Costco vs. Sam's Club: Which is Better?

Sam's Club or Costco?
At holiday times of the year the store is great at bringing in certain items. No longer on blood pressure pills and I have more energy. However, the whole idea behind the cinnamon and honey drink is — when you drink it before bed it keeps you from storing fat during the night. Bill in Calgary April 20, at 2: It would be a shame for a bunch of people to decide this method did not work because they were using cooked or imitation honey… Katrina.

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Not only is the packaging misleading, but I hope you like a lot of lumber with your carrots. Any Californians out there? Products sold in cans, jars, and tubes all ring up the savings at Costco.

To keep your budget in check , be sure to shop with a grocery shopping list and stick to it! Buying in bulk once a month and planning your trip with a shopping list could prevent impulse spending and save you hundreds of dollars each year. Based on my sample shopping list, it would take over two months just to break even on this hefty fee.

Break even on your Gold Star Membership sooner by splitting the fee with a friend. Last trip I asked my honest cashier why they give me the hard sell every visit. If you prefer to watch your items scan and verify the prices, skip the pre-scan services. I find the whole process takes longer, and creates greater opportunity for mistakes since numberous cashiers are now scanning my items and taking payment.

Go online for big discounts and free shipping — returning your wares if you change your mind is generally hassle free. Go ahead and do a unit price comparison on a few of your grocery bills, and then shop the store s that suit your family budget. Glad to see that I am actually saving some money shopping at Costco. That was interesting about the fresh produce. I have really tried to shop at Superstore but honestly the place just sucks the life out of me.

I have never bought meat at SS and probably never will. Also, you are right about the cost of their produce, but in January, check out the difference between the cucumbers or peppers at Costco compared with Superstore. Although not organic, the visible difference between the two is amazing. I have been told shopping at Costco was so much cheaper than shopping at Superstore or anywhere local. Considering I buy a ton of produce and other fresh options it would cost me a lot more to shop there.

Also I would have to take into consideration the fuel to drive there and the wasted portion of my day. Time is money when you are working for your self. Another thing to consider…Super store puts on great deals. Like if you spend over a certain amount you get a free turkey. On a different note though, the pharmacy prescription prices are one of the cheapest in the city. Since I live in the US that may be the reason for some of our differences, but I have found that many of my food purchases are cheaper if not comparable at Costco.

Milk, butter, bread, rice, beans, yogurt, salsa, vegetables fresh and frozen are usually cheaper. Fruits are usually comparable but the quality of Costco produce seems better than conventional grocery stores… I could go on and on. Love the post though! I find the Green Giant brand pretty good. The local grocery market here is strange.

Less convenient than the Safeways and Save-on-Foods. This article was great! Thanks again for doing the work for us detective! These stores are NOT for me. I shop my bread stuff at outlet stores or the day old rack. I agree — you need to compare prices and value in the stores where you shop.

If you save a dollar on each item, imagine what you save over a year. Save-On has some items best, Fairway has good produce, Zellers had the best price on instant coffee on sale, Superstore may have good sales but they hate returns. You have to be careful with the large packages at Costco — they look like big Xmas presents — and they may well not be at a good price and you may well not need that big a size. Costco does have a good return policy, but you probably have to wait in line again.

We normally shop at Costco, Superstore, and when the weather permits, our local farmers markets. Another quick mention is that the online store is not the bricks and mortar store. Thank you so much. I like that you spelled it all out for us. I so want to do this at Sams Club This looks like a great homeschool project. My issue with Costco is the lineups. As a Californian, let me assure you that we do not lay claim to those sad looking vegetables.

Costco is a great deal for me. Cheese, bread, frozen veggies are the big ones. Also quinoa, organic peanut butter, almond butter, canned tomatoes.

Costco does have coupons from time to time also. However depending on the week, the amount we get might not be enough for our family. So I often supplement with frozen, especially when my spouse is traveling. I agree that you need to shop carefully at Costco but find I save a lot — especially when the coupons — which come out really regularly now — get subtracted from the total. Again, comparison shopping is essential and you need to know your prices and watch the other sales.

I make back my membership fee fairly quickly and am glad of the savings. I also use the online items to further save. We live in the U.

I like to serve as much organic food as possible to my small family: The items that are always on my Costco list are: I also do resort to the Costco fresh peppers in the winter. Those organic ones are a killer on the budget! I think you need to track what your family eats and compare costs, but for us it's a no-brainer. At least for now! I want to point out that Costco prices are not all the same, they vary from store to store…especially on produce. I can do better and actually match a few of your Superstore prices making Costco an even better deal, even fresh produce.

Costco rocks but u need to go in witha list and accept that u will not be able to get all your groceries there. You will still need to go to your local for a great variety of fresh produce. As with many of you, I enjoyed the meat of the article. However, I do not use a car to shop, I think like Neil, based on his pic, and like a few others I shop as a single. Shopping local, as local as possible buillds a better life for all of us.

We are weaving a strong local economy and also fresh and organic contain a higher food value not to mention the quality of the products and the farms etc. Mass production of food is a bigger issue with increasing world population but I use public transportation for big shops: All of the big box stores make me break out into hives.

I raised a child this way and yes I made some trade offs however they were worth it. Build a strong community without your car, live, work and shop locally.

Walk for your health: Live better for longer. Be a pilgrim of your much discussed heritage, sail into the future and live in your new life. Reduce your dependency on a car and radically change your life! Great article — one important note.. Some of the warehouses really stick to this, others do not.

Great article, however I would like to point out that you need look include the quality of the food as well. I would never buy any perishable food at SS Stupid Store. Their quality just sucks. I remember buying nectarines there and they were so dry that I had to throw it out. I only live 5 minutes away from Costco, so commuting is not a problem. I am a savy shopper, using price per unit, and store comparisons, and shopping sale items. I find the Kirkland brand to be far superior to the name brands.

Costco demands the highest level of service from their name brand vendors for their customers satisfaction. The name brand packaging is lower cost per unit than most stores and wharehouses. Not a bad deal. To me no one does it better tha Costco. Great comments and I only want to add we find the produce at Costco to be mostly great. When comparing apples to apples we find we throw out less spoiled food over superstore. The quality of the pieces of produce also seems heads and shoulders above.

Not everything is a great deal at Costco but I think that the standard they set reassures me about most purchases. Another point for costco: One for superstore too: All in all we love our costco shopping trips. If you are a small family like us you may also want to invest in a vacuum sealer and bags. This preserves some of those bulk purchases and gives you further value out of your membership. Has anyone shopped at Walmart? I am very impressed with many of their canned products eg diced tomatoes 78c cnd, canned beans etc.

I gave up my Costco membership years ago as I prefer being able to juggle my money and not to be a storage space for the store — while they hold my money……. You need to be careful with your purchases at costco and I doubt that that executive membership will ever be beneficial for me — you need a lot of big ticket items. The only other thing that I learned is to be careful of electronics. I bought a sound-dock at what I thought was the same price as BestBuy, but the the one from BestBuy was a much better deal — at least two years newer in terms of technology.

I figure our membership is paid just by getting milk there. Also, we stock up on cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. I know the article focuses on groceries, but I wanted to point out that the Pekkle brand clothes, pyjamas for kids is very good and high quality, for a low price. We wash and wash and wash them and they stay in great shape. Prices I listed here are from converting what the author listed in above chart! But since I shop — often — for a family of 5 I have prices of most regular items memorized, just gets tricky when the volume differs.

Sometimes I get a few other things as needed or if there are coupons. Armed with data like this it might be more useful. I think any DINKy family without kids probably should share a membership though, for sure. The savings had better be good for me to choose that for my day off over getting quickly and painlessly in and out of Sobeys at 10pm. I am sure you dont think ALL kids are ill behaved. I know my little one has had a few fits in grocery stores. I do understand what you mean.

In fact we often prefer to shop without our kids as it is faster. My husband has been away this week and I have avoided grocery shopping like the plauge lol. I think I would actually choose the experience of a shopping store and not always just the prices. Also the variety of products offered. It happens to be next to great butcher and COBS. Certianly not the cheapest…but I enjoy the shopping experience. It has a relaxed enviroment…and there is alot to say about lowering our stress levels.

How much does blood pressure medication cost?? They say the more you spend on your food the less you will spend on meds when you are older. For us, the diapers are a huge deal, since we used almost 3, of them over the course of 12 months.

A lot of the fruits and veggies are also less per unit here. Maybe it has a lot to do with location?? Not all Costcos are the same. When I lived in California Santa Rosa I was able to buy lots of fresh food cheaply, but also locally brewed beer and wine. But lots of other things see blueberries above are of value. It was somewhat expensive, but truly fresh and truly local. I hit Costco early, but Whole foods around 9pm. Crowds of bratty kids make the already annoying experience of shopping for food traumatic.

I almost never go to stores on the weekends because of the people with kids. The parents are slowed down, the aisles are clogged with kids, and the whole situation is an MCF.

The parents have become immune to how annoying their kids actually are, but we normal people find it unbelievable. Or Walmart, or any other place. Who are the other people there, and do they disturb your calm enough to overcome any financial savings?

I probably pay a few cents more per item. But I save my sanity and time. I think we are discussing shades of difference. I too shop when the fewest other people are around. And get the best deal possible then. Rob Fiona — Have you two considered grocery delivery? It sounds like it might fit your styles. My favourite stores may not be the best deal in town but they work well for us.

I can sneak off to SS once in awhile when we need pet food and other items like that…sans kids of course. So what am I called — our family is double income three kids lol. To officially share a membership, the second person is supposed to live in your house, as mentioned in a comment above.

How strictly the store enforces this depends on your store. We go shopping there together, and we put everything on one bill that I pay for and she pays me back for her items. My SO has a Costco membership and shops there about once a month. Her rationale is that she saves more on hearing aid batteries than the membership cost. My own impression of Costco after a couple of visits was that there was little there that was worth my while. I have bought several hundred dollars of groceries over the years with PC points.

The best time to hit the SS is between 8 and 9 AM on a weekday. After they have all the discounted items out, and before the mothers who dropped the kids off a school hit the place. Obviously not a convenient time for the working crowd. I have watched the Wally-mart prices since they began to sell groceries. My random observations on Costco. You never touched on the meat products. I single steak at the local butcher runs the same price. I pack of back ribs are pretty similar to Loblaws on a per pound, but the amount of meat on the bones at Costco is much more.

First thing in the morning has less crowds. But even at peak times, the lines at the cashiers move fast and more are open. Electronics may be a few months behind, but Costco provides a two year warranty versus the standard one year.

Prices can change weekly not talking about sales either. Products can disappear without notice, especially seasonal items. Products can be moved to the other side of the store. No mention of clothing. Hard to beat that. Service is pretty crappy if you are trying to find something. Returns are no problem. Tires are competitively priced, especially during their sales best to order them online and pick up in the store to ensure you get your set.

High quality cheeses have even bigger savings. Fresh produce I find to be about the same. It could swing either way. But for produce that is priced by unit instead of by weight, Costco would almost always win because everything there is bigger, including the honeydew melons!

As far as meats go, fresh or frozen are typically cheaper at Costco as well. I should do my own comparison for Atlantic Canada to see what I come up with. You have made me reconsider my Costco renewal of membership! I was aware their return policy was excellent, my friend returned a camera YEARS later and got a new model apparently at one Costco in California. Kerry, The main savings in costco is the meat.

We go through tons of greens at out home for our morning smoothies. About 3 big boxes a week. Same for eco laundry detergent..

The other stores have yucky fat clinging to them that I need to trim off. I can go on. Even for a person who doesnt eat any processed food, costco is still big in savings. If you know what to buy. And to avoid temptation. Costco is my favourite store. While Superstore may be price competitive on many items, Safeway and Coop in Calgary are definitely not. Although the fresh meat is somewhat expensive there is nothing better for a treat than their filet mignon steak.

Have never found a better one elsewhere. Of course now the gas bar also helps. The challenge I have is waste. We love Costco and shop there all the time. A few things to watch out for, at least at our warehouse: Produce in the cold room is ok, berries and other delicate produce stored on the warehouse floor without refrigeration are usually moldy or half spoiled.

Reminds me of Seinfeld. Is Costco really worth it? Squakfox You can contact Whitson Gordon, the author of this post, at whitson lifehacker. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, and lurking around our tips page. Squawkfox via Lifehacker […]. The costco folks definitely watch for card sharing at my store.

My roommate and I made separate purchases the fist time we went together and as I passed her my card the cashier reprimanded me, saying I could not share my card with others. I explained that we were roommates and that we always split our grocery bills this way. The next few times we went to Costco it was the same deal from the cashiers.

Curiously, I have some good friends who are sisters, share a house and are in their 30s. One more comment for the US comparison. I think that Kiplinger personal finance magazine did a food comparison a few months back between Costco, Safeway and Wholefoods. Your price comparisons are obviously skewed and hand picked to show a particular bias.

For those of us who prefer not to throw our money away, we learn where the food is the best value and skin and debone our own chicken. Why compare with Superstore. I find that most regular grocery items eggs, milk, yoghourt, veggies, meat,.. What do you stock up on? See the full story on Squawkfox. Facebook April 23, […]. I find prices at Costco and other warehouse stores for fresh vegetables and fruits quite high compared to our neighborhood supermarket.

I noticed right from the start that there were definitely certain things that were priced worse at Costco. The one area of your article I disagree with is cheese. Also, I question the frozen vegetables you purchased from your grocery store. Honestly, Costco is great when it comes buying in bulk. Keep an eye for the dollar stores around though. This keeps us to the things we wanted.

Of course this rule worked better before we had two kids to chase. A side note on the Executive Membership — when you use your no fee Costco American Express you also get a percent cash back on the card — you get double savings AND with gas prices going up the Costco gas bar is always the cheapest in town and you have to have a membership to use it. If you earn less, bring your check to the service counter and they will give you the difference.

