Keto Diet Beginner’s Guide: Understanding the Ketogenic Diet

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Vegetarian Cabbage Soup
I let soup cool down then pack in cups of individual servings. What the right amount of protein does is that it increases the metabolic rate and burns fat. It does not have to be detox soup. Over the past 16 years, Alina has covered everything from Ebola to androids while writing health, science and tech articles for major publications. My man you are truly a genius!!! Since soups stays good in refrigerator for 4 days. I gained 60 pounds due to medicine, age, menopause, dreadful cravings and depression.


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Keep in mind eat real non processed foods is key as well, so much helathier. I have started this diet plan 3rd time 1st time I cant propelry check my wieght how much I lost 2nd time I did last month while doing heavy JYM exerices and I think I lost 1.

Third time I have started and my 2nd day is over. I did one thing I tried wonder soup and my soup was not thick it was like water so I read yr recipe and will make soup thick like u did.

I m drinking now 10 glass water and not going JYm only one or 1. I m adding one thing in wonder soup that is one chiken cube as I cant find mix vegs soup and clerely I read it now which I cant find in Pakistan so I will add carrot in it in my tmw soup. I m adding green leabves green chili and blakc paper and salt to drink it now I will eat it as i read the reall recipe.

Can u pls tell me chiken cube is ok for soup and I want to add one boiled Egg in my salad As its hard to eat bloied begs or fresh salad.

I hv started my diet on My soup recipe was 2 big tomattos 2 Whole onion Green onion Can I use it again instead of celery???

I will make it thick now and salt green chili and green leaves for taste I hope it was okay. I blv this time I will lost at least 4 kg In Sha Allah. I will be changing that recipe soon, I cannot stand processed foods and the Knorrs package must come out.

But yes a cube is fine. Corn just a little is OK. Don;t over drink water either 8 glasses may be enough. Only eat eggs when you see meat called for in the plan, you cannot add eggs when you like. Many thanks for yr reply but I saw yr answer once my 5th day is over. Throughly I m feeling healthy and lighter but I felt Kidney ligther pains on both sides I think its bcz of Lots of urine I m already passing lots of urine since my childhood as I m drinking glass water so Might be its becz of water but Ever one can see difference in me.

My weight scale coming tmrw so I will be able to check my weight tmrw I tried GM diet again to make it sucessfull and to see where I commit mistake: I m sure this time I will loose minimum KG let s see. I will share my diet planes of whole 7 day once I will check my final weight. I didnt drink soup today and didnt add egg or corn in my diet. I want to ask can I use one bolied Egg trmrw as I cant see veggs to boil early monring its hard to eat only flower cabbage , or cabbabge or Green pepper carrot in veggitables?

Too much water can actually be hard on your kidneys. When a meal calls for meat, you can sub in another protein like eggs, chicken or fish. But no you cannot just have an egg when you like. Hi, I got up to read yr reply I didnt take Egg any day. Anyway thanks for your reply. I have to take water when I m thirsty. If 6 glass are OK then I will take 6 glasses. Protein meat means total grams and we cant add even fruit omggggggggggggg: I m v v v happy Today was my 6th day and I lost 5. But this time I started 1st day with melon and I took lots of water glass confirmed and wonder soup.

Hi i really hate the taste of tomato especially raw. Is there a way to make the tomatoes more enjoyable for me on day 5? Also, can I eat sautéed tofu instead of beef?

Do stewed or roasted tomato with spices. Proceed at your own risk. Hi Only one query.. Checkout the Indian or Vegetarian version in the footer below this. Legumes, keep in mind when replacing meat each time you must have fat with it. Meaning meat has fat, your replacement should have some, so if you did legumes and a teaspoon or 2 of olive oil.

If so, what portions of it can be eaten a day? Can I just substitute it with any vegetable? But still i managd with pomegranate,melon and apple Iam cm ht and I prefer no on corn, but if you do, just a little for seasoning.

Yes you can have salt, peppers, spices, etc…. I have a crazy question. I can drink almond dark chocolate. Is that okay to mix and make my shake on for the fourth day? I m on my second day of GM diet and it sure does work.. Stew them up to you. My husband brought all my food yesterday. Btw I am not doing soup today. Hi can I have lentil soup instead of the soup above! This soup is benign so to speak during the diet. You can change up the veg and add spices as you like though.

