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Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday — you were featured today! It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. July 7, at 8: Buy the way I love my Ninja blender. I have had all the Ninja Pulse for over a year now and it is still going strong, even with daily use. Come Back Soon, Miz Helen. January 21, at

How to make Homemade Apple Butter: Have you ever wanted to make your own Homemade Apple Butter?

Alas, I shall live vicariously through you… I think making some apple butter will cure my woes. I can't wait to try your recipe: You just got yourself a new follower!

I always wondered how to make this! I just got the recipe! I have a linky party going on right now, and would love it if you wanted to link up! Hope to see you there! This looks delicious and easy! I am definitely going to try this recipe, looks perfect for a sweet fall treat! That sounds so yummy!! It looks easy to make too! Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday — you were featured today! Hi Jamie, Your jars of Apple Butter are just beautiful.

Your recipe looks like it is very rich and full of wonderful flavor. I would love being able to open one of those jars. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a great week end!

Come Back Soon, Miz Helen. If you enjoy crafts, visit my other blog, Indiana Inker. I totally just say 'mmmm' out loud. Can anyone tell me the yield on this? I want to make it tonight, but i have very little freezer space at the moment.

Visiting you from the Monday Inspiration Party! This post is so timely! I am going apple picking Friday and was wanting to make my own apple butter! I just finished making peach jam but, this might be my next project. I don't have a Vitamix but, would love one. I made apple butter in the crockpot last month. I put the apples in whole after being put through the apple, peeler, corer and by the next morning they were practically pureed all on their own!

I whipped them for a few seconds with a stick blender to get them extra smooth since that's my preference. So, if people don't have a Vitamix they can still make apple butter in the crockpot!

I love apple butter! My sister actually made up a large batch and gave it out as Christmas presents last year. I would love for you to share at this weeks Happiness Is Homemade Party! This is the canning book I use: Ball Blue Book Guide to Canning. It comes in very handy.

Where could I find a basket for the jars like that one? Is it plastic or silicone…? The big metal ones are always awkward and never small enough for pint jars. Hi, this is the canning kit I use, works great for smaller batches: Thank you for posting links to the products!

This recipe is very close to the recipe I have used for years. My recipe is from the Better Himes and Gardens Home Canning Cookbook my mother in law gave me when we planted our garden at her house! Does this recipe yield 4 half pints? Thanks for sharing, Linda. Your email address will not be published. I would say the single serve cups in the Pulse can absolutely make a smooth blended green smoothie.

The blender jar will leave a little bit of small particles from the greens due to the way the blade goes through the middle instead of being at the bottom. However, the individual cups make a very, very smooth green smoothie. The only thing is, of course, you are constrained by size. I would expect that single serve cup to perform as well as the single serve for the pulse, but it is larger. I am planning to review this system in the coming months, but not sure when.

As far as making almond butter, either the Pulse or the Ninja Pro can do this fine. Coconut oil works great, as does light olive oil believe it or not. Do you know if you can get the travel cups and blade for the KS or is that specific blade only fitting for the pulse? I am amazed at how attentive you are to this site!! I know that is a lot of work, thank you! This has been a common question. The Pulse travel cups work really well if you are considering between the KS and the Pulse.

I honestly use my Pulse more than the Ninja Pro blender nowdays. Also bought Amazing Meal vanilla chai. I add frozen fruit, usually banana, blueberry and pineapple and unsweetened almond milk. And it holds me til lunch. Need to try some of your other recipes, but extremely happy with pulse. Thanks for your note! I really love the Pulse. It fits the bill so nicely to blend for one. It is getting me through not having a kitchen at all for now with a remodel as the best go-to breakfast. So glad you like it!

Love the pulse Iam a newbie to all this. My favorite is blueberry bannana Mke sure they are frozen and orange juice and protein powder awesome try it. I did have two questions I was wondering if you could help me with. Also, I was thinking it would be more convenient to be able to put things in the KS jar and push the button and walk away rather than having to babysit it.

Can you do this with the Pulse or do you always have to hold it down? I noticed when I used my KS to make a smoothie tonight it did take some time to blend the frozen bananas and the half of an apple I threw in there.