Upgrading to the Executive Membership is a no risk situation. My family 3 adults does meal planning 30 days in advance. Great price on a case of Florida oranges which is our nearest source. The meat we bought, especially the sausages, was excellent quality.

The price on organic whole bean coffee was better than we can get elsewhere. The frozen vegetables in our Costco were mostly from Europe so we declined. Overall, it will be well worth stocking up on non-perishables every months. Catharines store staff were slacking that day! I think your best advice is to have a list and stick to it — Costco is a perfect place to make impulse buys that totally eat up any savings you might have made on the groceries.

Thanks for a great post. I used to shop at costco but found that I can buy same things cheaper price other stores when it goes on sale. Most of the items go on sale weeks. I do find that the produce at CostCo is fresher than at SuperStore. Takes me forever to shop there! This article proved what I already suspected — frozen and packed products will be cheaper in the warehouse store, fresh products more expensive. Costco is great when they have deals with a reasonable quantity.

If not I go elsewhere. Thanks for the info! Have you checked the prices on there clothing. I bought a kids wagon there for 80 bucks. The same wagon at toys r us was You also have to take the quality of the meat into cosideration. Costco beef is AAA. There chicken is a air chilled and trimmed ready to eat. I find it the best place to shop. Fantastic article, being both a costco and superstore shopper I agree with everything. My only comment would be to watch Costco online prices versus in store.

So shipping is obviously built into the online prices and many are already available in store. I worked at Costco for many, many years. I worked in various departments. I live an hour away from the closest Costco but will still drive there to shop. There meat is above any grade I have seen anywhere else and yes that goes for the butcher too. Again you cannot loose. A note about the Executive membership: I agree with most of the comments here, although as others have mentioned, you have to know your local prices and what constitutes a good deal.

If you have a dog, you can save a huge amount by purchasing the Kirkland Signature dog food. On the other hand, soda pop is quite expensive at Costco compared with a sale price at any other store.

Wall Mart has them for. Just a quick note regarding Costco. The Costco closest to me has a gas bar that offers between 3 to 7 cents a liter lower price than all other gas stations.

I have never been a fan of Superstore meat. Just a quick comment about the meat and produce. Just like your frozen vegetable experience, there is different grades of meats amd produce. Have you seen the size of the apples?

The meat also is of the highest quality. So prices do not show this. I get the executive membership. Most of the savings comes from purchasing gas. I agree, some of the Kirkland products are exceptional, including the balsamic vinegar.

Excellent for making your own thrifty and delicious salad dressing. Paper towels especially are SO much cheaper at Costco.

Cleaning products such as dish soap and laundry detergent are at MUCH lower than retail prices provided you can store;handle the large containers this is unbeatable. I also go to Costco for Eggs, egg whites, and milk. For holiday baking, I buy a 50 lb bag of flour there for a very cheap price.

I also buy sugars and butter there, though with the butter and cream cheese a very good sale at the grocery store may beat that price. The produce can be as expensive or more expensive than normal stores, but the quality is generally excellent. I love it for bags of spinach, kale and salad. The only issue is when the packages are larger than what we need.

Olive oil is also a great buy at costo. I go in the afternoon rather than the morning, for the free samples! You can make almost a meal out of them, and you can go back for seconds if you want. A great way to try out brands you may not be familiar with. Sign up for their email. It often comes with info about what will be on sale this week in-store. That way, you can pace your trips for best results. If you live in a big city, try out the different Costco stores in your city.

In my city, there is one store that has a lot more frozen product items, so i go there every 6 months or so to stock up. In Quebec, Costco crrries wine apparently. A good place to check out when travelling! Your membership is good anywhere in the world. My favourite items, for price and quality: Kirkland chocolate-covered raisins, fresh humus, crackers, Michelin windshield wipers.

I agree that the produce is kind of expensive, as is the fresh meat, although often the quality is better and fresher than supermarket not always.

On these items, the price does not tend to fluctuate so much from week to week as it does in supermarkets. For best prices on produce, I find that the ethnic grocery stores are often best, especially the Chinese ones, but you have to examine the quality closely for quality etc.

What do you think of the New Beetle? I should note that CostCo has always had better prices on dairy goods than our local grocery stores, from Connecticut to California.

What about the Good Food Box program? I think other cities have such a program. Now all of costco was American brand while Superstore was Canadian. Interesting article, but it fails to take into account the regular discounts Costco places on products this drives prices even lower , the fact that a lot of their produce and other products are now organic and the fact the meat is usually higher quality than the superstore variety.

In the end it really depends on you and how frugal a shopper you are. Where Best buy will try to sell you that a extra couple hundred. Costco customer service is second to none. Costco only sells quality products. I overspent every time I went there and came home with books, movies, clothes, etc.

Read a fascinating book called Mindless Eating. I did a great post about it. Since I live in the US that may be the reason for some of our differences but what you should buy at Costco: What about the quality of the produce?

Sure, a flat of peaches is more expensive at costco but they come in a flat, where the fruit is separated to prevent them from bruising and are, in general, big beautiful, tasty specimens. Same with their apples. This confirms a lot of what my numbers were saying— check before you buy. Cheap is one thing, best bang for the buck has been my motto. I agree with your assessment of apples, bananas and chicken and some other fresh foods , but you really need to look on an item by item basis and seasons can play a role as well.

I generally find berries to be MUCH cheaper at Costco, and things like avocados to be on par with supermarkets but much larger at Costco.

Also, the customer service is wonderful. It is great that I am saving money, but their Customer Service is the best, and that has value in shopping there as well. Finally Costco does have their membership satisfaction guarantee.

Not sure how you came up with Chicken being cheaper at a Supermarket. Guess it matters on quality. Pretty big savings if you ask me. Everything else I pretty much agree with. Been shopping at Costco every Sunday morning for years and then head to my local Ralphs to pick up the other items I need.

Cucumbers and romaine lettuce at my Costco, for example, are waaaay cheaper. We go to the butcher for our local organic meat and we get our vegetables delivered from local farmers. For our frozen foods and bulk items, we go to costco. How about gas prices? I get frozen food and pantry stuff there sometimes, but mostly just gas. Milk, butter, cream, cheese, and dairy in general are significantly less expensive at Costco.

Higher quality cheeses and specialty cheeses are often less than half the price. Not to mention a much better selection. Beef fresh is always a savings and much better quality. As for fresh foods… lettuce, spring mix, broccoli, bananas, grape tomatoes, potatoes and onions are ALWAYS better from Costco both is price and quality. Other items vary but at least comparable. Your math on the executive membership is incorrect. Still not for everyone, admittedly. Also, Costco guarantees the price of the upgrade under their return policy.

In my local Costco, these 2 are the greatest steals: That is cheaper than ANY grocery store or big box store even if coupons are taken into account. Yes, the package is large, but my wife and I eat a lot of fruit. The exec membership policy may be different in Canada than it is here in the USA.

Oh yes… the fresh produce is always better quality than all but the most expensive local grocery stores. I am not sure why everyone said return is no hassle. I bought a bulk organic cereal bar which expires in end of April some time in Nov I opened it in middle of Jan and the nut was stale. I brought it in at the Issaquah Costco and the person told me this is the last time she will do the return since you bought it some time ago.