How much exercise would you recommend a day? Also can I eat as much fruit on day 1 as I like? Do it as you like, I only recommend HIT training. Watch and read here. Thank you for your help! I love fruit so I eat loads!

Day 1 today I had lentil soup thinking its good but il start day 1 tmrw with loads of fruit! Il have to diet without soup LOL. We lay out each day for you.

But you can add soup any day of the diet, as much as you need, It is there to help you nit be hungry, you can add salt, pepper, spices to the soup if you like.

I have a gastric problem and i have started the GM diet today. But because of gastric problem i got vommited what ever the fruits i had in the evening.

Since we are not doctors we cannot offer medical advice. My wife has issues, so she does not do anything raw really right now until she heals her guts. On day 1 can we eat as much fruit as we want or does it have to be a certain amount! I usually eat apples or watermelon alot! Tell me what you have eaten and rank the last 3 days.

Also when did you weigh yourself. By d end of last month I read the article of gm diet and I decided to go forth for it. So after a gap of a week I have started d diet again and m on the second day now, but m confused if starting it again dis early might hamper my health, if not, will d diet work on me as effectively as the last time???

Hi , I am suffereing from high bp and I suffered from polio in legs when I was 3 month old. Now I am 32 and have gained weight upto 65kgs doctors told me reduce weight as I am having walking challege. I am following this plan today is my first day. So not to get faint and weekness I just strted with a tea less suger and a chapati that has ajwain.

Please sujjest me something that I can take every day with dight that fill my stomach.. The first week of my gm diet I reduced 5 KG but in the second week its only 1 Kg Why its happening in that way …?. Hi, i started my gm diet today…. You can sub other veg in the soup as you like. Just no corn or peas, and few carrots. Can i stop the diet at day 4? I only need to lose 3kg and im Im a little concerned about the yoyo effects. I am planing to start GM diet.

I have a question. Can I smoke while in I am in diet? HI , Im on day 1 and i ve taken 2 dates palm … Does dates add to carbs? Hi, I have started the gm diet today, I have a question regarding the soup, is there a substitute for cabbage in the soup since my doctor told me that i should not be eating cabbage??

Hey its my first day on this diet… Is it recommended that i go for spinning and sum it up with some floor exercises throughout this diet? I want to knw , is dere anythng tht can be used instead of onion and celery? Hi, Iam going to start GM diet tomorrow. Am a pure veggie.. What all fruits and veggies can i eat for first two days? Can you be more specific. I live in Chennai [Tamil Nadu,India]. No corn, peas or avocado right now. Potato or starchy veg only when we say. Anyone know if egg whites from hard boiled eggs without the yolk are OK to eat during this diet?

Ok thanks the reply. I do have one question about day 7 and brown rice. What type of rice does it matter? Hi Author, Can we substitute water in the wonder soup with low sodium chicken broth? Is there a significant difference in doing so? Any suggestions on what types of foods to eat day 8,9, 10 etc? Any insight here would be greatly appreciated! I did put something together for meat eaters and vegetarians, look at the top 2 posts here. MSG, loads of bad oils and preservatives, can really hinder weight loss.

Also please I need to know , with regards to quantities of fruits and vegetables that are mentioned in the gm diet are they open quantities? Tnxs for d advise, if i donnot want celery and tomatoes, can give some list of vegis that i can include in my wonder soup?

See what you have local that could work. Yes and please be patient for answers, you do not need to remind me you are needing a reply 23 minutes after posting the first question. I am happy to help. Today is my 1st day of GM diet. I just want to know whether I can change to Choc Milk or Strawberry milk instead of pure milk on day 4? No, they will be loaded with sugar, not to mention chemicals, fake colors and so on. Unless you want to gain weight you have to not drink stuff like that.

You can do unsweetened almond milk if you like. Today is my 3rd of GM diet plan. I am worry about 5th day plan. Would you please suggest me. What food will I take instead of chicken or fish or eggs soup? M on day 5 … Had sprouts with tomatoes in the morning.. Salad of tomatoes and cucumber for mid morning. And then brown rice..

