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The Struggle to Control World Population. Retrieved October 31, An internal WHO report on the Ebola response pointed to underfunding and the lack of "core capacity" in health systems in developing countries as the primary weaknesses of the existing system. Another of the thirteen WHO priority areas is aimed at the prevention and reduction of "disease, disability and premature deaths from chronic noncommunicable diseases , mental disorders , violence and injuries , and visual impairment ". What we predicted 10 years ago would happen is coming true. Total fertility rate and Birth rate.

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The cost of surgery, then, is not just a barrier to care. It can cause toxic, downstream side effects. Impoverishment is a side effect of surgery for the equivalent of the entire population of Germany, every year. One in five children in low-income countries is enrolled in pre-primary education.

Children with pre-primary education have better attendance and achievement in primary school. High-income countries tend to outperform low-income countries on logistics. But income is not the sole determinant. On this graph, countries further away from the trend line are over- or under-performers compared to their income group. New satellite data shows a significant decline in gas flaring at oil production sites around the world in , despite a half-percent increase in global oil production.

The nearly 5 percent flaring decline begins to reverse years of increases in global gas flaring that started in Can an ancient plant teach us how to create healthier soils? Our Top 5 Sustainability Blogs From Rebuilding Healthy Soil for a Changing Climate. Produce and collect urban sustainability guidance and evidence.

Networking researchers to document evidence that family planning brings environmental benefits. Family Planning and Environmental Sustainability: Read More from Worldwatch. An Evening of Environmental Solidarity.

View cart 0 Checkout Log In. Preschool in the Forest Systems are everywhere…but what do we really know about them? Latest Published Research Laos: Current Projects Regenerative Animal Farming The latest progress on farming practices that can revitalize both ecosystems and communities. Agricultural Subsidies New Worldwatch Institute study examines the extent and consequences of global agricultural subsidies.

Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, made significant and important contributions to global efforts to er Polio this week as of 11 September Summary of new viruses this week: Afghanistan — One new case of wild poliovirus WPV1. Pakistan — One new case of wild poliovirus WPV1. Papua New Guinea — three new cases of circulating vaccine-derived Find out the latest information on polio this week. Polio remains endemic in three countries — Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.

15 years of World View of Global Warming, documenting climate change 1999-2015