I pointed out the expiry day it in April and I just opened it and it is already no good. And the most important part, if there is soething wrong with the food they sell, the refund it hassle free and no verbal disagreement. Wonder why the Green Peppers are cheaper at Costco, who is getting the shaft on that stick, most likely the farmers who grew it for you.

Check to see if produce has been grown in your own city or country. I think it depends on the market. This article leaves out some details when comparing prices and expects us to assume that the comparisons are spot on. For example, the Costcos here sell Washington grown chicken for about half the price of any other grocery store.

Obviously though, in both cases, you have to be able to either use large quantities or freeze them. We also buy most of our cheese at Costco because it is generally about half the price. And oh yes, the frozen veggies at Costco are WAY better! The only thing we have to be careful about are the fresh veggies because of the package sizes.

We do use our regular stores for most of that. Someone else mentioned it, but I will say there is one produce area where, if you need quantity, Costco is a by-a-mile winner: I think the same thing happens to the bananas.

Costco is one of my favorite stores to shop at, and I consistently save money there. I find fruit to almost always be more expensive individually wrapped apples cost more , but veggies are a good value. Costco produce is always so fresh, and kept at a very low temperature, so when I get it home, they last a LOT longer than SuperStore.

I also have the Executive membership and Costco credit card and easily make back my dues. I always pay it off monthly, otherwise you can get in trouble. First time I went to Costco with a friend I noticed that I could buy most things for the same price or cheaper at other stores on sale.

I stock up when on sale and never bothered with Costco. Recently, I switched to Kirkland Dog Food for my 3 dogs. It is a great dog food, a fabulous value and worth the price of the annual membership. Now that you pointed out the difference in the frozen veggies, I will probably start buying them at Costco now. Thanks for the info. I noticed that at the Cstco in Fresno CA where Costco has a lot of competition Sams Club etc , their prices are much lower than where I live in a neighboring state.

If they are able to sell their product lower in Fresno then they should lower their price for everyone else. Costco is not always the bargain it seems to be. I have complained to no avail. Also note, this was a Costco vs. In the states, it is a different story. Wish they would do a US Comparison.

I like Costco because it sells a lot of organic products. You just need to buy what makes sense for you…not everything is a good price. So I usually pass on that stuff…. Costco HAD a great return policy, but it has changed over the years and has become a lot more strict.

We have had issues returning basic items to costco that were not even a month old. They were returned due to defects, but we had to fight with the local manager and make many calls to Costco before it was resolved. We used to shop at Costco for all our needs, but after our latest problems with returning items at Costco, we only buy our food there and little else.

Use this as a reference. Is Costco Really Worth It? Check out this […]. I would agree with some other commenters above that the thing for me that grants Costco the upper hand in this debate is the consistent quality of certain fresh food items. Take avocados for example. They beat out any other avocado I can buy in the Portland area. They are always top quality, restaurant grade avocados. I feel the same way about the apples. These items may be cheaper at another store but, for example, 1 out of 3 avocados might be bad from Safeway, so that makes the cheaper argument kind of moot in my mind.

We live in Alberta, Canada. This is a good comparison, however I would also add that for places that have a Wal Mart, it might be good to add them to the mix. Also items such as snack foods are in a lot of cases hard to beat.

Between the three, good deals can be found on most items without ever having to go near Costco. For two of us, we just never found that a Costco membership was really worthwhile. I have no idea how old this article is, but excellent work. You do have to be careful but there are some excellent buys at costco. Prices on items in all franchise stores vary according to the area that you are shopping in. For example, a store in a more well to do area will charge higher prices for the same item than in the same store in a lower income area.

For example, a bottle of soap in a more upscale area will likely be priced higher than the same bottle of soap in the same store in a different neighbourhood. I concluded that, for the way we shop, the savings at the store were minimal and would not cover the cost of membership. You can read the whole story at http: But for those who have big families, run small businesses, or are loyal to specific brands, the savings could be significant.

But maybe the equation is different north of the border. Costco sucks in these fees to pay for their staff. They have no labour overhead. You are not saving money. Your savings you gave away by buying that card. Went in a costco store in the chicago area the other day. And as i was pulling it out I said. This store is getting an attitude. I went to the store to meet her 20 mins. What a great article and some very interesting information. For me, there are a few differences.

The fresh Chicken in our Costco is actually a fair bit cheaper that what we pay in our local grocery store. The biggest difference for me, is the local Superstore. Long ago I quit shopping at the Superstore because the fresh produce was of such poor quality, it only lastest a couple of days; I have had to return a number of packages of fresh meat due to bad smells and the biggest reason is this: Oops, what is that?

I have also done comparison shopping between my local grocery store and superstore and found that my local grocery store was cheaper. As for Costco, I believe it is like shopping anywhere else; you need to know your prices. If you know your prices, then you can great deals no matter what store you are shopping at. Interesting comments regarding your local Superstore. As for our local grocery store in Coaldale, AB they are a smaller store in a smaller town and due to lack of any competition, seem to feel they can get away with charging ridiculous prices.

Otherwise I shop in Lethbridge at the larger stores with more choice and much better prices. Rick, you have very good points. Having to pay a membership to shop is a point that also sticks in my craw.

My way of getting around that is having one membership and taking each of my extended family members shopping when they need something. I know that is not how things are supposed to be done, but it is our way of saving on the membership fees.

As for our local superstore, it is in Langford, BC. Not a great store if you ask me. Our local grocery store is Thrifty Foods. I always shop by the sale flier and manage to get items cheaper that way. Well, thanks so much for your feedback.

It is nice to know that others have the same issues as myself and my circle of friends. Keep shopping sales and standing up for what you believe in. Wow — hey Trish — small world. Lived on Metchosin Road for years and View Royal before that — graduated from Belmont High in then moved away in Came back for the Belmont graduation in girl friend.

I know this is off topic for this forum but just had to get back to you and say hi. This really is a small world.

Yes, Langford has changed a lot since you were here last. So has Colwood, Sooke and Victoria. I have lived in the Western Communities most of my life and there are still areas that are hard for me to recognize. Thanks for responding and saying hi.

Nice to know that there are some really nice people out there. I agree with the article fully, we save a lot shopping at Costco. But it also tends to last longer, which means we waste less of it. Just something to think about.

Costco can definitely be a money-sucker, but one definite money-saver that no one has mentioned is the incredible savings on baby formula. The savings from this alone more than pay for a membership. Oh, and just to avoid any lectures, I had to wean early due to illness.

I live in Northern California and I had to laugh at those vegetables. I also must say that here our Costco has milk, butter, cheese cheaper than other stores. Thanks for the article. It is not too hard to make back the entire executive membership costs…. You forget what every American unfortunately forgets.

Costcos are usually a number of miles further away than a local grocery. We can walk to several local groceries in our area we have 3 within a half mile and the Costco is 14 miles away. And shopping locally is better for the environment, keeps stores locally available for our convenience and saves the time of going to Costco. We can be in and out of our local grocery in 20 minutes with the items in your example.

