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Human Body Systems

Systems of the body?
Severalparts stop working and you might stop running all together. Why I spoke about these only is because to me I remember these systems the most out of all of them. When the diaphragm humps down, you can feel your belly getting bigger and sticking out farther. It carries nutrients, oxygen and water to different cells in the body and removes wastes the cells create. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Are we the human body made of systems? Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

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List of systems of the human body

What are 10 body systems in the human body? What body systems work with the repiratory system? Mostly the circulatory system. Blood, passes the lungs getting oxygenated, and then distributing it throughout the body. It also delivers used CO 2 to the lungs. This combination allows for the respiratory stem to work.

What part of the body system is the digestive system? It is the systems, glands, and organs that break down food so that it can be used by the body. It also absorbs water and other liquids.

It includes such anatomical parts as the mouth, tongue, teeth, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small and large intestines, appendix, colon, and rectum. Explain how your body systems works with other systems in the body? Your nervous system interacts with every other system in your body. In the same way that all of your cells need oxygen transported by the circulatory system, all of your tissues and organs require instruction and direction from the nervous system.

There is obvious interaction between your muscles and your nervous system. That interaction helps you move around and interact with your environment. What body system initiates body movement? Your question doesn't really make sense but Motor fuctions of the body stem from the cerebellum, which is a part of your brain that is located at the base of the skull.

Automatic motions like your heart beating and lungs moving are controled by an area of the brain called the medulla As you may know, the spinal cord is vehical by which the electric signals get sent through out the body. That's why if you have a spinal cord injury you are in risk of becoming paralyzed Incidences of this can be seen in dramatic series from the s. I guess the answer to your question is a combo of the musculoskeletal and nervous system.

No its the circulatory system initiates movement first. What body system moves food into the body? If your young then you'll learn this soon. But its hard to explain all of it. It is the digestive system. What body system controls all other body systems? The nervous system regulates the other systems. It consists of the brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves. They gather information, make decisions and give the orders.

The endocrine system also exerts some control. It sends hormones through the bloodstream as chemical messengers from the glands to organs and tissues throughout the body. The answer most people would give is the nervous system. But, the system that has a broader scope and affects every other system in the body is the endocrine system.

It is the partner to the nervous system and communicates with every cell in your body. The nervous system only control those tissues and organs that it has nerve receptors and motor units.

It does not affect every cell in your body as does the endocrine system. What body systems get rid of wastes from your body? The integumentary, respiratory, digestive, urinary. Systems by association include the circulatory and lymphatic and to a degree the muscular.. What body system waterproofs the body? Skin is able to repel water, however if water is in contact with the skin for a prolonged period of time the skin will absorb the water because of the pores Small holes in it.

This may happen if you spend a large amount of time in the water. This is not dangerous for your health. What is the name of the body system that covers your body? The integumentary system is used to refer to the skin and its derivatives, i. How does the muscular system works with other body systems in your body? Your muscles are attached to bones and other muscles via tendons and ligaments to enable movement throughout the body. What system is the transportation system of the body?

Nutrients and minerals and other substances in blood are transported throughout the rest of the body via blood flow. How your body system works with other system in your body? What are the 7 organ systems of our bodies?

What is the body system that brings oxygen into the body? The respiratory system is the system that brings oxygen into your body and releases carbon dioxide from your body. What are the 15 body systems in your body? Male Reproductive System What are the systems in body? Urinary Excretory system Which part of the body system is the nervous system? Everywhere on you body you've got feeling. The immune system is made up of cells, organs, proteins and tissues that fight together to guard the human body against diseases.

The skin is an organ of the immune system that keeps harmful substances out of the body and holds beneficial substances in. The immune system attacks germs and rids the body of disease. The body fights a common cold by producing more mucus through the mucous membranes which drain the germs out of the body.

The digestive system helps turn food into a form that the body can find useful. The nutrients that are taken into the body are distributed evenly by the circulatory system. Food is broken down into tiny particles and passes though the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines. These parts work together passing food through the body but keeping and using the nutrients it needs.

The muscular system partners with the skeletal system to help the body move. The muscular tissues cool and heat the body under the skin. Muscles that are not controlled are called involuntary muscles.

The muscles that are controlled are the voluntary muscles. Almost half the weight of the human body is made up of the skeletal system. There are approximately muscles in the human body. The skeletal system protects major organs throughout the body. Bones are connected by cartilage, joints and ligaments.

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Systems of the Human Body: