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30-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan

Here's a Good Choice day! Plus, the lunch bags are cute! Prepare a simple pan cooked or roasted protein - fish, chicken or beef - pair with a salad or vegetable.

Cookie Dough 2 Step Bar. Peanut Butter Caramel 2 Step Bar. Cocoa Puffed Crisps Bar. Puffed Crispy Treat Bar. I choose one from each category for my small meals. After the first week , you can enjoy a glass or two of white wine or even a celebratory glass of champagne. The thorough research conducted for the GM diet found that all other forms of liquor are detrimental to the results.

Use a food processor like this one to quickly rough-chop the vegetables. Bring all ingredients to boil; simmer over low heat for minutes until veggies are soft but not mushy. Do not consume anything else like soft drinks, sport drinks or any of the endless flavored beverages in your local market. No fruit juices are allowed until meal day 7. It just so happens that the diet works very well for vegans and vegetarians anyway.

Beans such as kidney beans or lima beans are high in calories and should be avoided for the week of the GM diet. The main purpose of the General Motors diet is to gain a healthy body and lose weight in the process.

You can expect to see significant weight loss, natural glowing skin, more energy and elimination of toxins. If follow this diet to the letter, you will love the results.

It is always a good idea to check with your doctor first, especially if you are taking any medication. The key is finding something you actually enjoy doing, whether it is weight-training at the gym, taking a yoga class or simply committing to a daily walk. Investing in basic pedometer or a high end fitbit like this one is worth it. Whatever it is, physical activity can significantly boost your basal metabolic rate, meaning the number of calories your body burns naturally.

Exercise also helps your body regulate the amount of insulin released into your bloodstream. Your pancreas produces insulin for you, and if it becomes overworked, it can literally turn in its notice and can lead you to developing Type 2 diabetes. Burning more calories than you consume can significantly reduce your risk of developing this disease.

Exercise also happens to be one of the best ways to slow down the aging process from the inside out. The GM diet relies on clean foods and calorie restriction. Better digestion, regular bowel movements and weight loss are a result of regular detoxification that occurs through the GM diet. The foods consumed are low in sugar and high in fiber. The many fruits and vegetables, which are more easily absorbed in the digestive tract, speed up digestion.

The GM diet allows you to use up reserved energy fat while absorbing potent nutrients and boosting your metabolism. The high fiber in the GM diet helps remove the excess waste easier and more regularly, improving your digestive system in the process.

You may experience some side effects such as a headache, irritability, cramping, dizziness or excessive thirst. In order to ensure success of staying on track throughout the week, eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, drink plenty of water throughout the day and exercise. You will be able to experience quick and efficient weight loss in one week and enjoy feeling lighter, more energized and healthier. Choose the vegetables you like and are a pleasure for you to eat.

Enjoy the soup in unlimited quantities starting on day 4 and beyond. Use white or wine vinegar, lemon, garlic or herbs for added flavorings. Do not use more than one teaspoon of oil on the vegetables.

Avoid beans such as kidney, pinto, lima beans, etc. Do not skip any of the days of the diet as this can trigger extra, unwanted pounds.

Remember, the steps of this diet were created specifically for results. It is important to follow the regimen in a chronological and sequential manner. Cheating or skipping any of the meal day requirements may cause the eating plan to be ineffective and could even cause you to gain weight instead of lose weight.

Any time you make a change in your eating habits, you can experience discomfort. However, it be minimized by exercising daily, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. The 7-Day weight loss program developed by General Motors involves eating only fruits and vegetables the first three days of the plan.

The foods you will eat are high in fiber, with less protein, fats and carbohydrates. The high fiber is designed to accelerate your bowel activity and detox your body. If you are dedicated to the plan, you can lose 10 to 17 pounds in one week. You will feel and look lighter, more energized and motivated to add more fruits and vegetables into your regular eating plan after the week is over.

The first day of the program is critical for success and you should not deviate from it whatsoever. In order to prepare yourself for the first day, you need to focus on fruit and nothing else. Avoid bananas and choose fruits that are low in starch, sugar, potassium or carbohydrates. Also, plan on drinking lots of water, at least glasses each day to stay hydrated.

In fact, it is a good idea to get in the habit of drinking more water each day before you start the GM diet. Take a look at the following list of fruits that are lowest, low-to medium and highest in sugar. Aim for the low to medium sugar fruits for best results from your week on the GM diet.

Berries, rhubarb, lemon and lime — are low in carbohydrates, fat and calories but high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

They have also been shown to help prevent cancer and heart disease as well as slowing down the aging process. Choose fruits from the low-to-medium sugar fruits. Good choices are apples, kiwi, melon, oranges, papaya and watermelon. Take heart, once you are past the first day, it does get easier. If you get bored with drinking only water, you can enjoy fresh-squeezed orange juice or coconut water. However limit your servings to only 2 glasses per day. There really is no limit to the vegetable choices and you can eat all varieties.

Eating vegetables throughout day 2 will increase you fiber intake and helps regulate the sugar content from all the fruit you ate on day 1. You should feel much better on day 2 as you can have almost any vegetable including a potato that is high in starch.

Plus, you should have more energy to engage in physical exercise including something more strenuous like this popular HIIT High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT allows you to burn more calories in less time by performing more strenuous exercises such as push-ups, lunges, squats and plank. For breakfast, you can enjoy a large boiled potato that will fill you up and give you energy for the rest of the day. You can enjoy a sweet potato instead, if you prefer.

For lunch, make a huge salad with your favorite lettuce, cabbage and cucumbers. To make this side a hearty vegetarian meal, serve 2 halves each. Wilted greens topped with fried onions is a mezze must. Bitter dandelion greens are the most flavorful, but chard or kale--really any green or a combination of them--tastes delicious. That mixture is combined with everything from tomatoes to goat. It's layered and baked, shaped into balls or footballs, stuffed, deep-fried or eaten raw.

This vegetarian kibbeh recipe is made with pumpkin and stuffed with seasoned greens. Sorrel adds a lemony flavor, but you can use chard or kale and add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to the filling.

Use fine bulgur or the texture of the dough will be gritty. Simmered in a tomato sauce fragrant with garlic and cilantro and finished with pomegranate molasses, this okra recipe might be just the dish that turns okra haters into lovers. This vegan side dish is traditionally served at room temperature with grilled meat or fish, but feel free to double your portion and eat it as a vegan entree with crusty bread for dipping in that garlicky, flavor-packed olive oil.

The name for this combination of roasted vegetables comes from the Catalan escalivar, meaning to cook in ashes, though most folks these days use an oven or grill to put some char on their veggies.

You can also double the recipe and bring it to your next potluck. If you can find tatsoi, a peppery Asian leafy green, use it instead of mild-mannered spinach. Store-bought Thai sweet chili sauce and umami-packed white miso build fast flavor in this easy summer salad. Our go-to trick for this crunchy, mustardy vegan side dish:

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