At Costco, that is nearly an hour, car door to car door. We have a lot of fresh food spoil before we can use it and have to buy volumes of things like toilet paper that mean we have to find a place to store it for the year it takes a family of 2 to use it up.

I also am not very overweight. Just a few extra pounds. Want to lose a few inches, so was wondering if it helps only very obese people? I will definitely post in some update as soon as I see some difference. So can I just make it a little warm again in the morning before having it?

So which is the right measurement? The whole point here is to make the honey and cinnamon paste first and then poor the hot water. Thank you for your question. Did that make any difference for me? Oh yeah, the first couple of weeks like a dream for me. Luckily I was wrong.

I used it for over 8 months without any exercises or diets. I am sure that if I practiced some exercising I would keep it more around lbs. Second to both of you: I know that Bianca have also read about these doubled amounts quite some time ago and asked me the same question which are the right quantities.

As most herbal weight loss products are recommended to be taken half to one hour before meal, I think this could work for the honey and cinnamon drink too. Can I try boiling cinnamon sticks in water for 10 minutes then add honey and lime. Is this usefull and help reducing my weight. Can I drink a cup of this cinnamon-honey recipe in the morning and then eat teaspoons of honey liquid form before bed? Also am I suppose to use liquid or raw honey for this recipe?

Would it work to take 1 tsp of cinnamon, 2 tsp of honey and just drink it without having let it stand or be strained? I am at the moment drinking wuLong woolong tea in the morning and at dinner time 1wk. Wulong is said to be helpful for weight loss. Or is this dangerous? Oh I weigh 77 kg and will post results to clear any doubts. Just give me 2 weeks. I am overweight and trying hard but with no luck?????

Can I just simply add honey and cinnamon powder to water not boiled and drink this? Does it have to be necessarily boiled to have an effect? I am going to start it. My aunt used it in the same way you have mentioned but she had it only once a day 10 minutes before sleeping. She did not measure her weight but she measure her waist and she lost two inches.

Muscle weight much more than fat and if you even put on an inch of muscle when you are excercising to lose weight, measure your weight is not the right thing to to measure your progress. Cinammons flavour has been invented years ago. In cinamon flavoured instant coffee powders etc. And the cinnamon powder that you get in the super markets or packed ones could very well be sawdust that has been coloured and artificially flavoured. I think it is better to get the bark and powder it yourself.

Readymade cinnamond powder can be very old lose all its aroma and has to be adultrated in some form or the other. It was in foot long piecies. And the aroma just fills the whole room. One more thing Cinamon can be confused for cassia and infact many powdered forms use cassia http: I dont think anyone is going to lose weight with this. True cinamon is also known as cylon cinamon. So avoid anything that is from these countries.

Specifically ask for Cylon cinammon. Cinnamomum zeylanicum is the botanical name of the stuff that really works. I request you Galia Ivanova to include the above in your article. Caution them to use only freshly ground cinamon and only Cylon cinnamon. Even pure honey is a key factor. Thanks for the infor Galia Ivanova.

I will report my results. I stopped it because i was irregular and I eat a lot. I have eaten it many times. Once i was on a diet of oily fried stuff for breakfast, tibetean food for lunch with butter tea and lost of snacks and dominos pizzza for dinner.

For a week i was busy and went wild with home delivery. I hope there are no side-effects. Please let me know. My concern with the cinnomon is that it lowers blood sugar…So please warn people who have hypoglycemia….

Hi, I am very overweight and need to reduce kgs to reach my ideal weight. Plz let me know what is the timeline I should look forward to reduce 22kgs by using cinamon — honey method. Also I am unable to workout due to my very tight schedule. Hey Sapta, I read your comment and i think this could better help you check this link: These diets can help you lose up to 20 lbs a month.

Hi everyone, Im not sure of the honey-cinnamon drink but try this positrim drink which is a meal replacement drink. It flushes away water from your body and helps in weight management. You have to anyhow exercise while taking this drink. I lost 3 kgs in one month. Hope it helps everyone. I just wanted to let you know what I found today. Please, have a look and let me know what you think. I wld like to know how many pieces of kodumpuli that you eat before every meal.

Pls elaborate on that. I have just started this last week. Is it ok to drink the preparation without filtering?? I also heard plain tea with a piece of ground ginger juice in the night helps to cut fat and reduce weight quickly…hello there any one any comments advice on this: Hi…… I have just started to drink the mixture from yesterday. I have lots of hope from this mixture.

Means the mixture has to be taken before half an hour of breakfast and is there any restriction for eating. As per my requirement i eat no over eating. You are not doing anything wrong, just give yourself more time — one week is way too short.

I am happy for you. I just started the Honey and Cinnamon tea last night. I am right now. I will post as my weight drops. Hi, my question is about the preperation. Hi there, Does also eating cinnamon by itself help to lose weight…or is it the combination of the 2? I recently tried mixing cinnamon in with my coffee grinds in the morning before bruing my coffee. It is delicious and has a wonderfull aroma. I looked into the benefits of cinnamon and was excited to see it is a good source fo fiber that prmotes weightloss.

I am going to add this to my diet every day and will tell of my results. I will also only eat calories a day and am trying to get to 30g. I started on this honey and cinnamon last night and had another one this morning on an empty stomach, but i didnt filter it.

I also dont know if it is related, but i developed severe headache today. Hi Ghalia, Have read all the comments twice already and further to that need to understand a few things: Thanks to please advise, ASAP. Thank you in advance for all your advice.

Here is the thing. People have problems with weight loss for a variety of reasons. For some people it is because of eating in excess, thyroid problems, or a number of other health reasons. You need to go to your doctor to find out if your weight problem is due to a medical condition so you can treat your specific problem.

As for myself, I have done that and have had a variety of test done and have found out that I have insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. In this case cinnamon might help. I just take straight cinnamon in a teaspoon and drink it with water twice a day.

It has worked so far for me. That means no candy, chips, cookies, white bread, or other junk food. My diet consist of organic fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grain often not in the form of bread, lean meats, dairy, and limited amounts of fats mostly good fats such as olive oil.

Good luck to those of you who were like me and did what the dietitions told you and exercised and could not lose weight!! I had to do a lot of research on my own and decided for myself I would try eating organic foods, herbs, spices, and keep practicing good eating habits in combination with exercise.

It has been a long journey for me and I hope this is a bright new beginning. I got the recipie from another site where like a previous poster mentioned, the mixture was 2 teaspoons honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon in a cup of boiling water. I did this every day for two weeks without doing a ton of excersise and lost 15 lbs. I stopped for after 3 weeks and gained 6 pounds.

I started working out a few times a week and lost maybe a pound per week. I felt energetic but I was not losing much weight. I went back to taking the drink and noticed that I was losing 2lbs per week. I made changes to my diet prior to discovering this mixture which was cutting the amount that I ate. Eating less plus using the mixture gave great results.

