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Has she always had that, or is it just more prominent now that she's hella tan? If she had hemp hair, that would make her just a little bit useful. In August , Barberie began appearing in NutriSystem commercials with former NFL players Dan Marino and Mike Golic ; in the ad, she claims to have lost over 40 pounds after the birth of her daughter. Please check your email and click on the verify link — it will return you right back to this page with the data unlocked. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum. This page was generated in 0.

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Jillian Barberie

That would be an awesome quickie weight loss vehicle. I just saw the latest version of this ad. Her hair is now dark brown probably close to it's natural colour , and she has an extremely dark tan. Her mannerisms are still annoying as hell, but this time she's not claiming to know everything about sports.

My only question is simple. Why would any company hire this annoying woman as their spokesperson? She has no talent! Because she's hot and has boobs! When I hear that she's the "weather girl" on FOX, I know she's one of those people who blew the boss to get a job. It's painfully obvious she didn't get the job for her brain or talent.

C'mon folks, for 10 grand, anyone can be hot and have boobs I'm gettin' kinda excited, doncha know, cancha tell To paraphrase a select portion of Jillian's script, "How many girls do you know that can do this?

But can she cook You guys crack me up! You basically called her a cocksucker with big fake boobs! That about sums it up. Now, she can keep up her her children, job and house.

Sorry, we only accept work mail accounts. Please check your email and click on the verify link — it will return you right back to this page with the data unlocked. Sorry, we do not accept free email accounts. Ready for the big time? You've hit your data view limit. Request Demo Learn More. It actually looks like that fake, plastic toy food that little girls pretend to cook in their toy ovens. The crap that they jack up and call food is less nutritious than Lean Cuisine, has the flavor and texture of cardboard, is unsatisfying and insanely expensive.

The end result is starvation weight loss; no food, no money. And check out those role models I think that's it, Thor. She's not very feminine. Not that I have a lot of room to talk, but then, I don't advertise myself as a girly-girl. You're pretty feminine, Faith. Maybe not a girly-girl, but feminine nonetheless. It has to do with hair. Well, thank you, Thor! But I don't get the part about the hair--unless you mean that mine goes beyond my shoulders?

Latest Barberie commercial shows that she now has brown hair. I just saw this commercial and it pissed me off. I have always hated it but I had to get it out. A football is thrown her way and she says "Football. How many girls can do that? Cause her fatass ate Nutrisystem now she has Super-ball-catching-powers!

Lots of women play sports. Does she even know about the WNBA?? I hate to play sports but I can catch a bobdamned ball! Also, she is standing there in a pink silk camisole type deal, jeans and heels.

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