Have started to feel so full and looks like I have gained back what I lost earlier in four days.. Why would that be? And can i do it again nagain. I can tell you the worst thing for your knee issues will be gluten chapati and sugar. You should not be eating bread on this program. I have started this GM diet today and i hope i will stick to it, but have a question. Can i lose kg of weight by repeating this diet? Does this plan affects to the skin as we lose weight fast? I have read the whole comments of people but have not found my answer, so i thought of asking here.

However you can still go gluten and sugar free, almost eating similar to day 6 in between that time. If anything cutting processed foods, sugar and wheat will make your skin a ton better. Day 1 BF — 2 apples Lunch — bowl of papaya Dinner — 1 Apple And in between 2 times i had wonder soup and almost 8 glass of water.

Day 2 BF — Boiled potatoes, boiled cauliflower and added tomato also in that Lunch — Same in lunch as breakfast Dinner — I will have some raw vegetables and salads with sprinkled salt on it 8 glass of water. Just tell me am i doing right or followed something wrong. And as i added tomatoes, ginger, onion in wonder soup was that okay? Day 1 seems a little skimpy. Keep in mind less is not better. Yes the soup sounds fine.

The ones that do the best is when they cut sugar and gluten in between plans. I am on day 2 hoping great result i am going good with my gm diet plan thank u for such great plan will post my result soon.

I am on day 4 today. I guess i have lost weight, but i am scared to check my wait. I will wait till 7 days and check at the end.. I have few question. On day 5, can i cook rice with smashed tomatoes, salt and chilli powder, to make it taste like tomato rice? Or do I need to eat plain rice only? I make the soup following way.

Is this ok for the diet? Sorry for the long list of questions. Would appreciate if you can help me with these questions soon, as i have to plan my day 5 diet depending on your reply. I used to never check my weight until after the 7th day.

When you replace meat, you need a little fat. Meat has fat naturally, so should your dish. Why are you adding beans to the soup? Beans are not a vegetable. Beans have loads of carbs, and vegetables have a trace amount. Plus beans have protein. Beans are OK as a meat replacement day 5 and 6, but then you would not need rice. This is a huge mistake and will mess up the program. No baby corn, they are not OK. Where did you get this recipe? Please read the Wonder Soup recipe….

Thank you for the response. By bean i meant green beans string beans. Is that also a problem? Thats a great relief. I have had about babycorn till now.

Hope that will not have any adverse effect on the program fingers crossed. Today is my 5th day of diet. I am planning to have rice for breakfast and lunch. And wonder soup for dinner.

However you should be fine. Hi, I am on my 3rd day but hav lost only grms. I am following the diet well expect that i added sone peas to d soup by mistake. Is it ok losing so lil wght or do i have to curb on something for better results?

I also want to ask if I can add sugar to the banana shake orelse sugarfree sweetner? Well if you want to gain weight, then I would not add sugar or a fake sweetener. You can have stevia if you need. What did you eat and drink day 2? On day 2 I had one potato in the morning, GM soup in lunch and diner and cucumber in evening snacks.

Hi I have few doubts.. Instead of beef can I substitute with chicken on day 5? And also I dont get brown rice. Can I have normal white rice instead of brown rice. And there is no soya curd in my place.

Another meat is the best way to go when replacing beef. So yes the chicken is great. White is better to many anyway. So yes on white. No, you cannot buy paneer in shops. You have no clue what oils they use, are they using MSG, sugar, etc. Sure buffalo curd is fine. Thank you so much for your reply. I will avoid paneer then. I will get back to you if I have any doubt. Hoping to loose my weight after my diet.

Will update u how I feel after diet. Thank you once again dear author. Hi again sorry to bother you. I am on my day 4 plan nd I feel light nd feeling good. I have below doubts. Instead of raw tomatoes can I make them into pieces nd cook with chicken nd have. I dont tak beef. So as you said I prefer chicken. I prefer to saute onion tomatoes garlic in litle olive oil and add salt pepper cumin jeera spices nd add chicken piece nd cook.

Then when its tender will have them. Can I also add chillies or chilli powder? I love to add. There was bandh in my place nd I could not get other vegetables nd fruits for my day3. Was that fine for my day 3 or did I do any mistake? Regarding water I am having 2liters. Since its raining here I am not able to drink more. I tried drinking nd I feel like puking. I do not get what to do on this. Chicken is great, and how you mentioned cooking is fine.