I have to try cutting out the refined sugar and stick to eating whole grain bread and pasta. I wonder if there are any scientific studies about this that would shed some light on the matter of who would actually benefit from this and to what extent. My diet is also not rich and i am overweight. I take the drink in the morning plus beforegoing to bed at night. If yes, how does it fare with the Honey cinnamon hot water drink?

I m taking this mix for the past 2 weeks. Hi Galia, iam so happy to give this news to you. I read this website about two weeks ago and decided to start this mixture of cinnamon and honey and so fortunately ve already lost 2 kgs for two weeks and i am very very happy.

I am still going on with the paste and hope to loose more as my goal is loosing about six kgs. Thanks galia and stay blessed. I advise everyone to start this immediately it really works.

I heard about this cinnamon and honey from my friend who has lost weight because of the mixture. So i have just started it 2days ago. Hope it will work for me. I will post my results soon. I have started taking the mixture but i think i was overdoing it i did one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon.

I have developed Flu and headache. So i have decided to do the half cup. Hi i just read a few sites about site diet and i was wondering if making one big batch at once then just re heating a cup at a time would work too?

Am from India and have tried this drink for a month. All i loose is a kg or 2. Scientifically, its said that this drink cleanses your digestive system. So you loose a few pounds, after which it becomes uselss.

It really helps with digestions and I have lost about a half pound a day. I am taking Nourkrin for thinning hair and I was wondering if the honey cinammon mixture would be all right to take with it. I really want to try the honey-cinammon. Does the honey have to be raw honey, or can you use pure honey? Also do you need any particular quality of cinnamon or any will do? In fact using a coffee filter is not a must, I also have tried an ordinary strainer and it works OK for me. As for the thin cloth it is fine too.

Not that is so bad. Hey guys is a must that v filter the mixture and drink or it i fine if v drink the mixture after the felly part settles down? Please ignore the last post.. Hey guys is it a must that v filter the mixture and drink or is it fine if v drink the mixture after the gelly part settles down? That destroys benefits of honey. Thanks for your hlep. Yeah i have started: Any more updates from you regarding the advantages which u hav felt?

I am very much impressed to read your blog. I would like to try today itself. Hi Galia, What i want to know is wat about diabetic patients who a overweight? Hi Galia, Just read the blog and I too want to try it out. Will keep you posted on my situation. Would like to add that weight today is 90Kgs and my target is to lose between 30 to 35kgs.

Wish me luck and God bless. I see that you both showed interest in what raj said about a fruit called Kodumpulli. Native Southeast Asian fruit. Contains hydroxycitric acid HCA as active compound. HCA acts as a modulator of lipid metabolism meaning that high doses of Garcinia Cambogia extract containing HCA can significantly suppress fat accumulation and accelerates fat break down proved by a study.

I managed to find a herbal product that actually contains Garcinia combogia Kodumpulli as its main ingredient along with other herbal ingredients that aid weight loss.

Gonna try this hope it works tonight is the first my question is does any kind of alcoholic drink combine with honey and cinnamon? Example, if I make enough tea to last a week on a Sunday, can I use that tea all week with the same results if I just warm up a cup at a time? I am having a hard time drinking this tea — the cinnamon is just too much for me. Is it possible to put the honey in hot water, drink it and take 2 cinnamon capsuels?

Do you think this would work? I know what you mean. The taste is good the first couple of days and you love it. But then when you get used to it, you start to drink it thinking only about the long lasting funny taste of sweet honey and rich cinnamon flavor in your mouth.

I kept telling myself: I ve been reading a lot about the garcinia and found it is effective in weight loss and I ve been using the cinnamon drink daily but not religiously because i have rheumatism and some days it is so bad that I have to take painkillers and several herbal concotions that I ve been advised so i miss out on the drink but it also helps in the desease. I will now order the product and see because the fruit is not available in my country. I am also following it and trying for a baby as well.

HiGalia,i am intrested in kudumpulli,but raj never replied how to take this.. As i got plenty of these i would like to try on kudumpulli. In the morning, when i drink half a cup cinnamon honey water and i go to sleep again and then i drink my tea when i wake up again. So i was wondering, When is the best time to drink the water?

My question is similar to that of Naz, will there be no problem drinking the mixture together without filtering? Dont expect very quick response and each body ahs its own mechanism of responding to such things so to some will be faster but to some twill take time give youself a montha nd you will see a very big difference.

Should the drink be thick or like water. My friend made it and hers was thick and mine was like water? This is to tell you it does work it has taken about 3 weeks but can tell a difference and have more energy than I have in a while. Have been walking 2 miles every day unless it rains sometimes I get 3 but can finally feel like I can honestly say something has helped. Can anybody please tell me if there will be any side-effects or symptoms like body aches when using this method?

He says he is feeling lethargic and he is looking dull. Today he started complaining of body pains. If I had pushed him into trying this I would have thought he is just making excuses.

But he started this weight loss program on his own so he really should be feeling bad. Is is common during the initial stage. Any suggestions as to why this might be happening? I am really worried. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Heating will reduce the good enzimes in the honey. If you are using honey that was heated during the packing process the enzimes are already damaged. Please someone tell me as am using it and want to be encouraged,. Geets no the drink gives energy not make you lethargic. Unless he is diabetic because cinnamon lowers blood sugar fast. Then you can drink the liquid at the top of the container.

Tried filtering the tea through natural papertowels over a large wire strainer. I also wanted to debate the poster that thought the more common cinnamon we get in the supermarkets was not the right one—the research I have seen was using the common cinnamon not the fancy TRUE cinnamon. I have the unpasteurized liquid honey so is that ok to use? Do you know of any harmful effects of drinking down the entire unfiltered, but very flavorful, drink? Also, you should also check out the hibernation diet.

I am going to try this starting tonight. I have read that if you buy local honey it can help with seasonal allergies and that is the main thing I was looking for when I did a Google search and found this site. I want to lose 12 lbs. I do cardio workouts at the gym every day and incorporate resistance training into that when I am home. Muscle weighs more than fat, so I am told that is where most of my weight comes from.

Chris from Michigan, here is a link to a honey farm in your state [link deleted by admin]. The ingredients were WV honey, cinnamon oil and cinnamon sticks. No filtering involved either. I just boiled 1 cup of H2O and added about 2 tablespoons of the honey and stirred it up.

It was so easy and fast to make it with the cinnamon already in the honey. I think that this remedy works. I have been drinking this for a week and I do love the energy it gives. I almost feel it immediately. I have just been using the honey from Wal Mart. I will go to the health food store today to get some other honey and also look for cinnamon powder. Does anybody else have a problem with the tea turning slimy? I use to look forward to the tea but that slimy stuff is making me hesitant.

In general I have felt great drinking the tea. Itried filtering it but the stuff just blocks the filter. I only get a drink or 2 from the filtered stuff? Also what do you cover the mixture with to let it sit for a half hour? About 10 minutes after beginning to drink this, I became violently ill. Have any of you found that this makes you throw up? Well, I have been drinking this mixture for seven days now, morning and evening.

I have not seen any weight change. As you say the cinnmon and honey mixture should be taken half an hour before breakfast, is it ok to have coffee before that? As i start work at 6AM and take a coffee break at 7: Cinnamon can certainly help with weightloss since it assists in keeping blood sugar levels under control.