Thanks for this post. You can either pulse, or, steady-state blend, but you do have to actively hold down the lid to steady state blend. You may not have had enough liquid in your smoothie. Thanks so much, Angela. I was doing a search on reviews for the Ninja and wound up here. The post about the Vega One shake was good.

I too use Amazing Meal for my green shake and had been eyeing the Vega One. Thanks for stopping by and your nice note, Elliot. A little avocado and banana would be good in the Vega One!

Would I have to strain in order to have a drinkable end result? I know it would be thick.. I would not be interested in straining at all. Yep, the Pulse would work great for green drinks! You only have to strain if you want true juice. If you use the larger jar, you will have little bits of greens very small bits of just the leafy green parts, something like pear will completely blend , but the end result is still drinkable.

This is due to the different blade designs. The single serve cup blends from the bottom with a more traditional blender blade design, whereas the jar blends through the middle with many different blades. Here is my current favorite green smoothie — http: I make this in the single serve cup Ninja pulse.

All taken care of at the register. They have changed the design of the to-go lids. No place for gunk to collect anymore I guess. Hi, I was interested in the ninja pulse and you have sold me on its capabilities and came across a review on a different website that stated only two possible problems and was wondering your take on them.

Whatever you are blending gets caught in the handle of blender potentially leading to mildew. When setting the lid down on the counter after blending you should face it down even the the gooey cobtents may get on the counter because if you face it up the gooey contents may seep into the pulse button causing a possible gooey build up over time and possibly making the button malfunction.

Otherwise they said they loved it. Im assuming with knowing this I would be careful to just clean it thoroughly. Im thinking of purchasing it for my mom and she doesnt like appliances that take more work to clean than to use. Thanks for your help! In fact, I find the Pulse so easy to keep clean!

I use it more than its larger counterpart, the Ninja Professional Blender, because it is smaller and easier to clean fits in the dishwasher so nicely! Thanks for your review! Any thoughts on which might be better for smoothies, baby food, and occasional substitute for a traditional blender? Thanks for your thoughts! Maybe they have changed the design.

The pulse actuator on the lid is just a steel pin on the underside of the circular piece. No way to clog that up at all. I really like this blender and use it at least daily! I would say go with the Pulse Kitchen System, so you get the single serve blender cups as well as other accessories like the dough paddle.

I use the single serve cup just as much as the blender jar. And, like Dale, I drink my smoothies out of the single serve cup without a lid — one less thing to clean! Can you tell me if it is possible just to chop vegetables with Ninja Pulse? I would like to use it instead of separate food processor. Yes, it sure is, especially for harder veggies like carrots, potatoes, etc. Just place the veggies cut into smaller chunks like quarters into the 40 ounce bowl and pulse a few times until you get a size you like.

Thanks Angela for your reply! I will give it a try. I am on a quest to find a single device that will serve as a blender and a food processor. The important thing to note with the single serve cup is you are limited on volume! However, it is highly capable. The order you put stuff in is important:. Keep in mind this is a blender, not a juicer, so your juice will be thicker than juice from a masticating juicer, but it is a million times easier to clean, and I happen to prefer the pulpier juice.

If clean up is a concern, I would say the Pulse is good for you — it is very easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher. All of the Ninja jars are BPA-free. I have had all the Ninja Pulse for over a year now and it is still going strong, even with daily use. Yes, I think it would be a good choice for you! That is just one of the models of the Pulse, and if you are shy on space, it is a great option. You can use either the single serve cup or 40 ounce jar to make your juices. It did not come with any attachments and was wondering if I could use the blending cups with this unit?

I see the web sight for ninja offers them. If it is the , you are in business. One way to check, though, is to see how the jar attaches to the base.

In order for the single serve cup to work, there should be three notched out areas at the attachment point, which allows the cup to seat. The way the cup works is you drop it into the base and turn it to the right to enable blending.

Not sure if that helped you or not — let me know if not and I will email you a picture of what the base should look like to accept the single serve cup. I cannot choose either QB or a ninja pulse. Can you tell me if it is possible just to chop vegetables of the very small quantity with single serve in-cup?