I have one more doubt. Can I sleep after breakfast or lunch? If No then how much time gap should ne there between food and sleep? This is second day of my GM diet…first day i had fruits and second day I m completely on vegetables…I have added little red chilli powder and a pinch of salt in my wonder soup and also very less amount of sprouts…is that fine???

Second doubt- I usually walk for 3kms in morning follwed by 20mins of yoga and 15 mins of aerobics and around 2kms in the evening just started yesterday. Is this fine for GM diet plan??? Please reply Thanks in advance. Salt, pepper and spices are fine. The only issue with salt if you eat to much is you might retain some water weight. Sprouts should only be used in moderation but are post plan great to have.

My advice is pls do exercise after diet plan complets. Hi can you please tell me Can I add little olive oil nd spices to vegetables like brocoli letuce carrot cucumber nd microwave it for 10 mns nd have for day2. I cant have raw or boiled vegetables. Cooking is great, you really should have no oil unless we say, a very tiny bit will be OK. Haa haa storing spices is great but I dint know microwave is bad. OMG yesterday was my day2. I add a little olive oil nd microwave nd had for dinner alone..

How should I compensate. Nd thank you for reply. Keep rolling, all should be OK …. I trust what you said. Hi author sorry by mistake instead of replying under my name.

My 7days completed nd my friend is still on her diet. I lost only 1. Is that normal or is it very less kg loss? Keep in mind there are variables that can cause the weight to be less at times: Examples would be someone cheats a little, under lying health issues like thyroid problems and cortisol issues. Also ladies sometimes struggle more due to their hormones and so on. Also keep in mind weight loss is progressive, this diet should also change your mindset about food.

Oh god thank you. I thought I did some mistak.. To be very frank this diet varies day by day so it was easy to follow.

I will see if I canfollow the diet again after a week. Hurray I finished my 7days. I feel realy very good. But I doubt of my weught loss.

I have lost only less than 2kgs. Day1 I had bf-melon nd apple in a bowl. Lunch-Papaya nd watermelon, Dinner-Papaya nd melon. Bf-Papaya nd melon, lunch-soup, water melon, dinner-apple nd melon piecec.

Bf-1banana nd 1 glass skim milk. Lunch-soup, eveng-1banana shake, dinner-1banana nd litl soup. Bf-Chicken pieces2 nd litl soup. Lunch-Chicken saute with tomatoes nd onion nd chillies in olive oil, dinner-2piece chickn tomatoes nd onion saute with olive oil. BF-Boiled vegies, lunch-soup nd chicken saute in loive oil, Dinner-cucumber carrot, garlic. BF-Watermelon 1 bowl, Lunch-1cup rice saute in olive oil with spices onion carrot chilly, Dinner-Left rice of around 5spoons nd water melon.

Allthe days I had water how much ever I could. IS there anything wrong I did in my diet. Why ony less than 2kg lost author? Nd also I did not do any exercise in these days.

I was just doing house hold work of cleaning stuffs. Please help me to lose weight more. Nd tell me what mistake I have done. Not everyone is the same. To me you need to do 3 things to start.

Read this plan, look at the top 2 posts and see what you think. Thank you lots n lots. I will do my best to follow as you said. Thank you lots dear author.

The loss is great first of all, congrats. I have mentioned just in another post weight loss may vary for reasons such as hormones ladies , underlying health issues like thyroid issues or high cortisol levels. Just to name a couple. Your diet looks good to me except day 6. Why so little food?

You could have had 3 meals and a snack, each needed protein. But that is it, looks perfect to me…. Hee hee ok great I was thinking that I might loss upto 5kgs haa haa lol. Thank you for reply yeah I have thyroid problem nd its in control due to medicine in empty stomach daily. Heee her day6 ther was shortage of chicken since that was fasting day I had to hide n eat nonveg if not mom would jump on me. Ur diet plan was not that tough to follow but just had a little carving to eat other food stuffs but I controlled.

I will see if I can follow the diet again.. Can you please tell me what to do post gm diet. I want to only reduce more weight.

Once again u r do helpful in clearing doubts nd suggesting things. Well, your thyroid issue is not technically controlled by medicine. Sure it helps depending on what you have. But look at a test I did. Anything in red means I have a severe auto immune reaction to it. All of those foods have their own kind of gluten, a genius guy found out it mimics the protein molecule found in wheat and reacts the same with your thyroid.

