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I actually read the whole thing, just waiting for score now and I like the review. Smash board game now make me feel like it might become stale after a while. I guess, if you are a die hard Super Smash Bros fan with a Wii u and 3ds and can afford it you will buy both games. If you have both consoles but are not a die hard fan and only want one of the games, you like me may have already bought the 3ds version and so won't be buying the Wii u game.

The 3d version was OK but not great. It is the sort of game that was ment for the big screen. If your experience with a game isn't complete enough that you're having to inform us the review is missing details on major areas of the game and you've not been able to give the game a final score yet then maybe you shouldn't label this simply as a "Review" on the main link. When I click a link labelled 'Review' I don't expect to come in and be told that you've not played a fundamental component of the game and then to see that there's currently no score.

Possible GOTY right here. Looking forward to playing this! Why are people so upset about a pending score? We're all just going to buy the game in 2 days anyways, so let's calm down a bit. Come Friday morning none of this will matter.

I don't think they have a chance of being ready for the onslaught. I really do wish this site would give. It would help differencing 9 and 10s all the time. Pending scores and pre-chewed homebrew polarization? I have the same doubt as Gridatttack.

It would be quite nice if I didn't have to unlock something like the custom moves or pieces of equipment I've already unlocked on the 3DS. This didn't feel so much like an opinion review as it did a synopsis of the game modes. I was hoping for more feels. While you're waiting for the score, look at this hilarious Smash Bros.

DiscoGentleman It's at least a 9, and if it isn't, I'm still getting it. I'm pretty disappointed about Smash Tour. I thought it had a lot of potential to make Smash parties way more interesting. But maybe I'll end up liking it anyway. I like this type of review. Long, Informative, and no score. Makes the reader come to their own conclusion on if the game is right for them or not based on the contents. Nice read, shame on the stage builder though.

Still on my day 1 list. In the meantime, I'll just have fun imagining people on the internet freaking out for a number. The score will not affect my purchasing this game. It's just gonna happen. Let's settle the 'score' in Smash. Didn't need a review to tell me that this game was gonna be awesome but from the look of this one, the game seems to truly live up to the hype! Because the hype has been so long and the 3DS version is already out I feel like the reviews don't even matter this time.

I'm sure its a great game. Good review, although at this point I'm only really concerned about the online.

I'm sure everything else is golden. Damo I was joking, don't worry. About the stage sharing part the reason you couldn't find anything about it was because Nintendo hasn't enabled it yet. I think I recall reading they will add that in a future update. I can't wait for christmas Won't get it till end of the month, but it will be awesome.

I have really enjoyed the 3rd version. Maybe they're revising the 3DS score so they can give this one a 9 and not feel like they're lying.

Rarely does a core franchise feel less worthy then a 9. That's what's so great about Nintendo. They can release 10 games and almost every one of them will be a 9 out of Hell was used in the review, hide your children!

As a older 30 something gamer, I was wanting to get some opinions whether someone my age would enjoy this game? This is why games criticism is broken on a fundamental level. Most of the people here don't give a rats behind about the actual content of the review itself. They want to see their favorite video game company and series win the useless game of who can get the most arbitrary scores.

Screw nuance man, let's just boil down every game to one of ten numbers. Then we can throw those scores back in the faces of the opposing fanboys.

And heaven forbid then when a game doesn't get the score they want it to. I mean, it'll lower their enjoyment of said game if it doesn't get a 96 on metacritic, right? Seriously, though, the mentality is a byproduct of materialism- applying a numeric or monetary value to everything. The remedy is fair prose and creativity, but who will look beyond the notion of face value? A perfect example of this- the original Monster Hunter only got 6 or 7 out of 10 from "professional reviews", but fan reviews gave it 8s and 9s.

At this point, the sequel games are generally the same, with a few added bells and whistles. However, after interest in the series rose significantly, despite subsequent releases being akin to a Japanese version of "Call of Duty syndrome", the "professional reviews" suddenly all love the series.

The series is no longer niche, so stronger influences flock to it. Some of the modes sound very gimmicky, and I have no desire to play a match with 8 characters, 4 is certainly enough. Regarding customised attributes, I find it a baffling inclusion that adds little to the game, and indeed actually detracts from it. Whereas customised moves add depth that doesn't destroy a character's identity, and should be allowed online. Is the reviewer sure you can't send custom stages to a friend?