If it was me, I would choose the Ninja Pulse because of the single serve cup. The single serve is very convenient! And, the blade design on the two blenders you are considering is pretty much the same, so with the Pulse the big advantage you are getting is the single serve cup, plus a couple extra blades, like a dough bade.

It is possible to chop vegetables in the single serve cup, and also with the 40 ounce jar. You can either rough chop them, or blend them to very fine pieces, or somewhere in the middle. The key is to pulse, not blend, which of course, the Ninja Pulse does fine. Have you seen the Ninja Mega KS?

It is like the KS on steroids! I did a review here: To answer your question, yes, you can make ice cream in the single serve cups.

I have a recipe for vanilla: Also, here is a chocolate: Finally, you can make any of my ice cream recipes in the single serve cup — just scale the recipe accordingly to make sure it will all fit in the cup! Sometimes the lid can seem to be stuck, but you just need to pull up hard on the handle.

If not, I would recommend contacting Ninja directly for help. Hmm, I have never posted a recipe like that, but it sounds good, like a homemade V-8 juice. I would love to buy a ninja system. I thought I wanted the Ninja Professional watt, but now I am leaning towards the ninja pulse.

My boyfriend I will mostly be using it. We will mostly be using it for smoothies and my frozen coffee. I was thinking about putting oreos in my frozen coffee. Would I just chop those up first or pulse it all together? Here is what I would do: Blend your smoothie or coffee how you want it. Once you like the consistency, add Oreos, and pulse times to chop and combine. I place it in fridge at work and it tripped twice so far causing a mess.

How hard would it be to make a spill proof leak? Shame on you guys if you are reading this. I totally agree with you, which is why I called it out in the review. Here is a link: My Ninja is a total mess; after 6 month I have turned my second lid into some gooey stuff which is not very palatable…. And Ninja does not care! Contrary to what you believe, I have zero affiliation with Ninja — never have — and have never received a penny from them.

When I have a Ninja question, I simply go on their support page and IM with one of their reps, just like anyone could do. Your Pulse has a warranty, so you should leave a comment on their Facebook page or contact them through their support page and ask for another lid.

I read all the posts but no one seems to have this concern but me. I get that they are BPA free but I think for the price glass should be included. I know many find plastic more convenient. I would really like to know if you have come across time anything with my above criteria or if the ninja pulse comes in glass. I appreciate your time and thank you so much,.

A fellow health enthusiast! I definitely hear where you are coming from. When I bought my first Ninja Professional Blender before this blog was anything and I had broken a glass jar blender , I really wanted something with a glass jar. My concern was less about the plastic, since it is BPA free, but about scratching it up.

I have yet to find something with a glass jar that also has power, sadly. Even the Vitamix has a plastic jar. I used a Breville blender at a rental house a while back that had a glass jar. It was a quick reminder of how traditional blenders lack power. So glad I found this blog. Yes, the Ninja Pulse can certainly make almond milk with no issues. It has watts of power, which is about 2X the power in a normal blender.

If you make a lot of almond milk, you may get tired of this. In your opinion, is the Pulse or the Professional blender better for food processing? I make a lot of homemade caveman bars or Larabars , and I need to be able to chop a lot of nuts and dried fruits. Thanks for perfect review.

Exactly what I was looking for. I have the watt model w single serve and love it but was trying to decide if I bought the pulse for someone else, who would only be whole juicing, would it blend as well. I have a feeling pulse speed prob not very different between models.

Hello, love all the reviews! I was wondering how easy it would be to use for someone with arthritis? I have many health issues and want to start making green smoothies and the pulse sounds great, just worried that I will have problems with using because of my arthritis. I think it would depend on the severity of your arthritis and the mobility you do have. So, if you were just wanting the 40 ounce jar part, it could work out great for you due to its light weight and ease of use.

Hello, Is the ninja pulse difficult to push down? I bought the nutribullet but returned it because I had difficulty keeping it pushed down or locking into to place. However, the single serve cup could be considered hard to push down depending on your strength. No burning up motors or harming the container etc! Thank you and hope you can help.