I cannot have these foods until I heal and retest. Just because you are on meds, has nothing to do with whether you can eat foods that react with your thyroid. Here is my test: I also recommend you spend some time with this guy on his site. To me he is the top thyroid guy by far — Dr. OMG thank you so much.. I will take care nd I never thought it so serious. But very concern of you. Thank you so much I will go through the site you have sent.

According to the test oats, cofee, tapioca, corn, milk is good to takr when I have thyroid right? Did I get that correct? Can you please say me wjat is gluten free food or whch food contains gluten then I eill avoid those.

After your msg I got littke nervous thinking about thyroid issue nd im assisted eith pcos too.. I shoukd change my lifestyle I understood author. What was happening was people with thyroid issues go gluten free. Yet they eat all of this junk gluten food. Rice for example has gluten, just a different type. This PHD doctor — scientist guy realized his patients were not healing after cutting wheat type gluten. Do that 30 days and then intro the foods 1 at a time every 14 days or so.

I had to eat these foods 3 times a week for 3 weeks to do the test and I was literally miserable. Hope it all goes well, get to know Dr. K… He is the man on this topic. Oh no, you cannot have those foods if you have thyroid issues possibly. Likely you cannot but you have to test. Scary right, but at least I know. My main carbs are plantains, plantian flour, bananas and other fruit.

I wil follow this. You are really very helpful nd made me to understand that I should have a complete change in my food style nd I will surely do that. FYI, this is a horrible article, so mainstream and will not help you 1 bit. Their list is outdated, common and has nothing to do with good health.

Its really scary author.. When I saw the food list of gluten free diet I understood that I should have a complete change in my food im taking.. I will really do that because im really suffering a lot with this thyroid harmonal issues.

I will get to kno the Dr. Kharrazian as you said. This is my first diet plan first intro to blogs nd comments nd im just so thankful that you made me feel so comfortable nd u r very helpful. I wish I could invite you home nd give a big treat but gluten free haahaaa lol. LOL — Trust me I have learned to do some awesome thing with plantain flour actually! Here ya go, this will explain it all. Hello, use the contact us form at the bottom of this page… http: Not that I know of, we recommend the minimum 2 week wait but people choose not to all of the time.

Hello sir Today is my first day of diet and at dinner time I had taken wonder soup,becz I was feeling hungry. Today is my second day. I am very happy with this diet. On the fifth day, it recommended to eat 1 cup of rice. Let me know any side dishes along with rice. Tomato can be cooked or not and each rice meal needs good fat like ghee. Hi, I want to start this diet. I am going to start this diet in 2 days. How are you making it sour? Have you asked a doc or your parents if you are unsure.

Look at the foods. Are they OK per any diet restrictions? Think natural, based on your questions you rely too much on bottled juices which are junk and pure sugar. Beware of food additives, etc. Only pure — natural foods please. Hi , I have followed this diet once earlier and I saw 5kgs. And now I am again following the same as I did earlier and today I am on 4th day but till now I have now even see some grams loss in my weight.

What is the problem behind this? In Wonder Soup what thing can be a substitute of green pepper? Hi, Can I use anything as a substitute of green pepper in wonder soup? I ate vegetables all the day and starting of the day I took 1 large boiled potato on day 2nd. And I weighted at the end of the day 4th. It did not show even a single gram difference.. I am so so disappointed this time. Please help me with this. Coz I am following the same way I did earlier.. And that time I lost more than 5kgs.

Think pure and natural on this plan. Can I have wonder soup on day 1 please answer. Today is my first day and I m feeling a bit hungry. Can Thyroid patients follow this diet when in control with meds?

Can we also take raw mango green with vegs for Day2? Example if you eat wheat and sugar, your thyroid will worsen and never get better. So at least this program is gluten and sugar free. I am on my 2day. It is wriiten can have gm soup on any day. I had warm water with honey, ACV and lemon in morning ml. Is it okay or should I redo the diet some other day without it. Can I eat grapes and pear on day 1? Apple, papaya, kiwi and pomegranate are others that I am consuming.

