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Smart Carbs: Understanding the Glycemic Index
When your body enters ketosis, it switches to depending on carbs for energy to burning fats for fuel. Slow-burning carbs complex carbs are lower on the glycemic index and keep your blood sugar more level over time, i. Extras 2 Final Thoughts. Many smart carbohydrates are easy to identify; vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds, for instance, are fairly obvious, but evaluating smart-grain carbohydrates is more of a challenge. White-flour products such as white bread, pasta, sugary breakfast cereals, crackers, chips and other snack foods -- as well as sweets and sugary beverages -- all contain highly processed carbohydrates that should be limited or avoided due to their impact on health. The low-carbohydrate diet trend of the s and early s may have left you thinking that any carbohydrate is a bad carbohydrate. Look at the bread you regularly buy.

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