Maybe it will be possible once online has been established. If you really can't send custom stages, that's terrible.

Porky Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause Nintendo Life is using bad language on everybody out here! Will online be the deciding factor? Always seemed better as a local multiplayer sort of game, to be honest.

In the review it said theres no way to share custom stages. But I thought in the smash direct it said we could upload them online? PlywoodStick Absolutely, what you just described is what is broken about games criticism.

Take a look at the critical spheres of other arts and they're nowhere near as terrible in this regard as video games are. Games journalists could benefit from just writing well thought out and insightful criticisms. They don't need to rely on numbers at all. It's a problem inherent in video games and it needs to change. If the critical sphere of video games decided to ween its audience off of reliance on arbitrary numbers, everyone would be the better for it.

But when companies pay people based on metacritic scores and when major gaming sites are in bed with said companies it's not going to change. Nor will it change when the audience only cares about scores, as this thread clearly shows, and the reviewers only care about hits as you described.

If I were a writer, wouldn't I want people to read what I wrote? Kirk That would be known as a "Preview". Unfortunately, at this point, those hardly exist anymore, because most online publications figure everyone just engorges themselves with their desired information. Thus, few still focus on making curious, insightful preview columns anymore At least now we know what else you use the internet for.

They still use a numeric grading scale, but that's partially because it's an archaic device they've used since their conception, having not quite figured out how to create an alternative to the archetypical "school-style grading system.

There's actually a debate that's been going on for months now amongst their staff and on the top of their Site Suggestions Forum as to whether they're going to overhaul their review system or just straight out abolish the numeric side of it.

Their staff has explicitly stated that for most of them, the number grading is their least favorite part of writing reviews. Even though their review grade numbers are used in Metacritic and they run ads on their site They don't even have a central physical office. I think what you've mentioned is possible, but only smaller, closely knit sites are going to gravitate towards the philosophy of "whatever numbers we use don't necessarily reflect our content, therefore, focus on our words, not our numbers.

I also never had any lag, nor did i have any connection loss. To be fair, im from Europe, Germany. We tend to have a very solid internet connection overall. So yeah, everything i played online so far, had a perfectly stable connection.

Monster Hunter for instance would have bombed if the WiiU couldnt keep up with online play! You really need to see a score? You are here for a score or fine review? This is Smash Bros. Just pick it up. Do they give you any tools for drawing circles and other curved lines like in Microsoft Paint?

I'm a terrible artist, and I could really use some helpful tools like that, otherwise this game's stage builder may not be any better for me than the basic one offered in Brawl. Games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 are perfect for this. JonWahlgren In one of the first few paragraphs, you say there are 50 Fighters, 52 Counting the Miis different forms.

However, I just recounted my fully unlocked roster on the 3DS version, and their are 49 fighters, 51 if you count the Mii Fighters. Did you accidentally count the random button or the yet to be released Mewtwo? Is there an exclusive hidden fighter in the Wii U version? JaxonH what im saying is everthing is a 9 only 3d mario and zelda get a I believe that's a first for Nintendo Life.

What is that referencing? I have been seeing plenty of "too much water" gifs all over IGN and missed the reference.

Any Belmont would have made a far better fit than Solid Snake did. GTWarrior77 I'm in the same boat concerning the amount of time I have to game, but I'll give the game a try. Thanks for the reply. I'm glad they're waiting to score based on the online, because that's a major part.

You never can tell how a game will react and be moulded until it is released upon the unwashed hordes. Pity many other publications don't do the same, especially with major FPS titles Einherjer Yes, MK8 online is smooth although lately I have been having disappearing players and sudden items, as well as mysterious hits Anyway, I doubt anything that bad would happen on the Wii U. Genesaur WOAH that is awesome!!! Hopefully after the score is posted this site can start covering stuff other than Smash Bros.

I get that it's a lot of peoples' most wanted title, but the ratio of Smash articles and features to everything else has been ridiculous the past few months. As if I could hide anything that I do from the Internet at this point. I scrolled to take a look at the score right away.