Lemon water however is great. I have started the Gm diet plan an i am on my 3rd day i just wanted to know what to do after i am done with the 7th day do i redo the plan again or wait how many days do i need to wait for to redo the plan again. I would wait at least 2 weeks to start it again. The recipe is the same. What will be the normal diet plan after completing seven days of diet? Please advice on the complete diet plan after we try out the 7 day diet plan!

You need a deep understanding of the thyroid to understand why you should not do this diet unless you were to add good fat to it, meaning every meal. It is gluten and sugar free which are the 2 top things you need to cut with a thyroid issue. I can share with you how I ate if you like which healed my thyroid.

Hi I just made the soup. My grandma insisted on putting a bunch of water in it, is that okay? I told her no, but she just went ahead. Theres probably 1 liter or more water in it noiw. I have a few questions and would really appreciate if someone would answer them for me..

Also, should I restrict myself to only egg whites, and how many eggs can be consumed? You mean beans wit ha tiny green sprout. They may be healthy, I would never eat beans unless they were sprouted. They may have a little protein which is hard for the body to uptake, but they are also carby. The yolk has all of the nutrition. Hello sir, as am taking medicine for hypothyroidism I cant have cabbage,broccoli,cauliflower etc.

I found your wonder soup recepie and the 2 nd day diet plan mainly consist of these vegetables. Wil you please suggest some substitutes for these. Hello… Understandable… Pick local veg that work. Zucchini, a carrot or 2, peppers, onion. Hi today is my fourth day ending…i cant make wonder soup and now i am not opening knorr soup also after readin above.. Oh my, 3 cups of curd? Knorr soup is not allowed at all. Please, you truly need to read each day on this site carefully.

Day 5 replace what we say to eat for beef with chicken. Aurther i read in gm diet faq that you can replace butter milk with curd.. Today is my 5 th day and i am alredyfeeling way lighter then yesterday…today i came to office and cant get acess to chicken…i cant eat beef bein hindu…pleas advice how much eggs can i eat for one servong..

Hello again its day 4. Just baked dal and water. For day 5, can I make a curry of tomato and paneer with a pinch of salt and chilli. My second day today! Day-1 diet Green organic tea- 8. Potatoes tasted like heaven today morning with chopped onions, celery, ghee and a dash of spices!!! I already feel light and fresh after a day of fruits! Looking forward to complete the 7- day regimen and lose those extra kilos round my belly! Will keep you all posted with my progress… Best of luck for everyone who is trying this diet!

Hello Everyone I am planning to start GM Diet plan but before doing that I want to ask u all did you loose ur 10 lbs in one week?? And do we need to repeat this diet every week? Starting today…will keep you all posted in 7 days.

Hope it works for me! There are literally tons of factors, underlying health issue can make it tougher for some, what were you eating before? I hope it works also…. Is it a must to have the soup? I am on day 3 and have not been hungry therefore have not made the soup. Also because I cannot stand celery, cabbage and peppers! Does the soup really help with weight loss or is it just a substitute for hunger?? If it does help with weight loss then can I make simple tomato soup? No tomato soup, it is not the same nutritionally at all.

Can GM soup be eaten in any amount? Hello author, Started the diet today. My questions are, 1 can I add chicken stock and chicken boneless pieces to the soup? Like cream or butter , is either allowed?

So only pure dried herbs and spices. Not from a junk food place. Hi, Can I have the Wonder soup as below: Well if you want to truly lower your blood pressure it takes a lifestyle change and work.

Yes certain foods can increase helps in various areas of health. My blood pressure is pretty low already so I wanted to know if the soup would cause it to be even lower. On day 2, I cheated a little.. But after that, almost magically, I got a lot of energy which lasted the entire day. Has this cookie thing ruined my diet plan?

On day 3 now, however, I am on veggies, fruits and wonder soup and there is no craving weakness etc. A cheat unfortunately is huge. However keep rolling and hopefully this will go well. This combo makes for increased fat burning, higher levels of satiation, and reduced food intake. So, this is where a love for vegetables and healthy fat proteins comes in handy. In the end, a low-carb diet is all about eating fewer carbohydrates while consuming foods with a higher proportion of fat.

There should also be a large portion of vegetables on your plate. But to help you better understand the ins and outs of a low-carb diet, we put together an in-depth guide that explains the how-tos to start a low-carb diet for beginners.

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