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WalMart Corporate Office
The dollar is the only thing that matters to Walmart, or so it seems. Beware of certain young male ego maniac riders around the busy part of the trail 15 miles on both sides of Harrison , most people all females and older men actually showed respect and courtesy by slowing down to our young kids who were trying their best to hold their lines and obey the rules of the trail but on several occasions some TDF wannabes blazed by my little girl on her pedal-less bike at nearly 40mph without any consideration to the potential consequences of a collision. These two were enjoying a crisp Fall day near the trail. The same timeframe is not nearly true of my local Wal-Mart. I never completed the pharmacy tech university courses because I was never given time to do so, even though I am sure that this program costs the company a considerable amount of money. I asked the manager why it was. I was a customer in the Pharmacy in Natchez.

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