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Most women find it hard to believe that fats, oils, creams and ointments applied to the skin are absorbed and interfere with weight reduction by HCG just as if they had been eaten. Three daily servings of dairy may keep your heart healthy. As someone who joined weight watchers for the first time at age 16, I completely agree with your article Kevin. I know people that have had long term success with weight watchers. When the body is forced to retain water, it will do this at all costs. Weight Watchers Freestyle products come various ranges.

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WW helped me with basic foundation. I was someone who would have 3 donuts for breakfast. So I learned how to cut back on calories…. It offers basic education, a tracking tool, friendships you meet along the way and accountability. However, remember, I said that it offered basic education? It takes someone who really wants to lose the weight for good and someone who really wants to understand the whys and the whats behind everything that will succeed.

At least in my eyes. This is where the extra tools come in hence: So, again, I thank you kindly for everything. This journey is hard enough as it is and to use all the tools you can, use them well, and know when you attain new tools is critical.

I know people that have had long term success with weight watchers. That would be like me reading about your program and then writing an article on how badly it sucked. You need to change the way you are thinking because your not going to be successful acting like a 12 year old boy. Why not support the people who have done weight watchers and teach them to eat even healthier? This article is quite frustrating. Your comment is really difficult to understand. Let me show you:. A large percentage of my clients are former Weight Watchers members.

I work closely with these men and women to reverse the destructive programming that Weight Watchers installs in people. Let me get this straight. Does the hypocrisy of your behavior bother you at all?

This article is insanely wrong. I have lost lbs on weight watchers. The only time I ever gained any of it back was after surgery that had me bed ridden. Even then, I had only gained 8lbs back, which I lost plus some as soon as I was able to get back into the gym.

Weight watchers did teach me how to eat, what to eat and how much to eat. About 9 months into my weight loss journey I stopped counting point because at that point I knew how to eat.

Because I was able to indulge I was able to truly stick to the program. I think it is insanely immature to bash and rip apart another program. You blatantly bashing another program does one thing and one thing only, it tells me your insecure about the effectiveness of your own program.

Does every program work for every person? No of course not, but WW is like everything else on the market, if you truly have the will and desire you will be successful. Unfortunately because of your childishness even if your program is effective many will never know because once you begin acting like a high school mean girl every word out of your mouth is invalidated. Congratulations on your results.

Of course, no argument applies to everyone. My article was written specifically because your results are not typical of Weight Watchers. Furthermore, your personal attacks on me will not be tolerated. Looking at this one thread alone I can tell you are quite arrogant. You were rude and nasty to Linda simply because she disagreed. Maybe your not attempting to come off arrogant, or harsh or rude but you are.

I understand translation can get lost when you cannot see a persons body language or hear the persons tone of voice. Your attitude alone is a turn off and you will chase potential clients away. Will, determination and desire are the only thing that makes any diet work.

You need to educate yourself properly before you write an article on something because all it does is make you look like a total fool. There is a reason why weight watchers has been around and no one knows who the hell you are. It would help your career. I wrote an article that is statistically accurate and highly informative. This is your last warning as far as hurling personal insults goes. Lenin, I thought your name was Michael. Do they come from people you know or are they evidence- and research-based?

What happens to people who fall off of your program? Do they maintain their weight loss for more than 5 years? Can you prove it with verifiable facts? As someone who joined weight watchers for the first time at age 16, I completely agree with your article Kevin. Each of the most recent three times I have been on weight watchers, I was buying all of their snacks and frozen foods and downing diet soda like crazy and I was not dealing with my food addictions. This is great information.

As a person who has tried weight watchers many times with only temporary success I get it. I totally agree Kevin. I am glad you are addressing this misinformation that WW puts out there. I can attest to how much work it is and that long term it does not work. Each time I was less and less successful and it was harder and harder to do what they were telling me to do. So thankful for your program. How Does Weight Watchers Work? Really… The lifelong member says: Always… The lifelong member says: Accountability is not support, at least not the type of support you need.

Weight Watchers Meals, Recipes, and Food Products Weight Watchers subsidizes the cost of their memberships by selling food products that are the antithesis of healthy. What About Weight Watchers Freestyle? Whether Weight Watchers do this on purpose, or its pure negligence, is debatable. Weight Watchers Dunce on August 12, at 7: Benny Allen on July 27, at 7: Karen on July 23, at Kevin Michael Geary on July 24, at 7: Benny Allen on July 27, at 6: Kevin Michael Geary on July 27, at 6: Karen on July 29, at 1: Marion on June 29, at 4: Jade on May 14, at 7: Thank you for this information will definitely never go back on WW.

