to Nutrisystem. The man had the nerve to charge my account while he had me on hold.

I have called every day, each rep has told me what he did was ok. This is so sad, that he could do this behind my back and it be ok. My call is being reviewed now sure it is but, we all know how this is going to end. I will continue to call each day until I get a callback. He knew what he was doing was wrong, why else would he have to sneak and charge me. I want an apology and someone to tell me what he did was wrong!

If I were Marie Osmond, I wouldn't want to be known as a spokesperson for a company that has such bad reviews. BBB alone has 99 bad reviews and I am getting ready to add another. I guess that wasn't necessary to be said. We are sad to hear about the way you were treated when calling. This is NOT okay. After the 3rd call to NutriSystem about a late order, Beth finally came online and made a return customer — yet again — out of me.

We are so happy to hear that Beth was able to straighten things out for you. We wish you continued success on and off the program. Rachel was very helpful in helping me to better understand my needs while on the plan and I am very thankful for her professionalism. So far I am enjoying being on Nutrisystem. All of the food does taste very good. The only negative thing is that when I first order they did not tell me that there was so much chocolate in the turbo box.

I specifically requested no chocolate. Maybe training is advisable for people helping people to order food. Thank you very much. We are so happy that Rachel was able to help you get started on the program. We are sorry that you received so much chocolate after requesting no chocolate. We will be sure to pass this along for coaching. Best wishes as you continue on the program. I have been overcharged. Counselors at Nutrisystem keep telling me the issue has been addressed but I do not receive a refund.

This is very upsetting and seems to me to be a bit fraudulent. Please refund my money! We are sorry to hear the NuMi promotion fell off after placing the order. I have been on the Women's Uniquely Yours Program for 13 months, and have lost over 90 pounds. The frozen food is amazing, and I was never hungry or felt deprived. The delicious snacks and double chocolate muffins have kept me satisfied and I never felt deprived.

Thank you for the kind words and keep up the awesome work! Canadian turkey bacon egg and cheese muffin missing cheese - Thank you for the response. I did not to think to take a picture of the back with the information. If this occurs on the next I will. The cheese was missing on two of the sandwiches out of four on this order. I was trying to explain to the last counselor that I spoke to what was happening to me with eating the food and that it was making me sick.

This is not in regards to Kim in returns. Kim was helpful and very nice to me. Anyway, the last counselor I spoke to was so rude and talked over me and would not let me finish my sentence. It's really upsetting that I did not write her name down. It would be the counselor that I spoke to before I spoke to Kim.

We are so sorry that you had such a poor experience. We will definitely be looking into this and reaching out soon. I had a question about my food.

Chat with your counselor. Very helpful but our chat was interrupted. I need to know how to continue after the first week. I am still confused on how to continue after the first week. Thank you for reaching out. We will be assigning this to a member of the Consumer Experience team to reach out and assist you.

The quality of food was pretty good with several options to choose from. Unfortunately when they were out of stock they substituted other food! Changing your plan such as delivery frequency was very difficult and why I left.

Thank you for the feedback. We are sorry that you left for those reason. We will be reaching out to get further information. Have a good one! Over the last several months, I have tried over and over to resolve an ongoing problem with order fulfillment.

Customer service refused to help and refused my repeated requests to escalate the issue and finally Nutrisystem decided to dump me. Even in my last e-mail communication with Nutrisystem where I yet again outlined the problem, the reply back from Nutrisystem completely ignored the majority of what I wrote. It looks like if Nutrisystem doesn't say anything about the problem, then it magically doesn't exist somehow. This shows that Nutrisystem has drastically fallen in terms of focusing on customer needs and flat out refuses to deal ethically with the customer.

We sincerely apologize for your experience. We certainly do not want a long-time member to feel such a way. We will be investigating this and reaching out soon.

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