While this is a perfectly good drink to have, it is not a magic bullet. Eating lots of carbs and fat and not getting enough exercise will make you and keep you fat- regardless of what else you may do.

I started drinking last week, but when i weighed myself it showed me 1pound weight gain. I have been taking this for about 3 weeks now. I finally bought a cinnamon spice tea from the health food store. I have added additional cinnamon but I can see why you you would want to strain. I think it is just a matter of choice. Especially the organic raw. I read somewhere that someone just took a teaspoon of honey before bed and lost weight. Think it was off a link on this forum. I did not measure or weigh myself but I do feel lighter and believe my arms and shoulders are firming up as well as thighs.

It has only been about 3 weeks though. I am sure exercise would help it along quicker. If you are feeling sick maybe you should cut down on the cinnamon and gradually add more as you go along.

Some stomachs are more sensitive to spices. And it is a strong spice, I can feel a little burn when I have cinnamon honey toast. I did read somewhere NOT to add lemon. But I did find that people also use honey and lemon water for energy and also to loose weight. I am not sure what the lime would do to the effects of cinnamon if anything.

I guess you would just have to try it and see unless someone else posts their experiences with it. It has the same weight loss effect as the acid breaks down the fat by combating the alkaline in the body.

Hence reducing the amount of fat stored in the body. Well, today marks 2 weeks of trying cinnamon honey to lose weight. I am probably some weird phenomenon that cannot lose the weight on this diet while everyone else can. Well,, I would like to thank you for this site. I did spend some time reading all the questions and answers. I personally feel there are too many repetive questions. Maybe, one should read this site fully before asking a question which has already been posted….

Yes, I have weighed kilos and after taking this mixture Monday to Friday. I just did not take it on the the weekends. So you calculate the difference……. I would be confident in saying it works. I do not like doing exercise and too busy, so cannot go for walks…. I eat normal foods, try not to take too much oil and eat foods like any normal person would eat…. Once I reach my achieved weight. Do I still take this mixture or will I keep loosing weight.

Which means I may become just too thin……. And once I stop this mixture will I then put on the weight I have lost. Please let me know….. Hi Becky, If you like the taste of it keep doing it a bit longer. Give it a month. If you counted calories and started the gym again it may give an additional boost. I know that cinnamon speeds up metabolism and honey is just good in every way… I definitely need to start this drink soon.

You will probably have to visit a health food store to find it. This makes the cinnamon stronger and also allows the water to cool some.

Then add the raw honey after 30 minutes. If you add the honey earlier, it will lose its effectiveness because the heat of the water will make the enzymes in the honey inactive. Do NOT reheat the mixure in the a. I had a colonoscopy 6 months ago and also have used other colon cleasing products. I noticed nothing the first two days, but on day three, I began going to the bathroom a lot more and began losing weight.

More than weight, you can expect to lose inches- assuming you have a tummy to lose. If it worked for me, it should work for you! Thank you Susan for clarifying the instructions. I started using the cinnamon and honey on Sunday. I had the stomach cramps for two days.

Now I am ok. I have lost weight already. I will wait a month and then I will send my measurements. Is it really working for everyone? How much weight has everyone lost? I have been taking this for a month and I DO love it. I started noticing results after 2 weeks.

I also had a few itchy bumps like hives. I did a research and found that too much cinnamon can cause skin irritations on some sensitive people although I do not consider myself sensitive. Two others I know drinking this also had rash or bumps. We figured it was the cinnamon and I think we were just taking too much. I was taking boxed cinnamon tea from the health food store and using my own cinnamon powder drink at night.

I ran out of tea so I just cut off the cinnamon for a couple of days. The bumps have dried up. I will begin again when the tea comes back in stock, this time more slowly with just the cinnamon tea and gradually work up.

I liked the results way too much to quit. Plus it has so many other health benefits. I used this mixture for more then 3 weeks. But my scale is not ready to show few lines down. I want to try this drink but the problem is that I do not have a coffee filter.

Can I just strain it? And I also got to know from a site that pouring hot water in the honey will kill the nutrients, so do it after it cools down. The information I have for mixing the drink is as follows. Drink half a cup in the moring 30min. It is not advisable to pour the boiling water over the honey, it kills the enzyms that are required to reduce the fat in your body.

What I do is make the drink in the night. By first placing a teaspoon of cinnamon in a large cup and then pouring in the hot water from the hot water jug, then cover it and let is rest for about 30 min then stir in a teaspoon of honey….

By that time it has cooled down.. Drink half that cup in the night after dinner and the balance half cup half an hour before breakfast….. How is it used? I have started using honey cinnamon. Will share my experience in a month. I am from India and 10 kg over weight. Just come back here on that date and you will find my honest answer.

Please make sure that you only use real cinnamon and not Cassia. Research has shown that the high contect of coumarin in Cassia can be toxic. I started this doing exacly the way it say to do it at the top of the page. And i have lost 3 pounds in 5 days. Knowing what it takes for me to lose weight i did not think this would work.

While this does not mean you can over eat i have been keeping track and have ate between to calories a day and walking one mile. Which seems to be minamum compared to what i usually have to do to lose weight. I still have 10 pounds to lose and will continue drinking the tea i think its great and it works very well.

Shireen,Room temp is fine the other half you drink before bed you will find is on the cold side and that also is fine. Cassia is reddish brown in color and cinnamon is more of a brown. Cassia is mainly sold in the United states at the supermarkets you think your getting real cinnamon but its mainly Cassia. If this creates a problem for you i would go to a health food store and they should have it there.

Whoever has got result, can u please inform us whether it worked for you and share the information that how you made the paste. Some say, we have to mix both honey and cinnamon followed by hot water. But, some say, that honey shld not be mixed in hot water.

What reaction you get after taking this mixture? How long time this reaction stays? Jo, I believe it will affect you breastfeeding your infant. After doing alot of research on this tea and yes i have lost weight useing it. I quit drinking it because i found out that this tea acts as a laxative stripping you of all your vitamins in your body. It is ok to drink once in awhile but to drink it over a long period of time it can cause damage to your insides.

As i posted earlier it does work but not in a healthy way. I will try it for a week, just to see how much I can lose. I did read your entry about your weight lost. How much have you currently lost and how long have you been doing it? If I have start drink honey and chinnamon for weight loss, will it reduce the entire body weight including the muscles which I build during gym exercise or will it only reduce the fat in the body? I started drinking the Honey and Cinnamon drink nearly 2 weeks ago.

I have noticed other things than the weight loss which make it worth the hassle in itself. My brain seems to be functioning better. Cinnamon has been proved to increase brain activity and I can vouch that this is true. You must also buy the correct type of honey and cinnamon. Raw honey is essential.

It must be raw. Raw honey has never been heated and therefore still contains all the good bits this drink requires. I found my local health food shop sold nether, and looked at me funny when I asked about them.