Irrevenant on April 26, at 7: Hi Kevin, a couple more points: Kevin Michael Geary on April 26, at Except they talk about these things in a very unhealthy way. Irrevenant on April 26, at 8: Kevin Michael Geary on April 26, at 9: Carla Cole on July 5, at Kevin Michael Geary on April 26, at 8: Irrevenant on April 26, at 9: Your plan looks good, and I can see how your ideology is incompatible with WW.

Kevin Michael Geary on April 27, at 6: I appreciate the back and forth. Bonnie on April 25, at 1: I wonder what all the people who fail at Weight Watchers think about your sarcastic comment… Reply.

Dorothy Normand on April 19, at 9: I have been on WW maintenance program 45 years? Remained at same wt. Kevin Michael Geary on April 19, at 9: Fuzzita on April 13, at 2: Kevin Michael Geary on April 13, at 8: Carol on April 12, at 7: Kevin Michael Geary on April 12, at 9: Isabel on June 11, at Angie on March 19, at 8: Kim on February 15, at 2: Weight Watchers is quite up front that zero points does not mean zero calories. Leslie on February 8, at 3: Weight Watchers also has weekly meetings, so dieters have a method of support.

Weight Watchers also has a core plan where dieters can choose pre-packaged foods. This eliminates the need to count calories or points.

The Atkins diet promotes weight loss, but the concern is the increase in fatty foods allowed by the diet plan. Dieters eat fatty foods like red meat and proteins without balancing foods properly.

High-fat foods can lead to heart disease and high cholesterol levels. Weight Watchers focuses on a balanced diet, but dieters are required to pay fees to follow the program. Dieters need to budget for food and fees to follow Weight Watchers. Atkins promotes quick weight loss, but some dieters gain the weight back or even gain excess weight when returning to meals with carbohydrates.

Dieters also need to continue to watch carbohydrate intake even after reaching goals. Weight Watchers is a more long-term solution, but fees can be costly. FitPoints are easier to earn as well. Plain and simple, you get points as soon as you start moving. With the old Activity Points, you had to reach a baseline before you could score — for example, you might have had to walk 3, steps to get points.

Now, you could walk just a third of that and already earn as many as 2 FitPoints. What is FitBreak from Weight Watchers? FitBreak is an app that shows you very brief videos a few seconds long , and encourages you to then mimic that activity for exactly one minute. If you do this 20 times over the course of the day a total of 20 minutes , you will receive 2 FitPoints.

You must be logged into your regular Weight Watchers mobile app while using FitBreak, in order to automatically receive the points. When you start on Weight Watchers, you take an assessment where WW looks at your lifestyle and determines your first FitPoints goal.

As mentioned, this goal is based on your personal factors. For instance, if you currently spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, WW will start you off with a fairly low points goal. One is by wearing an activity tracker, such as the highly popular Fitbit, which integrates with your Weight Watchers account. The advantage of wearing an activity tracker is that you'll earn the most FitPoints this way.

Just make sure that your tracking app is synced to your Weight Watchers account so that your tracked activities are automatically converted and credited as FitPoints.

Just log in to your My Day online dashboard, go to "Activity," and there you'll see where to input your activity. Even if you don't want to shell out for an expensive tracker, you can download a free pedometer app on your phone to count your steps for you.

Once you get the hang of reaching your weekly FitPoints goals and for some people, WW is right in saying that this can be addictive , your goal will likely be changed to match your new lifestyle. If you reach your goal for two weeks straight, Weight Watchers will automatically recommend a higher goal for you.

And if you keep racking up those points, you get more bragging rights — and other perks, like say, a leaner, healthier body. Plus, you can exchange those FitPoints for more SmartPoints, which means that you can eat a little more if you want to. FitPoints is a goal system, so you want to earn more points here to achieve your target. In fact, 1 FitPoint is equal to 1 SmartPoint. The question now is, should you eat your FitPoints?

In a way, this makes sense. And, as we all know, getting a treat every now and then makes dieting a little more enjoyable. A similar thing may happen with tracking apps, especially if more than one app is synced to your WW account.

Overestimated FitPoints means that you could then be swapping for more food than you worked for, and that completely throws the diet.

The equivalent FitPoints for each activity depends a lot on its intensity and duration, and your weight also factors into it. A basic "average" approximation would be 1, walking steps equals 1 FitPoint, but this could increase or decrease for you, depending on your weight, etc. It does take a bit of meticulous fine-tuning to figure out FitPoints for your particular weight. The Weight Watchers Pocket Guide provides a comparison:. A pound person earns 1 FitPoint after 10 minutes of low- to moderate intensity movements.

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