It sort of depends on what you want, but you can buy accessories directly from Ninja here: Buy the way I love my Ninja blender. You are very welcome! I know, it stinks. Going to a Vitamix next…thanks. Wow, that is crazy. I have used my Ninja Mega KS daily for over a year with no issues at all.

I have been reading all over the internet. I really want a pulse. However on the Ninja site they list a BL which is the basic pulse with a grator blade and an extra 48oz container. In reply to my inquiry to Ninja they suggested one from QVC. So ha anyone actually seen this unit for sale?? They make a great product but then mix parts and pieces for different retailers.. Any help would be great. I do agree — that is typical Ninja to have parts and pieces in different combinations by retailer.

It can be very frustrating. I think you could get by without the dough and cookie paddle and just use the normal blade. I have never used either of those items with my pulse. Reduction of cups is a mistake. I needed two lids for the two cups and there was only one…there needs to be two. So, If your cup falls over, the liquid just pours out.

The first generation of pulse lids had a little sliding closure that IMHO was worse than nothing leaked terribly. Sounds like they may have changed the pro cup design also. I would have thought that a snap-on cover would seal better than either threaded design not because of the threading but due to the design of the sippy holes Dale.

Hi Dale, thank you for the reply. I will hold off on trying to get that lid to fit. Would have been nice to have a lid that would hold the contents in if wanted to shake it. Maybe a hold the flip top shake? Have a great week everyone.

Hi you seem to have tried many various models of the ninja.. I want to make smoothies consisting of carrots kale beetroot apple what model do you recommend. Important it has longevity as I do this smoothie daily so has to last also cost.. I was wondering the same thing as Samantha. Will it puree carrots apples ect. I am trying to obtain a replacement cutter blade for the pulse that screws on to the cup the same as in the picture above. I cant seem to find one. I have been using my pulse every day for a few years and really like it.

My daughter got one for Christmas we have used it maybe 15xs and we went to use it last night and it will not turn on how can I trouble shoot this. Hi, I just found these reviews and find them very helpful. As a Ninja Pulse user for about 2. After the first year I had an issue where the single serve cups just stopped blending. I figured out the blade piece was not engaging with the spinning motor well, so instead of a constant rotation, it would only spin about a third of the time.

I called Ninja and they sent me a new blade part and the new one works much better. That same year I had the large blending jar start to crack, right where the tabs of the top slip into position and the plastic on the jar is thinner.

After a little cracking the insert section completely broke. Luckily the other one was still there so it still latched and worked. Fast forward to another year later and the tab on the other side did the same, cracked and broke off. At least the small cups still work for smoothies, and for that it does a great job! Mail will not be published required. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Simply buy your kitchen items or anything via this button at Amazon. There is no cost to you and I get a small fraction for referring you. How to Make Juice with the Ninja Blender. Part 3 - A Summary. How to Make Peanut Butter in 3 Minutes. Blueberry Pie Energy Bars.

Making Apple Juice with a Ninja Blender. Out of the box, you get: Blending jar, with a blending blade, a dough blade, cookie paddle and storage cover, should you wish to store something in the blender jar. In traditional Ninja fashion, the blending blade goes through the middle of the jar and has four blades, instead of traditional bottom-of-the-blender blades.

Tap it lightly, and the unit will just pulse. Hold it down, and the unit will blend steadily For the individual cups, you drop the cup with the blending base attached into the base of the blender, and by pressing on the top really, the bottom of the cup, the Pulse becomes engaged. Press and release for pulsing, press and hold for blending.

General Observations Aside from there not being any buttons to press to blend, the other striking difference from the Ninja Professional Blender is the size of the Ninja Pulse. Ninja Professional Barely clears the cabinet the white at the top of the photo. Ninja Pulse Easily clears the top of the cabinet, with about six inches to spare.

Comparing the Ninja Pulse to the Ninja Professional Blender When deciding which of these blenders is right for you, I really think it depends on the type of blending you do, so here is a little comparison of the two. Single Serve Blending One thing that makes the Ninja Pulse single serve in-cup blending so good — in addition to its sheer power — is the unique take on the blending blades.

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