I have benn drinking this cinnamon honey tea for past two days one time. I had gestational diabeties 2 years and i was fine after i had baby. Hi scott It is good to see that the honey and cinnamon is working excellent for you.

Could you please tell me if you should have it twice a day and how long before breakfast and evening should you take it.

I am planning to try this again. I used it for a bladder infection that was not clearing up with antibiotics. However, there is some concern from the FDA about the overuse of cassia cinnamon—it is banned in several countries in Europe. Cassia cinnamon is what is sold in US stores as cinnamon. You can check the internet regarding coumarin to see info on this. I have ordered Ceylon cinnamon from Savory Spice Shop to use instead.

If you have any type of liver disease—be extremely cautious about using this method of weight loss. I do not know what type of cinnamon was used in the research study.

Just to clarify my last post—I just noticed that Scott stressed that one use Ceylon cinnamon—but did not say why. Cassia cinnamon contains couramin which should not be used in large amounts. Ceylon cinnamon is ok because it has very little couramin. There is a company on the internet that ships ceylon cinnamon from overseas, in addition to the Colorado company I ordered from. Ceylon cinnamon sticks are also sold on several sites.

He travels all over the US with his bees according to seasons. Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay. Let me try this drink and inform you on my Feedback. I was planning to have the drink for a little longer than that! How tall are you?

You have to be careful not to blow the cinnamon off … or you can can really carefully mix it and make a nice paste on the toast. I have been drinking this mixture of cinnamona and honey for more than a month and I am disappointed that I did not lose weight at all. Some say that they started losing weight within one or two weeks of drinking this mixture but even after more than a month results are nil for me.

And I am also doing exercises along with that and inspite of that no effect at all for me. Can anyone explain why it is like that for me. Or may be if I do like what Cathy Hellesto says eating this mixture with the bread toast than with water it may give effect. I have been doing this for 2 months. I have to admit it is a very slow but steady weight loss. Usually I would notice weight loss in the thighs and hips first.

My thighs have no loss at all but my shirts do fit much better. My bras loosened up quite a bit. It is worth it, because it is cheap and safe. You just have to be committed and take it faithfully. I just take tea in the morning and a teaspoon of honey at night by itself.

It is a very slow process it seems but it is working, I just wish it would have been faster. Exercise would probably help a bunch.

So check other areas on your body other than your jeans. I bought the kodumpuli from our indian store here and eat one fruit with meal, twice a day. The taste really sucks , but i want to lose some weight so i just eat it. After reading all the postive comments. I have decided to start my journey on cinnamon honey drink. My BMI is about I need to lose at least 25 kg.

Will everyone posted on my result after 1 month. Can I put honey and cinnamon mixture in hot drinkable water and can I drink immediately after mixing. And at night should I drink cold without making it hot again. This is also why you should not put the honey directly into the boiling water. The cinnamon will react better with the unpasteurized honey in a more potent way. Note that you can not purchase unpasteurized honey in grocery stores etc…you can find it in most farmers markets. Also do not reheat the mixture for the same reason as I mentioned above.

Drink it either room temperature or straight from the fridge. Hii I am really excited after reading this.. I am going to start this today night. But I have a doubt. Some one has mentioned that adding hot water to honey will destoy the enzymes and nutrients and suggested to add hot water to cinnamon..

Add the honey to the steeped cinnamon. The temperature of the water will have cooled down enough to not affect the honey. It is ok to drink while still warm but when you drink the last half the following morning do NOT reheat.

In Singapore where can I get this beside order it online? All positive comments are helping a lot of us to catch our dreams. Thanks for the response Connie. As I told I took it two times last night and this morning. I will definitely share my experience. Hi, I am really excited about cinnamon and raw honey. Can someone help me please what should I do? I have been taking this drink since two months but didnt find much difference in weightloss. I want to lose atleast 3 or 4 kgs. I do exercise and eat regularly.

But I guess, the result is vary in people. IMHO, to measure this mix success not just weight. It is two months since I started drinking this cinnamon honey mixture but I am disappointed that I didnt lose not even one kg though I strictly followed the procedure as mentioned here. I dont know whether to continue drinking this for some more time to see the results.

I want to reduce atleast three or four kgs. Instead of using the cinnamon powder though I use the cinnamon sticks… Much easier on the kidneys. Also works wonders on diabetes and high cholesterol. I am interested in tyring this diet but I need to know what type of Honey works best? Does it have to be like Grade A or Organic? I tried the drink for 3 weeks and instead of losing gained 4 lbs and about to stop drinking the tea, then somebody told me that if you want to lose weight drink it ONLY before going to bed NOT in the morning.

Drinking it in the mrning add to the calories just like other foods. If I lose more I will let you know. Better use Ceylon cinnamon. Please update all of us bout ur progress after drinking thix mix. I ordered the stick form Ceylon cinnamon, I was wondering if it could be boiled to make the tea and kept in the frig and add the honey as you drink it. If so how much water to a stick. Also my mom said I should just take a spoon of honey 3 times a day? What if you just ate the honey and cinnamon mixture without water?

Would it still be good? Or even drank hot water after it? Cause when I had a sore throat my grandma told me to eat honey then drink hot water to get it all down.

Hi Kali, so nice to hear your good news? What kind of cinnamon do you take. It has been 3 days by now, i feel good but have been visiting loo quite often. Also i take normal cinnamon and Feaster Honey which i got in general department store, i reside in Bangalore, India.

Good to hear this from you, i had been doing this 3 months back. I used to eat mixture of honey with cinnamon power and then drink luke warm water. Doing this i used to easily swollow it rather than drinking water which contains honey and cinnamon. I dont like drinking this health drink, even i prefer swallowing the mixture….

If its not working please follow the instructions given by Kali, it might work for you too. Now i need to reduce 17kgs….. I can still see my post I have posted on June 3rd, , that I am going to start on that day..

Hello I have to do special diet plus exercise too, because I try this for a weeks but nothing happens thank you. Sorry for not being able to answer your questions for so long, but I had an accident and had to spend some time in a hospital. I am OK now and I am ready to answer all your questions.

November 10th, at 5: To Janet, The drink should look more like water and you can filter it with a normal not too dense strainer. To Minx, Yes, you can have the mixture cold in the morning. To Jay, No there are no harmful effects of drinking the honey and cinnamon drink without filtering. To Pat Lykins, Yes, you can boil the cinnamon sticks.

As for the amount of water it depends on the amount or cinnamon powder you can get from a single stick. Make a test and grind one stick to see how many cinnamon powder tbsp you get from it — use water according to that amount. Thank you ALL, for your interest and patience. I hope I will be seeing you around often. Best of Luck to Everyone.

Hallo Galia Ivanova Nice to see Your messages after a long time. I hope you will clear my doubts. I took this cinnamon and honey mixture for two months but no change in my weight though i followed the procedure as told by you. I am unhappy about it. If I take ceylon cinnamon will it be effective and is it necessary to get unpasteurized honey. Nice to know you are doing well. I have taken this mixture for a month and have lost no weight. What would you suggest. Hi Galia, I took this mixture for a month and lost 7 kgs.

I have not put on the weight.

Price Check, please!