I was expecting something between 8 and 10 of The score pending surprised me, but I makes sense when you can't try the online part of the game yet. That would be great last year mario best them all in a cat onesie and this year smash bros won again. I can safely say that Smash will be a definite "hit" during the Christmas holidays!

JonWahlgren I don't know how I feel about the score still pending because of online play even though I usually don't care about scores. I generally think that online mechanics are secondary components to the game since not everyone will play online. Didn't they warn the internet connection wouldn't be very good, and that you would need a lan adapter to improve the connection?

I hope when the final scores come out that the reviewers remember this. Nevertheless even without a score my decision is still made, I'm buying this game!

Aw, no mention of the music? Many new remixes and compoers on-board make the soundtrack fantastic. Well fingers crossed, I already pre-ordered the game way back in June. As a mater of fact it will be arriving today at midnight! I cannot weight to try out the new features, stages, and characters! Don't let the weird fan base, teen rating, and atmosphere of the game get the best for you.

It's a fantastic fighting game and is good single player and with parties. Rating so high they broke the scoring system! Dreamz Lol the girl facepalming in your picture goes perfectly with that comment. DaemonSword How did you save your control scheme exactly? What is the player start up screen and how did you get your custom controls to stick? I've been trying for an hour to figure it out. SuperWeird on the screen where you pick your player, click on the right corner tab at the bottom--your name selections open up.

DaemonSword OMG - thank you! I would have never figured that out. It was also suggested that you'd be able to upload your customised screenshots to the Internet; I'd suggest that's why they're written to SD card: Previously it was assumed the SD card slot was only for Wii Mode and not used by the Wii U because it could be a vector for hacking, but now, well why can't we use the SD slot for Wii U game storage Nintendo? Swapping SD cards is something I'd rather not have to do, but it would be nice to know in advance along with how big these images are.

I'm also wanting to know: Are you able to attach four Remotes and four Pro Controllers simultaneously? This game is beast!!! I absolutely love it, NO downsides or negatives from me whatsoever, it's literally flawless, just seems like smash tour will wear out.

You made my day. Wii U is last gen they should go third party the Wii was a fluke nobody cares about Mario they're going bankrupt no WIi U support past no F-Zero iwata is a zombie!!!!

Hahhahaha what a small world. Can't wait to play my very first Smash Bro Game!!!!!!!! Looks to be a perfect Pit is going to be my guy Shhhhh, you'll reveal the secret to Smash, Stack 2. You've definitely had the time to do so. BertoFlyingFox Maybe, but instead I suspect we'll have multiple simultaneous hissy fits here. I tried playing the 3DS version a little bit yesterday to compare the versions and got bored quickly.

Inkling Maybe Nintendolife thinks the online reliability will decrease once Europe get it. So, it's a 10 pending on the online service, I'm guessing. I can't imagine the online will be a flop.

Nintendo's recent track record has been pretty great in that department. I can't wait for the score to officially remain pending. It seems like Nintendo have learnt where they went wrong with the wii's online capability so this hasn't changed from being a day one buy for me. Most surprising thing to me is how different this game feels from the 3DS version. Unlike others, I don't necessarily think one is better I still Smash on my commute with the 3DS and thoroughly enjoy it.

They just feel very different in terms of the stages, modes, and even the physics in the 3DS version feel a little different. Very impressive that they managed to make two games that are basically the same, yet feel very different.

I think NL are trying to manufacture one of those great mysteries of pop-cultural life where people are still talking about it in 10 years time etc "What score were they going to give Smash U? Dazza Only a 9?

I am guessing the unnecessary options — like Smash Tour — caused the score to be a 9. Of course, the score really does not matter.

This is the game everyone wants and is playing. In any case, I'm glad to hear online play works well. It's nice to see that this eliminates the online lag at least for the most part. With an ethernet connection, I shouldn't have many if any issues. I can't wait to get my copy from Amazon tomorrow! TheGreatBrawler I kinda agree with the score though. After spending roughly 5 hours playing, the game is a master piece and it is extremely fun.

But there are minor set backs like no story mode etc. Hy8ogen A lack of story mode is no setback. Besides, you do realize most people didn't like SSE, right? It got 9's mostly across the board well there were 9. It makes sense then, to round down to 9, but not round up to 10 because rounding a score to the perfect score is a bit much.

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